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Authority over matter and salvation (the anointing)

Water from the rock as an image for the anointing

By on 29 May 2020

Water from the rock as an image for the anointing

The anointing - authority to create new reality

Signs of authority for Kings and magicians, priests and prophets

The anointing of priests, prophets and kings has always been a sign of divinely authorised authority to issue directives and thus to initiate the emergence of new reality in living matter.

The ritual of anointing and its meaning

Sign of divine legitimacy with the presence and consent of the people

Rulers and leaders often had themselves anointed in the presence of the people. The anointing was performed by pouring oil on their head. This was considered a sign of divine authority through which the anointed received legitimacy and authority to rule. The people, on the other hand, signalled by their presence and tacit approval their consent to the ruler's election and their promise to carry out his instructions.

Prophecy, magic and the level of the spirit

Divine authority

Furthermore, the anointing of prophets or kings always meant divine election and authority to appear as the "voice of God" among the people.
Thus the "true" prophet was confirmed by the fact that his threatened consequences were fatefully fulfilled in the case of disobedience.

Domination on the earthly and spiritual plane

With prophecy and magic, one enters the spiritual plane. According to tradition, magicians and prophets were usually on a par with the king or ruler and were extremely influential persons. Examples of this are the biblical prophet Samuel with King David or Merlin with King Arthur and, most recently, the Pope with the kings of Europe.

The anointing is the sign of the claim and the right to initiate the emergence of new reality through the seed of the Word in living matter.

New reality from the unity of male and female

Interaction of male and female

New reality always and exclusively arises through the unity of the two forces male and female, spirit and matter. Here, the masculine side represents the creative impulse as the spiritual factor, while the feminine side is represented by the living and formative matter.

[S. Male and Female and the Creation of New Reality.]

To the great feminine belong: the women, the people, the earth ...

Receiving and living reality giving birth to matter

The great feminine includes:

  • The woman, all women: They can take up seed and give birth to new life.
  • The human body: It receives impulses from the consciousness ("male") and translates them into words, deeds and new reality.
  • The collective (group, people, the whole of humanity): It reacts to impulses (for example in the form of information such as news) with moods and actions. It also takes up the instructions of the ruler and shapes new reality according to them (carries out instructions, such as building roads).
  • The earth: It can take up seeds and give growth. In addition, it reacts likewise to most different impulses ("spirit"), for example from the cosmos (like solar activity) or to human behavior with global phenomena like climate warming or volcanism and cooling. (Thereby the "cosmos" means in the traditions more than the universe. To it the element of the fire is ascribed and therefore also divine-spiritual and initiating strength, see. The dynamics of the elements.)
  • Thewhole of creation: it is given over to transience and thus in the "underworld" (s. The Great Feminine in the Underworld).

 [S. Feminine wholeness, living matter - potential, reality and destiny.]

The feminine as living matter, which can absorb seeds or impulses and give birth to new reality, belongs by definition to the unconscious (s. The conscious and the unconscious).

Procreation of a child as a model for the emergence of new reality

Just as the woman receives the seed of the man, which causes the growth of a child in her, so the people, as the feminine-receiving side, receive the impulse of the ruler. From his "seed of the word" new reality emerges as his instructions are implemented to build houses and roads, to enact laws, to network through information channels ...

The emergence of new human life serves as a model for the generation of new living reality by the responsible rulers.

Hilma af Klint (1908), Evolution No. 3 for the Grail

The feminine side: The anointing

Origin of the word "anointing" in analogy to the vaginal fluid of the woman

The ritual of anointing is taken from the act of union between man and woman. When the woman is ready to receive her beloved, this is shown by her "anointing", namely by her vaginal fluid. This allows the "chosen member" smooth access to the "common sanctuary" in which the new reality is initiated.

Power of attorney over matter

Access to the mystery of life

The feminine as living matter thus grants access to the mystery of life to the one who comes in love. This in response to true love, which is full of trust. Thus the chosen "king" goes into the midst of the darkness of matter, into the "underworld" and inner world. He does not fear death, but gives himself with all his strength in order to sow the seed of the word of love in the dying of strength.

Materialisation of the intention, the "seed

The seed, the word of the beloved, is taken up by living matter as potential ("virgin") and transformed into reality ("mother"). In the process, the highest aspiration is to realise the desire and intention of the lover in service. A "child" or new reality comes into being.

The feminine chooses! The anointing as a sign of acceptance

The act of choosing takes place according to an archaic principle that is also present in nature: the female chooses one from among many applicants, just as the egg chooses one from among all the seeds that are in line.

The chosen lover as the anointed of the woman

So the woman, as bride, chooses one among the suitors in line and confirms him by promising and granting him access to her innermost being.

The chosen king and ruler

The same has applied collectively to the anointed king, priest or prophet for millennia. Through the anointing, rulers were confirmed and legitimised by the people or their representatives.

The Anointed One - Devotion to the Feminine

The Good King

The traditions repeatedly express the hope of the people for a good God ruler and king who will deliver the people from oppression and hardship and lead them to victory. In fairy tales, the saviour is the hero or king's son who fearlessly surrenders himself to free the princess or the kingdom from the tyrant's rule.

The Messiah or Christ: Devotion to the Feminine

Religious texts speak of the Anointed One (Messiah or Christ) who redeems creation from all misery. As the true Anointed One, he is endowed with authority over matter. In fact, the Great MOTHER confirms him by allowing healings and miracles to take place at his word. These are the signs that follow the true Anointed One who has found Her favour and has proven himself in love and faithfulness (in temptations).

[S. Feminine Wholeness 3-in-1 | Christ / Messiah, the Anointed One and The Great Feminine in the Underworld].

The baptism of Jesus as a sign of surrender to the feminine

Thus, immersion in water at baptism represents a sign of surrender to the feminine and also the anticipation of anointing (see Water - Symbol of the Feminine and the Unconscious | Baptism and Initiation).

The baptism of Jesus

The Bible records that when Jesus was baptised, the Holy Spirit descended on him in the form of a dove and a voice sounded from heaven saying, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased".(Lk 3:22)

The dove has been considered the bird of the goddess of love for millennia[*] . Its name is "Jahu". - Is this connected with the name YHWE? - In any case, the dove as a bird symbolises the Holy Spirit and thus creative power. Moreover, there is no doubt that the male and female sides of God work together in the Holy Spirit.


[*] Keel, Othmar (2010). God Feminine. A Hidden Side of the Biblical God (2nd, slightly modified edition). Munich: Gütersloher Verlagshaus, p. 110 f.

The Female Womb as Grail - Water of Life (Karen Salicath Jamali)

The anointing as the water of life

Water of life: overflowing of the female soul out of love

The spiritual love in the heart of the woman makes the water of her soul overflow, indeed it materializes, moistening her body and making it ready to receive semen. This is analogous to the earth, which can also receive seeds well when it is moist. (Water is the element of the female soul, EARTH is the symbol of the female body, see. The four elements).

Thus the female water becomes the "water of life". For in the womb of the woman - surrounded by "amniotic fluid" - new life, a child can grow (see water, female).

Water of death: fiery, egoistic desire

However, if a man penetrates a woman driven by fiery physical desire without the anointing being present, then "scorched earth" results. (FIRE is the symbol of the male body, cf. The four elements).

Already according to the Babylonian Gilgamesh epic, the king had to overcome the "water of death" to find eternal life. This "water of death" symbolises the male desire that had driven King Gilgamesh to claim "the right of the first night" (rape of the virgin bride). After Gilgamesh realised his failure, he was granted another chance.

[S. Water of Death and Water of Life.]

The masculine side: the anointed one

The Son who comes in the name of the Father

In the name of the "Father" comes that man who is willing to take on the responsibility in relationships and thus "fatherhood" and care. He respects higher orders, first and foremost the commandment of love, by entering into a binding relationship with the woman who has given herself completely to him.

The anointed as thechosen male member (the phallus)

But the "son" also symbolises the man's member, the phallus, because in him is the potency to beget a son. However, this potency as a passionate force is to subordinate itself "to the will of the father", that is, to respect the love and devotion to the woman and to give oneself to her as well.

The Anointed Ruler: Power or Responsibility?

The same applies to the claim to rule over a people. Love and a sense of responsibility are the right prerequisites for this.

The insignia of power

In this context, the insignia of power also support and extend the symbolism already described, which is intended to demonstrate the legitimacy of the ruler. In this context, the crown, sceptre and orb are of strong significance and are meant to demonstrate rule and authority over the feminine, i.e. the country and its people.

The sceptre as a staff is a phallic symbol, while the crown as a hoop symbolises penetration. The bonnet of the crown also illustrates the female womb, the uterus. Finally, the orb symbolises "perverse femininity", which is not anchored in the earth but in the spirit and lives power through seduction(white magic).

Insignia of power: crown, sceptre, orb

The Good Shepherd

The insignia of power contrast with the attributes that belong to the good and true king. He feeds his sheep, cares for them, leads them to green pastures and fresh water. He also protects them with his staff against intruders and leads them to abundance (see Psalm 23 as the way of purification).

Insignia of the shepherd: apple, staff, cornucopia

Dominion over matter for good or for evil

Some rulers actually came in the spirit of love and thus on "God's behalf", others, however, used the anointing as an empty shell to support their claim to power. And still others began with good intentions and then fell into the temptation of power by allowing themselves to be corrupted.

The Redeemer - in the power of love

"The Anointed One" - Title for the One and True Chosen One

Miracles as supernatural changes in matter follow, as mentioned, the true Anointed, the Beloved and Chosen of God. God - male and female - is as FATHER the loving consciousness and as MOTHER the life in matter. The healings and other signs confirm the true "King" who uses his authority and power exclusively to help.
Thus he comes in the spirit of love to liberate people and the whole of creation from distress, bondage, illness and death.

Moshiach - Christos: the Anointed One

The Greek word CHRISTOS as well as the Hebrew word MOSHIACH(Messiah) both mean "the anointed one".

[S. Christ / Messiah,the Anointed].

Both designations apply as titles to the one who, by his supernatural authority, proves his calling to solve the collective human problem. This is no less than the so-called "curse" over creation, which is in distress and unconscious. For mythologically speaking it is the Great Feminine, life itself, in the underworld.namely, abandoned to impermanence.

[S. Curse and Redemption in Traditions and The great original sin and the curse].

Jesus Christ - anointed Saviour and the love of the Father

Jesus Christ means "anointed saviour". Powerful miracles are reported of him. He always emphasised that as the SON of the FATHER he acted in accordance with love.

This love of the Father is full of devotion and forgiveness. The FATHER gives himself through his SON into the innermost core, into the deepest darkness of death. In the power of love he fills the deepest lack and redeems the downtrodden people with his unconditional acceptance from negativity. In doing so, he places existence on a positive ground and creates the new reality of love.

The Anointed One

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