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The Third Eye and the King's Treasure

The Dragon Serpent and the King's Treasure

By on 9 April 2020

limbic system

The limbic system (yellow) ends via the girdling cortex (green) in the cerebral cortex (violet), at the point where "the third eye" is localised. 

The third eye - the king's round table

At the king's round table, the king meets with his advisors ("voices from the people") to make important decisions. This place where "King Consciousness" decides with his advisor how to run the "country" (body and resources for action) is anatomically speaking located in the third eye.

The Hindu Bindi

The third eye is the linking point between conscious and unconscious structures.

King, advisor and people - in the human brain

In the human brain, the "guiding" as well as the "advising" structures are found. "King Consciousness" is anatomically located in the frontal cerebral cortex (violet), the "Counsellor" in the girdling (cingulate) cortex (green). As such, it is characterised by its "proximity to the People", which the limbic system which controls bodily functions. In fact, anatomically, the umbilical cortex belongs to the limbic system. This ends slightly above the point between the eyebrows in the frontal cerebral cortex, where the Hindu "bindi" is marked as a point on the forehead.

Overview of brain functions

For more details, see Consciousness and the Human Brain.

King Consciousness: the anterior middle cerebral cortex

Anatomically, "King Consciousness" is located in the frontal cortex of the cerebrum (orbifrontal ventromedial cortex, purple in Fig. 1). This is where the human capacity for abstraction, and thus the human mind, is located (see also Consciousness and the Human Brain).

The king's advisor: the cingulate cortex (networking and empathy)

The closest "advisor to the king", the supreme executive power, the head of the executive, corresponds to the foremost part of the limbic system, the girdling, "encircling" cortex (anterior cingulate cortex, green in Fig.1). It is responsible for networking thinking (anterior cerebral cortex) and automatic bodily functions (limbic system). The capacity for empathy ("HEART") is also found here. The girdling cortex (anterior cingulate cortex, green in Fig.1) is the bridge between the cerebrum and the limbic system and surrounds, "encircles" it.

The treasure of the king: the limbic system

The limbic system is, metaphorically speaking, the "king's treasure", the centre of human bodily functions and resources for action. Figuratively speaking, it contains the entire "state apparatus". As part of the brain, it is responsible for the unconscious functions of the whole organism: for pulse, blood pressure, release of messenger substances and hormones, control of movement processes.
These are the human being's resources for action as "king consciousness" and - again figuratively speaking - the king's treasure:

The Goal: Dominion of Loving Consciousness

The Father as the loving, creative consciousness

The "good" king and mindfulness

The goal is for the human being to use his loving consciousness to "rule" well in his life. In doing so, his body and its resources represent his "promised land" (see kingship in life). The human being receives information from the limbic system about the body and its state of health. As a good ruler, he is attentive, notices exhaustion, pain or feelings. However, he does not let this overwhelm him, but carefully considers what might be the appropriate behaviour in the given situation. In this way, the unconscious is integrated. It is brought to light and given a place and a voice.

The Weak King and Serpent's Tongue

The devious adviser

When "King Consciousness" is weak, his scheming advisor gets too much power and can start to rule from ambush. In doing so, he will negatively influence the king and increasingly paralyse and poison him through negativity, lies and intrigues.
In addition, the country is run down and exploited by his ruthlessness in pursuing his own interests in power.

Serpent's Tongue and the King's Treasure 

The Dragon Serpent and the King's Treasure

Figure 2: The dragon snake and the king's treasure
(the cingulate cortex and the limbic system)

The limbic system - Power of attorney over all resources 

The limbic system controls the body and the unconscious functions. These are the "treasure" of King Consciousness, which - figuratively speaking - is guarded by the "dragon snake" (anatomically speaking, the cingulate cortex).

The Dragon Serpent - the Ego and the Drive

The challenge is that the human being with his consciousness dwells in an "animal" body that is controlled by unconscious functions(drives). The "snake" is first of all simply a symbol for the life instinct that has risen to consciousness (see Life and the Snake).
With access to consciousness, however, the formerly animal instinct of self-preservation has developed into the power instinct, which is identical with the ego. The ego wants to seize consciousness and use strategy ("cunning") to extend its power to control everything (see The Fall of Man account).

Stress and alarm - the Opportunity for the dragon, the old snake

The problem is that in its natural state, the human brain allows priority activity of the limbic system when alarmed.

Primary activity of the limbic system: lightning-fast, automatic reactions

There are evolutionary reasons for this: In order to survive in the wild, living beings must be able to react in a flash when faced with danger. Such fast, spontaneous reaction patterns - independent of conscious thought - have been preserved in humans, although in developed human culture they are exposed to a different kind of "danger", namely stressful situations of various kinds in which their conscious action would be called for.

Emotions as markers and "igniters

The limbic system with the drives and drivers also includes the deeply rooted emotions. They serve as "markers" for storing, "cataloguing" and retrieving memories. If a person re-experiences an emotional stress for which there are already stored reaction patterns, these are triggered reflexively. The limbic system quickly and reliably takes over with automated behaviour before thinking can even begin, and may strike as an efficient "terminator".

Paralysis of consciousness

To make matters worse for "King Consciousness", stress, fear and negative emotions impair or even block the function of the girdling cortex. This weakens the constructive connection head - heart - body and the capacity for love and empathy (more s. The snake in the head - our old reptilian brain.).

With stress, the chance of the snake as the libidinous, power-oriented ego has come (see The snake in the head - our old reptilian brain). If no limits are set for it, it develops into the dragon, which represents the spiritual reality of power with its wings and which sets up its reign of terror with its fire of destruction.  

What is important is that the person consciously checks their motives and drivers and that they replace negativity with positive motivation, love and trust.

Overcoming the Dragon

Slay or tame?

In human lore, different ways of defeating or overcoming the dragon can be found. The youthful hero slays it with his sword (for example, the legend of George, the dragon slayer). The female way is the gentler one. According to the legend Saint Martha tamed the dreaded dragon of Tarascon by singing songs to him. Thereupon he followed her gently like a puppy. This is a vivid image for the integration of the shadow.
The dragon in its collective dimension is equated in the Bible with the devil and Satan(Revelation 20:2).

The spiritual path: Activation of loving consciousness

Awareness and the third eye

As mentioned, it is important to integrate the unconscious, which draws attention to itself through physical reactions, i.e. to perceive it lovingly with the conscious mind (see above). Jesus made this statement:

The light of the body is thine eye: if thine eye be clear, thy whole body is light; but if it be evil, thy body is dark. See then that the light that is in you is not darkness. If therefore thy whole body be light, and have no dark part, it shall be all light, as when the lamp lighteth thee with her beam.[1]

7 areas of life

The "eye" can very well be associated with the "third eye" in this context. It is "light" when the human being recognises the truth about himself and with his loving consciousness takes over the dominion over the body with its drives (see The Consciousness and the Unconscious - Light and Dark ).

Raising awareness and training networking

There are various techniques that help to calm the limbic system with its constant alertness and thus strengthen the predominance of the cerebral cortex. Examples are reflection or meditation, but also physical exercises (for more on this see How do I concretely steer my life in a positive direction?).

Prayer: living relationship in the now

The strength of prayer lies in establishing a relationship with a good "instance" who is a strong helper and thus lifts us beyond our own limitations. Relationship always happens here and now. It brings the person back from an undefined future (worries) or from a past that has already happened (painful memories) into the present. Life wants to be lived in the now!

In the Jewish prayer tradition, the connection thinking (forehead) - heart (feeling) - hand (deeds) is figuratively underlined by the "tefillin".

For example, the prayer "Our Father" covers all seven areas of human existence and thus forms an abridged version of man's heroic journey:

The Prayer "Our Father" and the Hero's Walk


[1] Bible, New Testament, Gospel according to Luke, chapter 11,34 - 36

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