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7 Snow White and Wholeness (White - Red - Black)

Three colours, white - red - black

By on 13 June 2020

Three colours, white - red - black

White - Red - Black: A Vision of Wholeness

Brief summary of content and archetypes

Content from the fairy tale: The Good Queen

Once upon a time, in the middle of winter, a queen was sitting at a window sewing. She pricked her finger with a needle and three drops of blood fell into the snow on the black ebony window frame. Her thoughts wandered into the distance and she thought: I wish for a child as white as snow, as red as blood and as black as the wood. Soon she had a little daughter who was as white as snow, as red as blood and as black-haired as ebony and was therefore called Snow White. 

Symbols and Archetypes:

This first part introduces the theme: White - Red - Black, wholeness and a fruitful life as the goal.

Liliana's story - still fabulous

The Good Queen

Once upon a time there was a queen who sat at the window and embroidered. The window frame was made of black ebony. Everything was quiet and the snow was falling outside. It had been months since she had last seen her husband. The king was travelling with his entourage. He had promised to be home before Christmas. Today was Christmas, Christmas Eve. Her heart was heavy. She looked at the snowflakes swirling outside the window. Small ones and big ones, near and far and near again. Some fell, others rose again, probably pushed up by the warm air of the window. It was beautiful to watch the white dots and spots and forget everything. The queen felt slightly dizzy, a pleasant dizziness....

Wholeness, White-Red-Black and the birth of a child

But there - ouch! Her hand had sunk down to her work, she had pricked herself on the sewing needle. She pulled her hand away. Blood dripped from her finger into the snow that had accumulated on the ebony window frame.

The queen stared at the red spot in the white snow in the black frame and thought: It was now more than a week since her last bleeding. She clutched her heart and daydreamed to herself: "Maybe he will come today after all...", she thought, "That would be the best Christmas present! Oh, I hope he comes! And then I want to give myself to him. Oh, I want so much to become pregnant. - I want a daughter, a pretty girl, with a soft skin, white as snow, with rosy cheeks and a pretty mouth - yes, red... red like the blood from which she will be born... and with black hair, black as ebony. Her name shall be Liliana. Pure and radiant as a white lily she shall be!"

Note on interpretation: The good queen - pure love and devotion (white)

The "good queen" is still focused on the partnership and the common fruit, symbolised by the child. After she has given birth to the child, she dies.

Simple interpretation: Negativity and illness of the woman

Apart from the fact that pregnancy and childbirth used to be associated with increased risk of death, the image can also be interpreted to mean that love has died, not least because the "king" is absent externally and also internally.

Deeper interpretation: The good unconscious has left the king

The good unconscious has left "King Conscious". He follows his instinct. What this means is the theme of the fairy tale.

The modern story - Lilian tells

I am Lilian. I want to tell you my life story here. I will keep it short, because it is not a special story. But I think that many women feel the same way as I did.

Wholeness - White, Red, Black

I want to talk about love. This is important to me because I have learned that the woman is the source of love. That is why she must carefully guard her love.
I tell you here the story of my love, how it died and how it rose again.

The Good Queen

I received little love as a child. My mother died when I was born. This was probably also the reason for my problems in the partnership. It started when Matthias, my husband, was very busy with business and was rarely at home. At that time I was still full of ideals. I dreamed of true love. And I wanted to have a child with Matthias.

This is as the theme of higher consciousness (7): wholeness, symbolised by the three colours white - red - black. To Snow White's heroic journey over seven mountains at a glance:

Snow White's Hero's Path over 7 Mountains

The goal: wholeness of the woman (7)

White, red, black for three phases of life

The wholeness of the woman is symbolised by the three colours white, red, black (see Female Wholeness - the Goddess, White / Red / Black). The three colours represent the three phases of her life, as a virgin(white: pure love), as a mother(red: blood, pain and anger) and wise old woman who has regained her pure love and her strength on the path through the underworld(black) (see The Woman's Path).

In the process, the masculine parts of the woman, her inner man(animus), must develop from macho (red) to father (white). Her ego (symbolised in the fairy tale by the witch) must die and her pure love (symbolised by the virgin and the prince) rises again.

Through the union of the masculine parts (prince) with the feminine (virgin), the woman has attained wholeness and thus kingship and self-efficacy in life. She can now reshape her life herself and create good, constructive reality, symbolised by the child (s. The emergence of new reality).

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