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"The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo - Symbols


By on 19 September 2020


A symbolic pictorial contemplation of "The Creation of Adam

The painting "the Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo depicts the creative impulse of the Father and man as the recipient of this impulse. The Father as the loving consciousness is painted with his angels in the shape of a brain:

The human being becomes a human being through consciousness.
[S. also Consciousness and the Human Brain.]

The Name of the Artist - Michelangelo

The name "Michelangelo" is already a revelation:

  • Michel / Michael means: "Who is God?"
  • Angelo means "angel". Angels can be described in the broadest sense as personified, spiritual contents.

The Archangel Michael is considered the "conqueror of Satan", the "adversary" and the vanquisher of the dragon.

The Father as the loving, creative consciousness

Conqueror of Satan

The dragon, the "ancient serpent", symbolises the human drive and the ego. The drives belong to the body and the unconscious and are in contrast to the consciousness, which is identical with the spirit.

The Creation of Adam - the statement of the painting

Figuratively speaking, one could say that the archangel Michael inspired the artist Michelangelo, who bears his name, to create a painting that illustrates this important message for man:

Man, created in the image of God, becomes a human being through his divine consciousness. With this he can overcome his instincts and stand in life self-effectively ("equal to God").

On symbolic details of the image in detail

The father and his "angels" are painted in the shape of a brain:

The "Father" and "Adam" - the creative act of loving consciousness

  • The right arm of the father: It symbolises the drive and creative power of the father, represented by the "son". Via the 3rd eye (frontal cerebral cortex) as a connection between conscious and unconscious structures, he reaches "Adam" with his creative impulse, the human being who is created "from earth" and is attached to his drives.
  • Adam - man stretches his left arm towards him. The left side is the female-receiving. Adam, the human being, is - with his body as receiving matter - also "female".
  • A detail in the dark (unconscious): Under Adam's backside a hand reaches out of the underground towards a basket of acorns, a symbol for the drive?

The "angels" around the Father - the brain and spiritual realities

  • In the left arm - "Eva": She stands for the female side (anima), for emotions, love and warm-heartedness.
  • The arms of the father span an arc from the third eye over the left arm backwards to the inner child. They correspond to the girdling cortex (it ends in the pineal gland, which stands for inspiration, see The Third Eye and the Treasure of the King and The Eye of Horus).
  • Thefeet end in the cerebellum, which is primarily responsible for motor skills.
  • Thefeet and legs of angels end in the brain stem leading to the spine: They stand for spiritual components of the different areas of human life.


In summary, Michelangelo represents the goal of man and the path.

  • The goal is for man to rule over his body and resources in his life as a good king - like God. Thus exercises divine, namely self-determined kingship in life.
    For this purpose, he must learn to control his body with his consciousness (anterior cerebral cortex) by bringing love into all areas of his life (see The Hero's Path).
  • The way to the goal is to overcome the inner dragon, namely to control the instincts (the bodily instinct, the emotional instinct and the power instinct, see Overcoming in Temptations).

In this way, the person can be self-effective and creative in his or her life and create the reality he or she desires.


  1. Good Friday 2021.
    My name:
    Eva Maria.
    My birthday:
    19 September.
    Your documentation / explanation, here, I can confirm.
    My 2 favourite images:
    - The birth of Venus.
    - The Creation.
    D a n k e.

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