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The integration of the male parts (animus)

The sunflower for the integration of the masculine parts

By on 19 November 2020

The sunflower for the integration of the masculine parts

The sun is a masculine symbol. The sunflower turning to the sun is therefore a suitable image for the integration of the masculine parts.

The integration of the male parts (animus)

The Body and the Masculine Side of the Spirit: Power in Matter

Access to the body and its power and "mastery" over emotions and drives

Integrating the masculine personality parts means gaining positive access to the body and its power, so that they are in the light of life and available in a profitable way. This also includes control over the drives and emotions (feelings that manifest physically, for example through increased pulse).

From "Macho" in Sturm und Drang to the Wisdom of the Father

Figuratively speaking, the male parts of the woman must develop from immature macho full of "Sturm und Drang" who quickly sees "red" to the obedient "son" ("Christ", prince) of the loving father. In other words, the inner "son" must mature from stormy and aggressive masculinity to wisdom.

The positive masculine parts creativity, determination and assertiveness

The woman integrates her masculine parts by perceiving their strong energy without letting it drive her into negativity. If she succeeds in "taming" these forces, she gains creativity (creative power), decisiveness, goal orientation and assertiveness.

The goal: wholeness through integration of the opposite-sex parts

Man achieves wholeness by integrating his opposite-sex parts. This means that he has both, namely his female and his male personality parts at the light of his life.

Every human being has both: male and female personality traits. More:

The goal for man is to stand in his life with his loving consciousness ("masculine") self-efficient and self-responsible, and to "rule" wisely over his body and resources ("feminine"). This is the deeper meaning of the Kingshipwhich is spoken of again and again in the traditions.

  • The masculine personality parts: Consciousness as initiating, impulse-giving energy includes reflection, strategy, goal orientation, decisiveness, (self-)instruction and creativity.
  • The feminine personality parts: The body with its life instinct and automatic functions is "receiving matter". It receives the impulse of consciousness and translates it into new, living reality through words and deeds.

[More s. Male and female, the two primordial forces of creation and The creation of new reality.]

The integration of the masculine parts: From negative to positive drive (animus)

The animus, the masculine side of the spirit: power and (drive) in matter

The male spirit (Animus) is the power and drive in the body and in matter. If this is completely in the shadow, repressed and locked away, the woman is either listless, even "powerless", as the fairy tales express it, or she is aggressive and power-oriented out of negative feelings such as pain and anger.

The non-integrated masculine parts: negative and destructive energy

If this inner man can then escape "upwards" from his cellar dungeon, he initially emerges full of negative energy. The woman integrates her male parts by taming them, disciplining them and consciously directing them constructively (see for illustration: The escaped prisoner).

In concrete terms, this means that the male personality parts flood the woman from the shadows with negative male energy as long as they are not integrated. This brings aggressive, dominating and power-oriented behaviour.

Negative masculinity and the negative emotional drive

The negative emotional drive of the woman activates her negative masculine personality parts, i.e. aggression and power-oriented behaviour.

Perfectionism and negativity

The woman is more prone to the negative emotional drive because she is more inclined to perfectionism. She is at home in the realm of the spirit, because love and relationships are important to her. Her very own love (the inner "virgin"), which brings with it a faith that can move mountains, means that she always has the ideal in mind. That is why she is in danger of suffering from the fact that nothing in this world is perfect.

 Pain instinct of the woman

Perfectionism, suffering from imperfection and disappointed love can lead to emotional pain, which is all the stronger the more she has given without receiving. Moreover, if she has been physically traumatised, the negative inner man is powerful as a pain body and she is in the grip of her victim-ego. The negative drive in matter from anger and pain in its collective dimension is represented by the archetype of the "devil" (see The Negative Animus as Devil or Pain Body).

The evil fairy or witch

Negative macho masculinity and the curse

Pain and anger separate the woman from her very own power of love and confuse her thinking. They burn like fire and activate negative, impulsive masculinity in the woman. She quickly sees red, is immediately ready to strike, wants to fight and defend herself and dominate (mostly verbally). These impulses are faster than thinking (see The snake in the head - our old reptilian brain).

The negativity of the woman in the couple dynamic

If the woman confronts the man in the partnership dispute in this energy, then he locates her instinctively as "attacker" and "enemy". He feels threatened and instinctively goes on the defensive or counterattack. This can cause the situation to escalate. Therein may be The commandment of the subordination of the woman be rooted in religions and traditions. For if she becomes enraged, she is in danger of shattering everything that has ever meant anything to her. In turn, the man was obliged to stand in a binding responsibility from which he could not run away (see Negative Couple Dynamics).

So because pain and anger activate the negative masculinity of the woman:

The more negative experiences a woman has had with her body and with men, the more strongly she is attached to negativity and the more difficult it is for her to integrate her male parts.

Healing through love

The positive masculine parts of women are represented in fairy tales by the redeeming prince and in religious scriptures by redeemer figures such as Moses, the Messiah/Christ or Krishna.

Healing in the name of the loving Father

The Prince or Saviour comes as the good and obedient Son in the name of the King-Father to give himself completely to the feminine (woman, people and matter).
It is this unconditional, forgiving and healing love that reconnects the woman with her own love and power.

Love stronger than death - release from the sleep of death

Love liberates from the underworld, that is, from negative feelings, pain, powerlessness or anger. It causes resurrection into the eternal existence of the spirit and moves to surrender of the body and life out of love. Sometimes it takes a painful experience for a person to wake up at all and be ready to take the hero's path in the direction of healing.

Unconditional fatherly love

This healing love can be triggered from outside, by a man who loves unconditionally (like Christand the FATHER). But it is important for the woman that she awakens this love in herself and lets it arise.

The integration of the masculine parts: self-efficacy

Integration of weakness and containment

The woman who loves herself - in her powerlessness and weakness - can free herself from this by beginning to stand up for herself and her needs.
The kiss means: She speaks to herself of perfect, unconditional love!


Love gives a woman the strength to forgive those who have hurt her: First and foremost, herself. She has hurt herself and allowed herself to be hurt by repeatedly forcing herself, "raping" herself, to give beyond her limits what others demanded. This may have been because she was addicted to recognition and affirmation due to a lack of self-love.

Taming the Dragon: Controlling the Negative Emotional Drive

As the woman begins to forgive, her ego, namely her negative emotional drive, the pain drive ("mortido", death drive, cf. The drive) weakens. Reconciliation and healing now become possible. But the negativity will not disappear from one day to the next. Rather, it is necessary (as with the physical drive) to take control of the emotions (containment) and to tame the inner dragon.

[S. Martha and the Taming of the Dragon, Strong Emotions and the Unconscious (Shadow Activity) and Self-Efficacy - Living Positively.]

Self-efficacy: strategy and goal orientation

The woman develops her masculine side by beginning to live creativity, decisiveness and assertiveness. Strategy helps her not to always say what is on the tip of her tongue and thus reveal her inner self. In this way, she can protect her vulnerability and instead think about what serves her goal and how she can assert her wishes. The woman who has learned to love herself perceives and understands her emotions. However, she has them under control and has also learned to distance herself from undue demands.
In other words, she has activated her inner hero, Christ within her.

[In addition, the song "Hero" by Mariah Carey, Lyrics and translation.]

Holy Wedding

The woman has now integrated her inner hero and regained her pure love, the virgin. She has attained wholeness through the union of her feminine and masculine parts(The Holy Wedding). She can now reign in her life and enter into a new fullness.

Holy Wedding


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