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Spirit and Matter, Father and Mother and New Reality

Age in the Helsinki Rock Church

By on 6 April 2020

Altar in the Helsinki Rock Church

Spirit and Matter - Father and Mother

Spirit and matter are the two creative primordial forces of existence. They are symbolised by the archetypes FATHER and MOTHER. New, living reality arises from the union of the two.
Their unity means wholeness - heaven and earth - spirit and matter - body and soul united. "God" is one - namely peace, reconciliation and abundance.

The FATHER-King as archetype symbolises the all-embracing, loving consciousness, faith. TheMOTHER-Queen symbolises the living matter and the unconscious (see The Conscious and the Unconscious - King and Queen).

The FATHER - love and creative power (spirit, FIRE)

FIRE is the FATHER element. It is the igniting spark, the creative impulse, devotion out of passion.

The FATHER "knows" about the possibilities that lie in the hidden (unconscious). He "sees" the potential and believes in it, even "recognises" it in love.
As a true lover, he does not impose himself and does not intrude uninvited. Rather, he waits patiently and trustingly until the response to his love is there. This is the anointing as a sign of acceptance that allows the seed of faith to find fertile soil. When it is time, the living matter will bring forth the new reality. (see Male Wholeness, 3-in-1).

The MOTHER - Life (living matter, WATER)

WATER is the MOTHER element. It is the prerequisite for life. Strong and yielding at the same time, it fills every depth and so easily overcomes obstacles, just as love cancels out every deficiency.

The MOTHER answers with "Yes" and "Amen" and brings forth the new.
She lets her "water of life" flow and the new reality, the "CHILD", also grows surrounded by amniotic fluid. Her highest aspiration is to realise the intention of her beloved. In helpfulness and devotion she gives space and donates life force (see Female Wholeness, 3-in-1).

The great feminine is life itself. It lies outside the consciousness of the human being and thus belongs to the unconscious.

The feminine includes women, people, the earth, the whole of creation.
  1. The woman, all women: They can take up seed and give birth to new life.
  2. The human body: It receives impulses of consciousness ("male") and translates them into words and deeds, into new reality.
  3. The collective (group, people, the whole of humanity): It reacts to information, for example news, with moods and actions. It also takes up the instructions of the ruler and shapes new reality according to them (carries out instructions, such as building roads).
  4. The earth: It can absorb seeds and give growth. It also reacts to the most diverse impulses from the cosmos or from human behaviour, e.g. with climate warming.
  5. The whole of creation: it is given over to transience and thus in the "underworld" (s. The Great Feminine in the Underworld).

Unity of spirit and matter, father and mother: the sacred marriage

Only love has the power to unite spirit and matter, the two ultimate opposing energies, as opposed as FIRE and WATER. It alone brings about this miracle from which new life and new reality emerge.

This unity, which also means wholeness, is symbolised in fairy tales and myths by the wedding or of the king's son and daughter who become king and queen by inheriting the kingdom (see The Holy Wedding).

It is love that brings the impulse of consciousness into living matter.

Sun behind the clouds - Spirit and matter

Mind and matter, new reality and quantum philosophy

New reality from the unity of spirit and matter

Thequantum physicist and philosopher Warnke describes the interaction of spirit and matter with these words:

Resonance with virtual, coded energy and stored information [potential], which we revive with the giving of meaning and significance [as impulses of consciousness], creates form/structure/shape of matter [new reality].[i].

In other words: The unconscious as living matter takes up the impulse of consciousness and responds to it by giving it form and shape, thus transforming the in-formation into concrete reality.

The mind, the consciousness - the intention, the "master plan".

Consciousness is the creative intention, the trusting expectation. This initiates the emergence of new reality in living matter by giving the impulse and "master plan" ("seed of the word") for what is to become.

Matter, the unconscious: potential and reality

The word matter comes from the Latin mater, which means MOTHER.
Matter consists of quanta. According to the findings of quantum physics, these know two states:

1.potential - symbolised by the VIRGIN

Quanta that are not in function float as "waves" in a sea of virtual energy and potential information. They can become anything, but are not yet anything concrete. When the waves are hit by consciousness, they become quantum and switch to reality, while the countless other possibilities collapse. Example: The virgin with blue eyes can give birth to a child with blue, green or black eyes. With her fertilisation (by the male seed) the eye colour of the child is determined: A child with black eyes is born. (see The Virgin as the Sea of All Possibilities)

2. reality - symbolised by the MOTHER:

Reality consists of quanta. It has been proven that quanta respond to impulses of consciousness. In this sense, all matter is alive. The question is therefore rather: Why is there dead matter at all? Why does death exist? To this end, Babylonian mythology tells of the creation of the world from the murdered mother by the god Marduk, who rose to become the autocrat in heaven.

Authority over matter and limited human consciousness

Man can only bring forth new reality in a limited way because his consciousness is limited. He lacks perfection. (He has "fallen" from love, s. The Fall of Man Report and The expulsion from paradise as a collective drama). The more steps of consciousness the change of reality requires, the less likely it is that man will bring it about (see The Creation of New Reality and How Do I Concretely Steer My Life in a Positive Direction?). The beloved "Son" of the Father, however, is endowed by the Great Mother with authority over matter. She confirms him as the chosen anointed one by letting signs and wonders follow his word.

The unconscious, life itself: in negativity and death

But if there is a lack of love, then consciousness appears with a claim to power. It wants to force the desired reality by exerting pressure and raping living matter. This responds to the submission with negativity, rejection, rebellion and gives birth to NO, non-being and death.
The new reality is then tears instead of joy, hate instead of love, sickness instead of strength, curse instead of blessing, lack instead of abundance, death instead of life. This is tantamount to the "expulsion from paradise" (see The Great Feminine in the Underworld).

Healing - wholeness through the unity of spirit and matter

The way home, back to father and mother

The Great Above (AN) and the Great Below (AB)

Sumerian mythology speaks of the Great Above (An-Zu) and the Great Below (Ab-Zu). While the Great Above corresponds to spirit and consciousness, the Great Below stands for matter and the unconscious. Through the union of the two, that is, through the integration of the unconscious into consciousness, wholeness, "healing" and cure are achieved.

ABBA - the male way to the FATHER (in heaven, spirit)

The masculine begins in the Great Below, in the realm of the body and matter (AB). Its path to wholeness means the ascent (reversal: BA) into the spirit by gaining love. This means the He-solution from the bondage to matter (MOTHER) into freedom of the spirit (FATHER). The Hebrew word for dear father, "Pappa" is ABBA.

The great FATHER is whole, is one. He is completely reconciled, because he has integrated his feminine parts (for more see The Way of the Man).

ANNA - The Feminine Way to the MOTHER - Love into Matter

The feminine begins in the spirit (AN), in the immaterial realm of love and relationships. The path of love is devotion to matter. It leads from heaven (AN) down NA) to the underworld and the unconscious. It is the heroic path of man.

Anna means mother. The great MOTHER is whole because she has integrated her masculine parts (see Feminine Wholeness, 3-in-1 and The Way of the Woman).

Bread and wine - purification, purification by fire

Already in Sumerian mythology, bread and water of life lead to resurrection from the underworld. Bread and wine are symbols of purification.

  • Male bodily strength (seeds) is pounded, ground and baked into edible bread of life in the furnace of suffering.
  • Feminine emotional power (water, grape juice) is pressed and matures in the dark night of the soul (as in the barrel) into water of life (wine, spirit, "fire-water").

In the process the ego dies and the Selfthe identity of love, rises again.

The prayer "Our Father" - from spirit down into matter

The prayer "Our Father is a succinct summary of this "descent" down into the body and the unconscious, into the deep existential feelings and urges. Healing and wholeness are achieved as everything comes to the love of light.


[i] Ulrich Warnke, "Quantum Philosophy and Spirituality" - The Key to the Secrets of Human Being, (2011, Scorpio Verlag), p. 149

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