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The inner family and the twelve trees in paradise

Gethsemane, Jerusalem for 12 Trees in Paradise

By on 20 May 2021

Gethsemane, Jerusalem for 12 trees

2000-year-old olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane

The inner family and the twelve trees in paradise

12 Aspects of Wholeness as a Garden of Paradise
12 gold plates

Twelve trees

Wholeness is represented in the traditions by twelve aspects, which can be traced back to the inner family. They represent the original unity of father - mother - daughter - son. Each of the four is in turn whole in itself, namely supported threefold. This harmony is a paradisiacal state of peace, which leads to fruitful relationships and a fulfilled life. It represents the security of each individual in the great whole and can thus be seen as the TWELVE TREES IN PARADISE.

Or twelve golden plates

The dimension of eternity is symbolised by gold in traditions. That is why the twelve aspects also appear as TWELVE GOLDEN PLATES (as in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty)..

If one looks more closely at the twelve factors, then insightful thoughts emerge on the question of what a fulfilled life means.

The inner family as an unconscious code of conduct

Practised behaviour patterns

The family plays an important role in the life of every human being, because in his young years he is strongly influenced by it. It decisively influences his relationship behaviour and lives on in him as an inner family even in adulthood.

Continuing unconscious patterns

As long as the human being lives unconsciously, he behaves in the way he has been conditioned. This means that he continues those imprints and behaviour patterns that he has learned. But the problem is: where he has not yet found reconciliation, he likes to repress his own weaknesses and sees all evil outside himself. Thus he may rebel against circumstances (fate, "mother") and rebel against higher orders ("father").

Re-enactments of one's own family drama

Those who persist in negativity and in old patterns of behaviour are also in danger of staging and reliving their own family drama over and over again. For example, he gives his superior the role of his unjust father, his co-worker that of his little sister and his spouse the role of mother. In this way, childhood experiences come to life again and again and confirm a rigid, ingrained world view.

The good father, the good mother and life as a celebration

To counterbalance this, the traditions with their images and stories convey that man (also) comes from a different family. Spiritually, he comes from the "royal house" of a loving father whose goal it is that his children also learn to act as good kings in their lives. In doing so, life itself, as the "true mother", gives each person what they need to achieve this high goal.

With this perspective, life becomes an adventure and a celebration.

12 = 4 x 3: The inner family in harmony

Man achieves wholeness and becomes "equal to God" by being reconciled with his inner family in all 3 phases and areas of his life. 

3: Integrity through 3-fold support

What is triple-supported is stable

Three is the "divine number". What is supported threefold stands firm like a chair on three legs. In order for the inner family to live in harmony, each of the four ARCHETYPES must be whole in itself, and thus supported threefold.

Three areas of life in three phases of life

The number three plays an important role in the life of every human being. Thus, a whole life contains three phases: Youth, adulthood and mature age. Likewise, in the course of a person's life, he or she moves in the three areas: Body, soul and spirit.

The human being 3-in-1
  1. BODY: Genes, predispositions, inherited behaviour patterns, mother - child (food, closeness).
  2. SOUL: Will, mind and feelings as immaterial expression of the personality.
  3. SPIRIT: Love, reconciliation and unity, in short wholeness, are the fruits of mature age and wisdom that carry over into eternal life.

4: The inner family: father, mother, child (-me), brother/sister

The integration of the inner family

Four factors correspond to the four members of the inner family. These four archetypes are responsible for the continuity of humanity: father, mother, daughter and son.
Man is whole, united and reconciled within himself when he has integrated his inner family.Its members stand for different life energies:

  1. MOTHER: Life in matter, in the body, genes and imprints.
  2. FATHER: Life in spirit, in love (see Father and Mother, Spirit and Matter), encouragement and creativity.
  3. The CHILD as son/daughterIt needs security, comfort and protection. By taking care of it, the person integrates aspects of the shadow (such as the fear of being alone or falling short).
  4. SISTER/BROTHER: The opposite-sex personality parts, the feminine and masculine sides of the mind(anima and animus) bring magic into life and shape relationships with the opposite sex. They too need to be integrated so that they are available with their positive qualities.

The inner family and its 3-fold wholeness

Thus each of the four ARCHETYPES, FATHER, MOTHER, DAUGHTER and SON, is whole in itself because triple supported:

1) The Father, 3-in-1

  1. The FATHER is whole, holy or "sacred" in his threefold appearance, which corresponds to the fulfilled life as Son, Father and wise man (Spirit).
  2. So he has integrated with his inner child ("SOHN", CHRIST) integrated weakness (crucifixion).
  3. With his inner TOCHTER he has integrated the feminine side of the spirit (love, VIRGIN).

[S. Male Wholeness, God, Father - Son - Spirit.]

2) The mother, 3-in-1

  1. The MOTHER is whole, holy or "sacred" in her threefold appearance, which corresponds to the fulfilled life as daughter, mother and mature woman with power (spirit).
  2. She has integrated with her inner child ("DAUGHTER") integrated her weakness and regained her pure love(VIRGIN) (on the way through the underworld).
  3. With her inner SOHN she has integrated the masculine side of the spirit (power).

[S. Female Wholeness - the Goddess, White / Red / Black].

3) The daughter, 3-in-1

  1. The TOCHTER begins in the realm of the Soul and the spirit.
  2. She first experiences wholeness in her relationship to the MANwho brings her into contact with her Body in contact with her body. She takes this through sexuality and gives physical life by giving birth to a CHILD.
  3. In doing so, the inner image of masculinity helps her to get in touch with her partner (the Spirit, ANIMUS as her inner man).

[S. The feminine way / the way of the woman.]

4) The Son, 3-in-1

  1. The SOHN begins in the realm of Bodys and matter.
  2. He first experiences wholeness through his relationship to the WOMAN. She brings him in touch with his Soul in touch. He gains it by giving himself out of love for a greater cause such as the family.
  3. In this, his inner woman as a spiritual image of femininity helps him to be in contact with his partner. (Spirit, ANIMA).

      [S. The masculine way / the way of the man.]

      Gold Plate for the Wholeness of the Twelve

      12: Wholeness through the inner family in unity

      The inner family in peace and respect

      The human being as a unity of body and soul and spirit (his capacity for self-reflection) experiences healing and wholeness in all three phases of life by living love and reconciliation.

      The intact inner family in the life of the human being means concretely:

      1. the personality of integrity (ego personality)

      A person of integrity is at peace with his being because he has integrated his shadows. He has a good relationship to his own role as a child, as a mother/father and as a partner.
      In other words, he is positive in life and has good access to the body (male) and the soul (female). He also has urges and emotions under control and does not burden the other person with them. Rather, he takes responsibility for himself as well as for others.

      2. the inner child

      With his inner child he has integrated fears, faults and weaknesses. This means that he is able to perceive himself lovingly, to forgive, to comfort and to give courage. In doing so, he also respects higher orders ("Father") and the reality of life ("Mother"). (S. Father and Mother, Spirit and Matter).

      3. the opposite-sex personality parts (anima and animus)

      The inner man of the woman (Animus):

      A woman's inner man decisively influences the way she makes contact with men. Her body plays an important role in this. It is important that she has a good relationship with it. On her way through the underworld, she reconciles herself with her weakness and gains mastery over her emotions. In this way she integrates her spiritual power in matter, the masculine side of the spirit(CHRIST).

      The inner woman of the man (Anima)

      The man's inner woman also exerts a great influence on his way of contacting women. His soul plays an important role in this. If he has not (yet) won this, then he can only make contact through the body. Through the experience of weakness he integrates the feminine side of the spirit: love and warm-heartedness(VIRGIN).

      4. father/mother, spirit and matter

      The personality of integrity has integrated its unconscious (body, matter, MOTHER, queen) into its loving consciousness (FATHER, king, faith) and thus united both sides, male and female, in itself. Thus she stands self-effectively and fully empowered in life.

      [S. The Conscious and the Unconscious, Father and Mother, Spirit and Matter and The Holy Wedding].

      12 - Wholeness in three fulfilled phases of life

      In summary, to be in a good relationship with the inner family and also with the larger human family is to live responsibly and mindfully at every stage.

      1. Childhood and youth (BODY): In this phase it is necessary to trust the instructions of the elders and to serve and help them with one's own youthful strength.
      2. Adulthood / Parenthood (SOUL): Through devotion and unconditional love, the person grows into self-efficacy and responsibility.
      3. Mature age (SPIRIT): Man finds reconciliation with himself and his existence by integrating the shadows on the way through the underworld. After overcoming the crisis(trial by fire), fullness and wholeness await (see From Ego to Self).

      The wholeness of the Twelve also includes the power to create new reality and thus to exercise "God-like" kingship in life.

      [S. The Four of the Family and the Emergence of New Reality.]

      The graphical representation of the 12

      The following is an explanation of the graphic representation of the wholeness of the Twelve as an inner family.

      12 gold plates

      Four triangles for the inner family

      Four triangles for four triads (3-in-1)

      Since each of the four archetypes is supported threefold, it forms a triad within itself and can thus be represented as a triangle.

      1. FATHER with son (child, body) and daughter(anima, spirit, love) 
      2. MOTHER with daughter (child, soul) and son,(animus, spirit: power) 
      3. TOCHTER with partner (body) and inner man(animus, spirit). 
      4. SOHN with partner (soul) and inner woman (anima, spirit)

      The result is therefore:

      • two male triangles with the tip pointing upwards (for FATHER and SON) and
      • two female triangles with the point facing downwards (for mother and daughter).

      The place of the triangles in the representation

      The human being as a tree of life in paradisiacal wholeness - for graphic arrangement:
      Scheme of the representations of this homepage: Meaning top - bottom - right - left
      • Above: Spirit. On top is the place of the spirit (heaven, FATHER).
      • Below: Matter. At the bottom" the place of matter (earth, MOTHER).
      • On the right: male-active. On the right side, male-active characteristics are shown.
      • On the left: female-passive. Female-passive characteristics are shown on the left.


      This order is the same for all images. The viewer is mirrored (i.e. the image corresponds to the direction of the viewer's gaze, unless another direction of gaze is recognisable, for example through a face as the opposite).

      This order results from this:

      The human being and his inner family
      1. Above: the "Father in heaven", Spirit.He has taken the realm of the spirit with love, "the Great Above", represented by the uppermost triangle.
      2. Middle: Man on earth, unity of body and soul: As son and daughter with body and soul, man lives between heaven and earth, spirit and matter. This is represented by the two intertwined triangles in the middle.
      3. Below: the "Mother in the Underworld", matter: She has taken life and power in matter, mythologically speaking "the Great Below", represented by the lowest triangle.

      Twelve golden "plates" for wholeness

      The corners of the four triangles result in the twelve aspects of wholeness and thus stand in this arrangement:

      The Wholeness of the Twelve and the Inner Family
      Wholeness of the Twelve

      The Wholeness of the Twelve and the Thirteen

      12 Aspects of Wholeness as a Garden of Paradise

      Twelve trees in paradise and the curse

      The place in the middle: love or power?

      Unity exists as long as love in the middle holds the opposing energies together. However, if instead of love, the ego takes the place in the middle, then unity disintegrates.

      [S. The Twelve and the Thirteen at a Glance.]

      The Curse: The 13, the Ego or the Evil Fairy

      The curse is that the wholeness of the twelve is corrupted by a 13th aspect. For the ego, which occupies the place in the centre, seduces the feminine and masculine spirits (anima and animus) into power. It is the serpent in the paradise of guileless man (see The Fall of Man account).

      [S. The Two Trees in Paradise and the Forbidden Fruit.]

      10 Sephiroth

      From 13 to 10: The New Wholeness of the Redeemed Creation

      The Judeo-Christian doctrine of salvation describes how the three corrupt factors are removed from the system and what the new wholeness looks like. Thereby also the way from the "fallen creation" to the "redeemed creation" corresponds to the hero's way. It leads to the new tree of life with the ten Sephiroth ("digits"). 
      [S. From 13 to 10, to the tree of life]

      We continue with:

      The Four of the Family and the Emergence of New Reality
      The two trees in paradise
      The tree of life with the ten Sephiroth

      From 13 to 10, the way back to the tree of life

      Back to:

      The Twelve and the Thirteen at a Glance
      God, wholeness, 3-in-1, male and female

      Lore on the subject:

      The Fall of Man Report
      Sleeping Beauty

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      Ebay Classifieds, Place Plate


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