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What it's about: Content, aim and addressee of GOLDSPUR

The family stone

By on 30 March 2020

The family stone

Breakthrough into a new expanse ...

What is it about? - Content, aim and addressee of GOLDSPUR

In this website, human traditions are examined in terms of general basic principles with the aim of providing orientation.

This article answers the question about the content, the aim and the addressee of this homepage.

1. content: The great themes of humanity

Answers to big questions

Answers to the big questions are sought and found in the human traditions of the last 5000 years. For these contain common basic principles that are important for human beings and their lives. Because they are still relevant and remain so, they can also speak to modern man.

The topics of this website in detail:

  • Thegreat questions of man: they are presented and answered in the most diverse traditions.
  • The human traditions: They contain partly hidden or encoded knowledge and wisdom and about human existence and existence in general.
  • General basic principles: From the processing and comparison of the traditions, basic principles of being human and of life can be derived.
  • Current conclusions: Human beings have not changed in their basic features, their presuppositions are still the same, that is why ancient texts can also speak to modern man.

What's new in this old fabric?

The Great Feminine - Life Itself

Ancient traditions focus on the female side of existence. For example, Sumerian mythology (around 2500 BC) tells how the radiant goddess of love fell into the underworld.

Exploitation and oppression of the female - an issue for millennia!

The underworld is a symbol of unconsciousness, negativity, suffering, illness and death. The feminine is living, receiving impulses in matter. This includes women, but also all people as a people or collective, as well as the whole earth, which can receive seeds and make them grow (see Male and Female, the two primordial forces of creation).
The first myths are about how oppression came into the world and prevailed. [S. Introduction to the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh.]

The Hero's Path - The Way to Wholeness and Eternal Life

Myths, fairy tales and teachings thus address the cause of man's misery and also his path to wholeness and eternal life from the very beginning. They all follow the structure of the hero's path. In five phases, man overcomes his animal nature, his physical and emotional drive and his ego in the power of love (cf. The hero's path). Subsequently, access to the comprehensive spirit ("God", "Father"), authority over matter ("Christ") and eternal life ("Mother") await him.

Now is the time for healing.

It is a matter of overcoming all negativity in the power of loving consciousness and finding love.

It is women who must lead the way on this path, for they are the source of love and life.
To this end, they must forgive others and mostly themselves and thus find reconciliation.

Goal 2: Orientation and awareness raising

Orientation in a time of disorientation:

The aim of the homepage is to recognise the important fundamentals of being human through the contemplation of the most diverse traditions. Awareness and a deeper understanding make blind faith in teachings or dogmas obsolete. Rather, they provide people with what they need to orient themselves in reality and to be able to find a good path.

It is always about the same thing: pointing out a viable path.

Fairy tales, myths, spiritual teachings and practices that focus on the well-being of human beings address the question of how people can achieve a constructive and fruitful coexistence. They give impulses and directions towards a true life in abundance, which ultimately transfers into a further dimension of spirit and love.

3. addressee: who is the content aimed at?

The contents of GOLDSPUR are aimed at today's people in a post-Christian, post-modern society.

The post-Christian man

A "post-Christian" person is one who has finished with the Christian religion and its traditions. He even feels them to be a restriction and paternalism. He also no longer wants to be manipulated by fear and threats (for example of hell), but rather wants to find his own identity and his own way.

This is achieved by activating consciousness (see Consciousness and the Unconscious). The next step is to integrate the unconscious, the drives, in order to reign as king in life.

The postmodern man

He lives in a world that is arbitrary. What is truth? What is a lie? Who can know? As a result, he focuses on his individual, subjective reality. He wants to find his own truth and make his life coherent for himself. Tolerance has a high value for him.

Neutral disclosure of the methods of interpretation for an aware readership

This homepage gives access to the sources, often in the original text. These are commented on and interpreted by disclosing all interpretative approaches. In this way, each person can decide for themselves whether they want to follow the conclusions or find others for themselves.

Off on an adventure and welcome to the treasure hunt!


  1. Detta var en klar och tydlig överblick av meningen med denna skrift.
    Men var är innehållet. Det är som ett Puzzel att hitta bland de olika delarna. One can't do it in a bit of a hurry? Då är det som att bläddra i en veckotidning.

    Stuff från Mor

    1. Translation:
      This is a clear and distinct overview of the purpose of this homepage. But where is the content? It is like a puzzle to put the different pieces together. Maybe you don't have to put them together at all? Then it's like leafing through a weekly magazine. Hug, Mother

      Answer: It will take a while until the puzzle is complete and the whole picture becomes visible. Be patient! Your daughter

  2. I find it so incredibly valuable what I get to read here! So many answers to my questions...
    A big, heartfelt thank you.

  3. A very diverse collection that makes me curious about what all the cultural myths are about. A wonderful companion read full of wisdom for the hero's journey through life. Many thanks for this!

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