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George's dream of the virgin - the vision of wholeness (7)

George's dream: the virgin

By on 14 January 2021

Knight George - the vision (7)

George's Dream of the Virgin and the Vision of Wholeness (7)

In George's dream, a beautiful virgin appears, inviting the youth and stranger to seek and find her.

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George's Dream of the Virgin in the Castle of the Rosy Clouds

The dream

They had worked all day, until sunset. Now they had all gone home.
But Georg, the youngest, was not at home here, but was a day labourer. He lay down, put some hay under his head and slept soundly.
When his tiredness wore off, he began to dream. There he saw a young woman in a white dress walking slowly towards him. Her eyes shone like stars and she had something pure and sublime about her, so that the youth did not know whether she was a human being or an angel.

First love

- Who are you?, asked George.
- I am the maiden of the castle of rosy clouds, she answered.
- Whoever wins you has joy and no worries, he said.
- Seek me, and thou shalt find me! If you want to find me, you have to overcome obstacles! the young woman replied, and she was gone.

The young man was now wide awake, jumped up and looked around eagerly. But he could no longer see her anywhere.

Archetypes and interpretations

Symbols and interpretations:

  • George's Dream - Message from the Unconscious
  • Virgo - symbol of the power of pure love, positive Anima.
  • Castle in the rosy clouds or Rose Castle - The rose is a symbol for the man: he gives his heart to his beloved with roses. And "No rose without thorns..."
  • Clouds, sky - spirit: Reference to a spiritual path, the path to "heaven", to wholeness.
  • Overcome: On the Heroes' Trail man overcomes his small self and finds access to the big, whole.

The virgin as the positive anima: pure, innocent love

As the positive inner woman of the man, Virgo stands for the gentle, miracle-working power of pure love. She is thus the optimal complement to the hero's strong masculinity. She touches his soul and has the ability to draw him into the realm of the spirit. In this way she gives him a "heavenly" vision of wholeness and eternity.

[S. The Anima. ]

The story told differently

My dream

I am Georg. Today I look back on my rich life, which I would like to tell you about here.

I have always been an idealist. Even when I was young, I had the dream of justice and a better world. Certainly, there is much that is bad, but there is also truth, the pure, the perfect.
At the bottom of my heart I have always believed in the power of true love and devotion, which is greater than human weakness. My desire has also always been to contribute to good if possible.

First love

Early on, I was also touched by a tender love. There was Camilla, a girl in my class. She was so fine and yet had a strong charisma. We shared a piece of the school path. Together we laughed a lot and also philosophised about God and the world. Camilla had an answer to all our questions. Most of the time she was cheerful, but sometimes she was thoughtful or even sad. She was something special and, in my eyes, the most beautiful thing I had ever met. I longed to be close to her, but I didn't dare pour my heart out to her.
And then, one day after the long summer holidays, she was no longer there. Moved away, emigrated to America, they said. I was desperate.

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