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God male and female and wholeness, 3-in-1

God, male and female

By on 24 December 2020

God, male and female

God, wholeness, male and female

"God", one, unity and reconciliation

God is whole, wholeness; salvation, holy; one, oneness and thus also both male and female.

This is expressed in the Jewish tradition, in the Old Testament of the Bible, already in the first lines: 

And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. [2]

Wholeness, male and female in unity

Wholeness and unity is only possible through love. It is the highest good and thus identical with God. "God" in his wholeness is male and female. This corresponds to the fact that human beings are also male and female.

(Illustration on the right: The female and male triangle united and held together by the centre, love).

C.G. Jung wrote:

Unity and wholeness are on the highest level of the objective scale of values, for their symbols can no longer be distinguished from the imago dei [Latin for image of God].[1]

Man in the image of God

Male and Female - Body and Soul 

On the one hand, the human being is male and female as man and woman. On the other hand, these corresponding energies are interwoven into one in him. Thus his body as impulse-receiving matter is "female", but as life force it is "male". The soul, on the other hand, as the immaterial side of the personality, is "female", while consciousness, as an actively acting component, is "male".

Wholeness through union of male and female

The aim is for the human being to unite within himself the opposing forces masculine and feminine by integrating the unconscious ("feminine") into consciousness (s. The Holy Wedding - Wholeness).
This quotation (Logion 22 from the Gospel of Thomas):

Jesus said to them, "If you make the two into one, and if you make the internal like the external, and the external like the internal, and the superior like the inferior, and if you make the male and the female into one, so that the male is not male and the female is not female [...], then you will enter [the Kingdom]."

The human being is whole ("like God") when it integrates its inner child (son/daughter) and its opposite-sex parts (anima/animus) (cf. The Self | The Integration of the Animus; The Integration of the Anima).

Holistic 3-in-1, triple supported


All good things come in threes.

Basically, what is supported on three legs is stable and immovable. A chair on three legs is more stable than a chair on four legs.
The number three is considered a "divine" number and represents wholeness in various ways. It forms a triad, which can be represented figuratively by the triangle.

The Three for different aspects of human wholeness

The wholeness of the human being can be represented in several ways by the unity of three factors.

Three phases of life: Youth, adulthood, mature age

Normally, a person goes through three phases of life:

  1. Childhood and youth (son / daughter)
  2. Adulthood (mother / father)
  3. Mature age (grandmother / grandfather)

[see The Way of the Man / The Way of the Woman].

Three areas of life: Body / Soul / Spirit:

Man lives in three different levels in his earthly existence:

  1. Body (everything that is matter)
  2. Soul (the immaterial part of the personality with will, mind, feelings)
  3. Mind (consciousness with capacity for abstraction, reflection and self-instruction).

[S. The Human Being 3-in-1: BODY - SOUL - MIND]

Three levels of existence: the tree of life with roots (matter), trunk (life) and crown (spirit)

Human life takes place in three different areas, which correspond to the tree of life:

  1. Roots: "Mother", matter, body (drives, genes and imprints).
  2. Tribe: Life on earth in body and soul (between matter and spirit).
  3. Crown: "Father", spirit, consciousness (abstraction and reflection).

[p. The Tree of Life]

Three colours: White, Red, Black

The three colours white - red - black symbolise the three levels and also the three phases of life.

  1. White for the soul (love): Father / Virgin
  2. Red for the body (life): Mother / Son
  3. Black for the spirit: grandfather and grandmother in unity.

[S. The Three Colours Red - White - Black]

God, male and female, 3-in-1: White / Red / Black

Wholeness - male and female - as a trinity or three-unity corresponds in its characteristics to the phases of human life:

God - male, 3-in-1: father, son, old wise man (grandfather, spirit)

Male - initiating, spiritual power is represented by the three phases of the man's life, as Son (Christ, power in matter); Father (active, saving love); Great Father (Spirit, seed of the Word).

God - female, 3-in-1: virgin, mother, old wise woman (grandmother, strength)

Female - Reality birthing matter is represented by the three phases of woman's life as daughter, (virgin, love, potential); mother (Reality); Great Mother (life force in matter and destiny.

Male and female wholeness in juxtaposition, overview:

Wholeness, male and female, 3-in-1

The two aspects of wholeness in detail:

Masculine wholeness: father, son, spiritual creative power

Triad Wholeness, God Male

Masculine wholeness means loving, initiating and motivating masculinity. The father has integrated his inner child (son) and his opposite-sex parts (his inner daughter as the feminine side of the spirit, the anima as virgin). Thus he has love, wisdom and the creative word.

[S. Male Wholeness, and Creator Power: God - Father, Son].

Feminine Wholeness: Virgin, Mother, Life and Power in Matter

Triad Wholeness God/Goddess, female

Feminine wholeness is life and life force in matter (from Latin mater = mother). The Great Mother has integrated her inner child (daughter, virgin) and her opposite-sex parts (the inner son and the drive as the male side of the spirit, the positive animus as Christ). Thus she represents the force in matter, the forces of nature and destiny.

[S. Female Wholeness - the Goddess, White / Red / Black]

God Male and Female and the Four of the Family

"God" male and female includes the four of the family in its spiritual dimension.

  1. Father "in heaven": life in the spirit (love, wisdom)
  2. Mother "in the underworld": living reality and life in matter (force, destiny)
  3. Daughter: "virgin", anima, love as motivation (drive in the soul) and potential
  4. Son: "Christ", animus, drive in matter and in the body from the power of love.

[S. The Four of the Family and the Emergence of New Reality.]

The wholeness of the four, the "sacred" of the family can be represented in this way:

Quaternity God male and female
Triads God Male and Female

Wholeness - God Male and Female: The Twelve

3 x 4 = 12 - the four of the family 3-in-1, triple supported

Each of the four divine archetypes FATHER - MOTHER - DAUGHTER - SON is in turn whole in itself, i.e. threefold supported. Thus each is body, soul and spirit and thus in connection with the inner child and the opposite-sex personality parts (the inner woman / inner man as spiritual factors).

The wholeness of this "holy" family can be represented by "twelve golden plates" or by "twelve trees in a paradisiacal garden" (see illustration on the right).

[S. The Inner Family and the Twelve Trees in Paradise.]

Wholeness and unity in the third phase (black-gold)

The Great Father and the Great Mother - One in Love

The Great Father ("Grandfather") and the Great Mother ("Grandmother") are both whole, for they have both integrated their inner child and their opposite-sex personality parts on the path through the underworld (black). They are one in love, both in the realm of the body (sexuality, creativity and passion) and in the realm of the soul (love, warm-heartedness and wisdom). Unity and wholeness lead to eternal life in the spirit and are symbolised by gold.

[S. The Holy Spirit.]

The Holy Spirit - Unity of the Male and Female Spirit

In the Holy Spirit, the male and female sides of the spirit(animus and anima) are fused into unity in personal union:

  • The animus (as "spirit of fire and power", Christ) contains active, initiating masculine energy such as the igniting spark as creative impulse ("seed") and leadership qualities (instruction).
  • The Anima (as "spirit of water and life") symbolises passive, life-giving power and the miracle-working power of pure love(virgin), words, wisdom and heartfelt compassion.

[S. The Holy Wedding.]

Zak Yitro (Fire-Water or the Grail and the Chalice of Christ)


[1] C.G. Jung, Collected Works, Vol. 9/II, "Aion", p. 41, § 60

[2] Bible, Old Testament, 1st book of Moses, chapter 1,27(literal Elberfelder translation)


  1. Thank you for these insightful thoughts on the oneness of God in masculinity and femininity. It is time for the righteousness and justice of women. God Himself in His unity of the feminine/masculine will bring up justice and feminine wisdom anew for eyes to see. For God is on the side of truth.

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