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Introduction: Big questions have preoccupied people ever since they could think ...
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Inanna in the underworld (Ereshkigal)

Inanna in the Underworld and the Ruler's Wrath (Episode 13)

By on 17 October 2023

Naked and deeply bowed, Inanna appears before the ruler of the underworld. There she encounters murderous wrath and condemnation.

Garden grave risen

The path through the underworld - the gateway to wholeness of the spirit

By on 20 June 2023

The journey through the underworld is a central part of many great human traditions and the final test of the hero.

"Holy Wedding", Elisabeth Baldenweg (2022)

The Great Feminine, Life Itself, in the Underworld 

By on 21 February 2022

The great mother, life itself, is in the underworld, in the realm of shadows and death. But life cannot die ...

The descent into the underworld, the shadow

The integration of the shadow and the path to wholeness

By on 24 March 2020

The integration of the shadow is an extremely important and central theme, because it forms the prerequisite for wholeness of the human being.

Barbie and the madness of war - the entanglements of power

Corona has hardly calmed down a bit, and now the news is full of horror stories about wars and the inconceivable atrocities committed by Hamas. On the other hand, much of the Western world is sinking into a pink Barbie dream of a perfect reality (at the latest after the release of the new Barbie movie). The common hook between Barbie and war is power. This begs the question: is there a way out of the entanglements of power? The answer is yes, but it leads through the underworld to awareness and integration of the shadows.

Inanna, Barbie and the ruler of the underworld

Thus, Barbie has the opportunity to become truly human by entering the real world. For her, this is an underworld experience, because she is ridiculed and earns lewd looks. In addition, she is confronted with patriarchy and the suffering of women. All this hits her in her core, so that she no longer wants to live. Inanna is not one bit better off. The mistress of the underworld, who represents the anger and suffering of all existence, turns the eye of death on her and kills her without further ado.

Dive into the magical world of symbols
An introduction to the symbolic approach


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