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Systemic solution-oriented counselling: Coaching offer

The mobile as an image for a system

By on 8 April 2021

The mobile as an image for a system

Systemic-solution-oriented Counselling

Parallel to the development of the homepage GOLDSPUR.CH, I also offer personal counselling. In doing so, I work according to systemic solution-oriented principles. Systemic solution-oriented counselling looks at the relevant system in order to find new and better ways of solving problems.

Introduction to the systemic solution-oriented approach:

The systemic approach

The individual as part of a system

Compared to the conventional therapeutic approach, which looks at the individual, the systemic approach sees the person as part of a system. Systems always strive for balance. This can mean that the problem of the individual contributes to the balance of the system and is therefore difficult to solve. It must then be considered in the larger context of the system.

Example of a problem as a component of a system:

When a family wife and mother is "ill" (for example, suffering from depression), the other family members make more of an effort. On the one hand, the husband is more loving and understanding with her. On the other hand, the children obey better and argue less loudly because they want mum to get well soon. Seen in this way, the problem in the system definitely has a stabilising function.

Systems: The family, the body, the workplace ...

We all live in systems. - More:

We are part of different systems. The family, for example, forms a system with orders and different levels of interaction. The human body, the couple relationship, the work environment, but also society and even the whole world can be described as systems.

The human being as a system in its own right - More:

The human being already combines different aspects in his personality: He is male and female, body and soul and thus spirit and matter. He attains wholeness and reconciliation when he has integrated his inner family: the inner father (love), the inner mother (truth), the inner child (the shadows) and the opposite-sex personality parts (the spirit).

The goal: back to balance and calm

Imbalance and problems - More:

A system can be in a kind of equilibrium without all parts being comfortable in it. This can be the case if the loads are distributed differently or someone accepts an unfavourable position to ensure harmony or to be part of the system at all.

If one or more parts of the system move, unrest can arise. The effect is similar to that of a mobile: if one of the parts is moved, the whole has to find its balance again.

The way to the goal is the solution-oriented approach:

"Problems are solutions": The solution-oriented approach

Focus on the solution

The solution-oriented approach focuses less on the problem and more on the solution or redemption. Problems are only of interest insofar as they show what can be done better in the future. By focusing on the solution or the goal, new possibilities or behavioural options open up.

Problems as solutions? More:

Here it is important to consider the idea mentioned above: Problems can be a possible solution in a system. If a problematic pattern comes to consciousness, a better solution to the problem can be worked on, in which all parts of the system come to rest through a better order.

Top down or bottom up: changing behaviour

Character traits may not be able to be changed, but behaviour can. - More:
  • Top down: Changed behaviour due to new knowledge.
  • Bottom up: New networking in the brain due to positive experiences through changed behaviour.

When behaviour changes, new experiences arise, which in turn lead to positive feedback to the brain. In this way, the often painful question of "why" can be avoided, which can always bring about a so-called "problem trance" and thus a persistence in the problem.
Looking at other behavioural options, on the other hand, opens up new possibilities.

The view of the goal leads into a new, wide space, into the new land to be taken.

Vine with shade

After this introduction, let's move on to the concrete counselling services:

Systemic solution-oriented counselling, coaching: Offers

Individual coaching

Life is an adventure! NOW is the time to enter this adventure and take control of your own life as a hero! What role do I want to have in the film of my life? What obstacles and enemies do I have to overcome? How do I find inner and outer reconciliation?
It is worthwhile to give your all for the highest goal in life.
We are never alone in this.

What impulses are waiting to take you beyond your limits?

Yin-Yang, wholeness in complementation

Couples counselling

The miracle of life comes from the unity of the ultimate opposites male and female, which is a miracle in itself. A stable connection of opposites is only possible because something of the other resides in each (the dots in the figure on the right). The inner man of the woman and the inner woman of the man can also cause a lot of mischief in the relationship. As long as they work from the shadows, they can, for example, tempt the partners to infidelity or drive them into a destructive dynamic of power.

Those who recognise their inner drivers can step out of the negative dynamic and instead give space to the connecting power of love.

What patterns and obstacles need to be overcome so that your couple relationship can develop into an unprecedented fullness?

Family counselling

The family is the core of our existence. It is within this circle that we are shaped, indeed "created" as human beings. A stable network and supporting relationships lay a positive foundation for the whole of life. The family is the place where one can come to rest and recharge and where one can receive inspiration and grow wings.

It is definitely worthwhile to tackle the challenges together and to grow from them! I would be happy to accompany you on your way.

The magic of the unconscious

Systemic solution-oriented counselling: Methods

Awareness - Patterns at the Light of Consciousness


The system to be looked at is made spatially and materially visible, for example by placing different wooden figures in a field.

Working with beliefs

What hidden beliefs influence my thinking and behaviour without me being aware of them?

Uncovering and working on behavioural patterns

"Whenever ...., then ... ": Repetitive situations and reactions are put under the microscope.

Resource map

Every person has resources that can be sources of positive energy.


What do I need to be able to be self-efficient, responsible and decisive in my life?

Bodywork and rituals

The wisdom of the body / Discovering and understanding body knowledge

The body speaks the language of reality without ifs and buts. It has a deep knowledge and information that proves to be helpful if it is perceived and taken seriously.

Individualised rituals for anchoring

Rituals bring soulful motives into the physically experienceable reality and thus connect spirit and matter. This unity forms the basis for the emergence of the new.

Focus on the goal, visualisations

"Wonder question"

What would be (different) if I saw my wildest dreams (already) realised?

"Love yourself, then the others can like you" (Eckhart von Hirschhausen)

Love is the beginning and the goal. Only those who understand and love themselves can also love others and bring reconciliation into the world.

I look forward to meeting you in person and sharing my treasures with you!

White - Red - Black for Wholeness

Proof Image source Mobile:

Wooden mobile Cosmos, available at Tausendkind

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  1. So what of thoughtful, thought and recognized wealth, as I find it on this "homepage", I have rarely encountered. To think, to think, to ask, to search, to know gives joy and satisfaction. From recognition to knowledge to faith to certainty - in awe and amazement.

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