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The Four of the Family and the Emergence of New Reality

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

By on 25 September 2020

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

The Four of the Family and New Reality

New reality is created by the "holy family": father, mother, daughter and son. In their unity they stand as a symbol of wholeness (illustration above: The Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona). As archetypes they represent different energetic complexes:

  • The FATHER: Spirit, loving consciousness, creative impulse, FIRE
  • The MOTHER: living matter, the unconscious, reality, WATER
  • The MOTHER: potential, the soul of man, the anima, pure love, EARTH
  • The SON: power and drive in matter, the body of man, AIR
12 gold plates

Each of the four archetypes is in turn whole in itself, namely each supported threefold. This fourfold wholeness results in the TWELVE, which stand in paradisiacal unity as 12 trees or as 12 golden plates.
[P. The inner family and the twelve trees in paradise.]

Through their unity, new reality emerges. The human being who has integrated all four aspects gains wholeness and kingship in life and can freely shape his reality.

New reality from the union of male and female

New living reality arises from the union of masculine and feminine. The impulse of consciousness ("male") triggers the realisation of the new in living matter ("female").

Preliminary remarks

In the following remarks it is important to keep in mind:

Both man and woman have both: masculine and feminine parts ... [more:]

Male and female - united in the human being

Man has a body ("male", SON) and a soul ("female", MOTHER). He is called upon to take responsibility with his loving consciousness ("male", FATHER) for the unconscious(emotions and drives, "female", MOTHER) and to integrate it (see. The Consciousness and the Unconscious).

The masculine and feminine principles at a glance:

Spirit and matter

Not gender stereotypes, but ARCHETYPES for specific energies

The four of the family, i.e. FATHER, MOTHER, DAUGHTER and SON represent specific creative energies. Thus they are used here in their meaning as ARCHETYPES as well as CHRIST or THE VIRGIN as arech types stand for pure, devoted love.

Male and female and the creation of the new

Love is the force which unites the two ultimate opposites Male and female / Spirit and matter / the conscious and the unconscious can unite. From the miracle of their unity, the new emerges.

Creativity from wholeness

Male and female creative power lies in the wholeness of the two opposing forces.

[S. God, wholeness, 3-in-1, male and female..]

Feminine creative power: reality giving birth to matter

Wholeness, Female, Triad

Female creativity corresponds to the fulfilled three phases of a woman's life (see illustration on the right).

[S. Female Wholeness 3-in-1.]

TOCHTER: The potential

The VIRGIN as potential symbolises the ether, the invisible element that surrounds everything, that is nothing and can become everything. Quantum-physically speaking, it is the "sea of all possibilities" (see The V IRGIN and The ether, the quintessence). The potential is fixed by creative intention ("seed", information) to a certain reality. Figuratively speaking, the VIRGIN becomes the MOTHER.

MOTHER: Living reality

The MOTHER symbolises living matter, which consists of quanta (from Latin mater = mother). It can also "give birth" to new living reality.

The Great MOTHER: Forces of Nature and Destiny

The "grandmother" has seen her SON grow up and integrated her masculine parts. These symbolise power and drive in matter (the male side of the spirit, ANIMUS). Thus the GREAT MOTHER stands for the life force in matter, for the forces of nature and also for destiny (karma).


Male creative power: initiating energy

Wholeness, Male, Triad

Male creative power corresponds to the fulfilled three phases of a man's life:

[S. Male Wholeness, 3-in-1.]

FATHER: Love, devotion

The FATHER is truth and sees the need. That is why he gives himself (his SON, his power) out of love, namely into the innermost part of existence, into the abysses of matter and into the depths of the unconscious. Through the seed of the Word (of love) he rescues from all need and initiates the new existence of love.

SON: Creativeness, Passion, Potency (Phallus)

The SON stands for the power of the FATHER, because in him is also the potency to produce a SON, a CHILD and thus new living reality. According to the wish of the FATHER, he gives himself completely to the feminine (the living matter) - if necessary, even unto death.
In dying (of power/potency) the seed of the Word of Love is sown into living matter
(see CHRIST).

Great FATHER: Creative Word

THE GREAT FATHER ("Grandfather") has seen his daughter grow up and through love for her has integrated his feminine parts (the ANIMA; love as the feminine side of the spirit). He symbolises the creative impulse, the seed of the word, he is encouragement and initiating power. 

Volcano for creative elemental force (Oliver Spalt, Wikipedia)

New life and new reality through surrender of life

The masculine side: devotion to the feminine

The "good" obedient SON of the FATHER enters into living matter by giving himself completely. He comes in the power, in the "potency" of the FATHER and "sows" the "seed of the word", the information into matter. In the process the power "dies". The seed also "dies" in the fusion with the egg.
The "good" son stands in contrast to the "disobedient" son. The latter does not want to surrender, but is out for his own satisfaction. He wants to take power and vitality for himself (see Christ (and the Anti-Christ).


The female side: docile servitude

The "good" MOTHER of the mother, the "VIRGIN", absorbs the seed. After she has been fertilised, she also "dies" by becoming the MOTHER.

The VIRGIN as a symbol of innocent, pure love thus returns to the realm of the spirit (to the "FATHER in heaven"), where she is the "goddess" as an eternal, spiritual ideal(ANIMA, completely in the sense of Goethe: "The eternal feminine attracts us").[1]). The VIRGIN stands in contrast to the WHORE, who lives feminine power through seduction and binds the masculine to the body and matter.

The MOTHER also "dies" by giving life. She gives her life, namely her blood and her heart's blood for new life and the life of others.

The new reality - wholeness

FATHER - MOTHER - DAUGHTER - SON: United they are whole. Together they form the squaring of the circle or sphere, symbol of wholeness. The human being who has integrated these four aspects with their creative energies is whole. 

[S. The inner family and the twelve trees in paradise.]

Wholeness - the Four of the Family


[1] Goethe's Faust about the beautiful Helena

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