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Release of resources (the escaped prisoner).

The empty dungeon as an example of the integration of shadows

By on 24 March 2020

The escaped prisoner

An example of the release of captured resources

The following free text "the escaped prisoner" is a figurative example of the release of trapped resources and the integration of shadows.

Releasing trapped resources means turning to those parts of the personality that are repressed into the unconscious and locked away. Because they have been denied, they are also tainted with negativity. When stressed, they suddenly emerge from the unconscious and wreak havoc. An image for this is the prisoner who has escaped from his prison.

A Narrative as an Example Releasing Captured Resources

The integration of the shadows to release trapped resources

In the shadow, i.e. hidden in the cellar of the life castle, are the unloved and rejected personality parts. Since they are not in the light of life, but locked away and denied, they had no chance to develop. That is why they are uneducated, uncouth and libidinous and work with a lot of negative energy from the unconscious, if they can escape. This is most likely to happen in a stressful situation, namely when the internal controller is busy with "outside" opportunities. Then a raw energy full of anger and aggression emerges completely abruptly from the unconscious and initially brings a lot of unrest - like a prisoner who has been locked up in a dark prison for a long time and suddenly managed to escape.

From the shadow to the light of life

However, the repressed personality parts are important for the person, because they contribute to his wholeness. That is why the release of trapped resources, i.e. qualities that are bound in the shadows, is important. They also want to come "to the top", to the light of life, and in this way, as additional options for action, they can even help to overcome conflicts.

The following text is a pictorial description as an example of the integration of the shadow, which leads to the release of trapped resources.

The escaped prisoner

In the farthest cellar of the spacious castle was a dark dungeon. This was where the prisoner was kept. - Why was he here at all? His appearance had displeased certain people who wanted to maintain their power. He had also fearlessly tangled with the king's scheming advisor and had uncovered the evil machinations of "Serpent's Tongue", as he called him. The king had then slandered him and had him thrown into prison without further ado. - Did the king even know about it? The king took advice from a few chosen men. But not all of them meant well for the kingdom; one or two of them were quite intent on their own advantage. The prisoner thought about these things in prison. Again and again, the thought of revenge surfaced in his mind.


One day the kingdom was threatened by a foreign power. Already the enemies had crossed the borders! Panic and alarm reigned throughout the castle. All defensive resources were mobilised. Even the guards in the castle and the guards of the prison in the cellars were withdrawn because they were needed "upstairs".

The prisoner can escape - setting out for freedom

The long-awaited opportunity for the prisoner had finally arrived: He managed to break out of his cell in this unguarded moment!
He rushed out without looking back, stumbled through long corridors, hurried up steep stairs... Already he was in the castle. Hungry and desperate, he searched for an exit.
Randomly he stormed through several rooms.

The King's Round Table

Suddenly he was standing - completely unexpectedly - in the great hall of the councils, in front of the king's round table. The king's decision-makers, who were holding their emergency meeting, froze when they saw the deceased.
He was haggard and emaciated, his cheeks were sunken, his face was dirty, his clothes were in tatters, his fingernails were chopped off and black, his hair and beard were shaggy and matted. The whole appearance made more the impression of an animal than a man!


The escaped man hurriedly looked around and discovered food, fresh water, wine on a table... Without thinking, he grabbed a chicken with his bare hands and put it in his mouth. Then, with an erratic movement, intending to escape, he pushed the table and with it other chairs and tables.
It was a noise and a mess.
Serpent's tongue, the king's closest advisor, had blanched. His voice rolled over as he shouted, "Guards!!! The prisoner has escaped! Stop him! Bind him!!! Back to the dungeon with him!"

The Good King 

But the king kept his calm and looked at the prisoner. He said calmly: "Wait a minute! I know you...". He sharply rebuked Serpent's Tongue: "Silence!". Again his gaze was on the escaped prisoner. Yes! He recognised him! Calm and collected, he said, "Oh... Hello...! So here you are...! Long time you were gone..." It looked the intruder up and down and realised: "Yes - it's true! You are one of us. It's you...!" After a pause, it said quietly to itself, as if in thought, "We have been betrayed and now we have disaster... you... you have been in prison - unjustly..." A stern look fell on Snake's Tongue, who ducked his head and would have preferred to disappear under the table.

Relaxation and release of trapped resources

The king turned back to the escaped man, walked up to him and said, "Now... come!" Gently but firmly, he put his arm around the derelict's shoulder and led him out of the room to the kitchen, where he fed him until he was full. Next he ordered a bath for the runaway. He was now washed and shaved, his hair and nails were cut. Then he was led into a warm room where there was a soft bed. The king said: "First have a good rest. Tomorrow we'll see!"


The next morning, the king himself came to his room with a bundle of new clothes: "Get dressed. You're coming to the council today!". On the way there, he said quietly, "Then sit down next to me. Just watch, you hear! Keep quiet, listen, and see how this goes. If I need your support, I'll tell you."
The high council was astonished when the king entered with his new companion. The latter was hardly recognizable in his neat appearance.

New resources and victory

Now the critical situation in the empire was further discussed and solutions sought. Finally, the king asked the newcomer to speak. He produced important information. He had evidence against Snake's Tongue, namely that he had schemed behind the king's back - in the interest of the enemy! The newcomer spoke strongly and fearlessly, for he had nothing more to lose and everything to gain. He exposed the evil machinations of Serpent's Tongue. The king removed Snake's Tongue from office and had him thrown into prison. Instead, he appointed the newcomer as his advisor. The newcomer also had an effective answer to the enemy threat: he was able to mobilise additional forces, allies, with whom the enemy army was successfully put to flight.

The symbols in the text and their meaning
  • The castle - the life and resources of man at the light of consciousness means: Kingship in life.
  • The dungeon and the cellar - the unconscious: it contains everything that the person does not have in the light of his consciousness (that is, personality traits or characteristics that are not lived for various reasons, for example, because you do not like them, are ashamed of them or even know them.
  • The prisoner - the male personality parts in the shadow: The release of trapped resources brings strength, decisiveness and assertiveness have been unjustly rejected and locked away (for example, because you want to be conformed, please everyone, and please everyone).
  • The king - the loving consciousness (s. The Consciousness and the Unconscious).
  • Serpent's tongue - the ego that is fearful and obsessed with power. It the identity of separation, which fights everything that stands in its way (s. also The third eye and the treasure of the king).

Release of trapped resources and the integration of the shadow

The repressed personality parts are integrated as the person carefully contemplates the situation in the power of his loving consciousness and is ready to expand his sphere of experience and action in the interest of goodness and love.

Prisoners in the Realm of the Dead - Liberation and Redemption in Traditions

In human lore, man's confrontation with his shadow is represented by the journey to the underworld. The shadow is integrated by freeing or redeeming the figures who are trapped in it. This is true on a small scale, for example, when the hero takes his beloved out of the realm of the dead (like Orpheus, Hercules, Dionysus) and on a large scale, when God as the loving consciousness comes through his power (his son) into the enslaved creation and redeems it from bondage and death.


  1. I have experienced 2 very interesting and instructive hours tonight.
    They brought me out of a low.
    I will gladly continue to follow this study.
    Thank you!

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