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What is the soul and where in the body is it located?

Wholeness (the soul)

By on 9 July 2020

What is the soul and where in the body is it located? 

The question is: Does "the soul" exist at all and if so, what is it? And where in the body is it located?

Soul - life from the unity of male and female

The word soul is used synonymously with the word "life" in many cultures. Life arises from the union of male and female (see Male and Female and the Creation of New Reality).

Graphic representation of the seat of the soul:

In the illustration below, the unity of male and female, which encloses the centre of life, is represented by the two triangles placed one above the other. The blue triangle with the tip pointing downwards stands for "female" and the red triangle with the tip pointing upwards stands for "male".

Soul in man and woman

What is the soul?

In human traditions, there are two different ways of understanding the term "soul". However, they are definitely related:

1. soul for life

For ancient man, the word "soul" was identical with "life".
This understanding of the word "soul" also explains why it is interchangeable with the word "life" in many cultures and languages, e.g. in phrases such as: "No soul was there".

Life from the unity of spirit and matter, father and mother

Life is matter "animated" by the spirit. It takes place between heaven and earth and arises from the fusion of the ultimate opposites: "male" and"female" (see spirit and matter, mother and father).

2. the soul as the immaterial part of the personality 

In demarcation of body and soul

Life between heaven and earth is in itself also again "male" and "female", namely body ("son") and soul ("daughter"). While the body is tangible and measurable, the soul contains the immaterial, "invisible" aspects of the personality. These consist of will, mind and feelings and cannot be materially grasped (counted, weighed). On the contrary; they are only expressed when they manifest themselves physically (through facial expressions, gestures, words or deeds).

Will, mind and feelings

Nevertheless, the soul can be just as individually pronounced as the body. While one person is strong-willed, another is very emotional and a third is more mind-oriented.
(Even more highly developed animals have a soul . Dogs, for example, sometimes very much have a will of their own. Moreover, they are capable of learning and also express feelings such as joy or shame).

Distinction from the human mind

The spiritual level, the meta-level

The spirit of man is his ability to move on a spiritual plane. This is an imaginary realm, namely the world of imaginations and ideas. This level outside of earthly-material reality is called the meta-level (from Greek meta for = "beyond").

A lively exchange between soul and spirit

On this meta-level, the human being can occupy himself with spiritual contents and impulses. By looking at himself as if from "outside", he can thereby reflect on himself and his surroundings. He can draw conclusions and strategically plan his actions from the knowledge gained. In a next step, he can instruct himself, i.e. give his body impulses and instructions for behaviour. This is how he perceives his kingship in his own life. He can also transmit spiritual content to others and thus inspire them, for example.

Where in the human body is the soul located? 

Centre of life

The soul, originating from the unity of male (matter) and female (spirit), is to be regarded asthecentre of life and the "organ of relationship". As such, it is a bubbling source from which life force emanates for others.

With husband and wife in a different place!

The soul pulls the man "upwards" into the spirit, while it "grounds" the woman as a life-giver in the material reality of the body (sexuality and children). Accordingly, the male triangle as a symbol of wholeness strives upwards, while the female one points downwards, towards the underworld.

This results in this representation:

Body - Soul - Spirit of Man and Woman

The soul of the woman: in her abdomen!

Vitality in the womb of the woman

Thewomb is the centre of her life; it is involved in her most important relationships. In it a child can grow and her lover also finds animation for his soul (see Sexual Magnetism and The Womb of Woman as a Miracle-working Grail).

Sexual intercourse of the woman: surrender of life

The woman who gives herself to a man with her body also gives him her soul with her abdomen, that is, she gives him her life (see The Woman, 3-in-1). This has serious consequences:

If a woman is abandoned again after sexual intercourse, she loses not only her physical integrity, but also her life and her love!

[S. Abuse - The Stolen Life.]

"Dying" during a separation"

This is also the reason why women often stay too long in an unhealthy relationship: they do not want to "die". Because inwardly they know that with a broken relationship they can lose their life and their love. So, figuratively speaking, they get "into the underworld", that is, into negativity.

Healing through fatherly love

The woman is healed through unconditional fatherly love (see Sumerian mythology - raising by the father). In the power of this love she can also heal herself by activating her masculine personality parts. More precisely, by beginning to love herself in her weakness, to reconcile and to take responsibility for herself and for her needs.

This is her journey through the underworld, during which she reclaims her male personality parts, her body and her strength (see The Integration of the Animus). This also involves the woman facing her weakness and injury and reconciling herself (see The Feminine in the Under world and The Integration of the Masculine Parts). Thus, her love rises again and she attains wholeness (see The Feminine Way / The Way of the Woman).

The soul of the man: his heart

The man gives and enables new life by investing heart and soul and giving himself.

Devotion out of love

He gives himself to the woman he loves by engaging in a committed relationship. By using his body, by providing nourishment, resources and a protected space, he makes new life possible. 

Kind warmth, encouragement and inspiration - devotion of the soul

In a figurative sense, the man gives life by investing "lifeblood", be it in relationships, in people or in a project. He creates something new by "believing" in his counterpart and seeing success already realised.
Thus he shows his love through good deeds and friendly warm-heartedness. In the union with the woman he gives her physical strength, while his heart receives spiritual strength and is thus inspired to devotion (see Sexual Magnetism).

Wholeness through integration of the feminine - the soul and love

The virgin whom the hero wins symbolises his female parts. With her he acquires his soul, love and thus also eternal life, namely access to the all-embracing spirit (see Der Eisenhans and Ritter Georg und die Rosenburg).

Thus, the relationship with the opposite sex contributes to the wholeness and fulfilment of life.

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