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The great original sin as a collective problem and curse

From Darkness to Light (Akko, IL)

By on 30 September 2021

From Darkness to Light (Akko, IL)

What is original sin?

Original sin refers to a human state of imperfection or "lostness" into which man is born without having contributed anything.

[As a basis s. The Expulsion from Paradise in Traditions.]

Original sin as the earthly reality of separation

Inherited sin

The term "original sin" gives the indication that it is an inherited sin. Therefore, first to the question:

What is sin?

Sin: Separation and negativity


Sin denotes a state of separation. Man finds himself separated from a greater whole, separated from his next, and he even finds separations and divisions within himself.

Negativity in thoughts, words and deeds ("sins")

A more modern word for "sin" is the word negativity. This includes negative emotions such as fear, lack and feeling of deficiency, pain, anger or indignation. Negative feelings are then followed by negative thoughts and actions, called "sins", which lead to divisions among people and also within them.

Lack of love, lack and mistrust as the origin

The origin of the negativity that leads to "sins" is a feeling of lack. From this grows the desire to take what is lacking.

The Serpent in Paradise

Thus the serpent in paradise seduced man by suggesting a lack. It sowed confusion ("Did God really say ...?) and mistrust ("God wants to withhold something from you", namely knowledge ...) and suggested a deficiency: "Then you will be like God!". In doing so, it claimed that man was not like God. This was a lie, because man was created in the image of God.

[S. The Fall of Man Report.]

The destiny of man: Dominion over the instincts

Man is destined to be equal to God and to enter into the Father's inheritance. This means that he learns to use his consciousness (spirit) to stand creatively and self-efficiently in life.

But unfortunately, instead, he is all too often driven by lack and mistrust and thus in the grip of his Shoots and his negative identity of separation, his Egos.

What is the heritage of man?

Divine kingship

The Kingdom and Reign of God in Life

Man is destined to be a good king in his life with his loving consciousness, like God. king in his life. reign in his life. When he enters into this "reign of God", he recognises God as his true, good, generous and loving Father.

Reject the inheritance?

Inheritance is one of those things: there are things that are valued more than others. That is why most human legal systems allow people to reject an inheritance, i.e. to refuse it. Man, too, can reject, that is, refuse, the good that is destined for him. Then he acts full of mistrust and does not trust himself to be what he really is, namely much greater than his little ego. The ego and the self).

Squander the inheritance?

However, most people gladly accept the resources they have received, but prefer to use them as they see fit.

The image Jesus used for this is the story of the prodigal son:

A son demanded that his father pay him his inheritance early, went out into the world and squandered everything he had received. When he finally ended up as a shepherd with the pigs, he also had to suffer from hunger.
Then he remembered his father and decided to return to him in repentance. For he said to himself: "With my father, even the servants have a better life".
Contrary to expectations, his father welcomed him with open arms and organised a great feast in his honour. And that was not all: he even gave him his signet ring and rejoiced: "My son has come home today!"

The "original sin": separation from the inheritance of the good King-Father

Original sin means that man is born into this state of separation and negativity and has to struggle with it, just as men have done before him.
For example, David, the great king of Israel, wrote in Psalm 51:5:

Behold, in trespasses I was born, and in sins my mother conceived me.

Statements such as these have unfortunately been misinterpreted time and again and, as church teachings, have then also contributed to the demonisation of sexuality and women.
Nevertheless, one cannot avoid asking these questions in connection with original sin:

  1. What does the conception of the mother have to do with original sin? Or: (When) Is sexuality sin?
  2. How is it that this state of separation and lack is "inherited" from generation to generation?

This is what follows.

Original sin as a collective human problem

1. original sin and sexuality

Sex and power instead of love

In the intoxication of erotic attraction, things are quickly "eaten" before they are really ripe. This is especially true for relationships and sexuality. If relationships are also characterised by power instead of love, they are at great risk. Because power is an ego thing and does not seek the good of the neighbour, but only its own advantage.

Abuse: The consumed love

This is particularly bitter for the side that wants to live love.
In this context, it should be said that a woman who makes love to a man gives herself completely to him. She gives him everything she has and is: her body, her soul (her centre, her abdomen) and her spirit (her love). If he then "consumes" her and subsequently "throws her away", this is tantamount to killing her (see The Woman, 3-in-1).

Protection of love!

Therefore, it is the woman's task to check the intention of the other person and not to give herself away too cheaply. In other words, it is the woman's task to stop at the great original sin.

For a woman has power over a man through her magic. Here she does well to hold back and not thoughtlessly indulge in the intoxication of the senses until she is quite sure that she will not lose herself in the process.

Where norms used to try to protect young people, today there has to be awareness. It is about recognising that love is a precious commodity that must not be thrown away and replaced by consumption or intoxication.
It must be preserved.

[S. The Two Trees in Paradise and the Forbidden Fruit.]

True love: surrender out of abundance

For true love is fullness and gives itself freely. It moves the woman to give her body to the man. And it moves the man to entrust his heart, his soul, to the woman. In this way, no one in the relationship has to put pressure on the other and exert power.

Shadow theatre, language of images

2 Original sin - from generation to generation

Negative couple dynamics and abuse

The lack of love, however, is unfortunately often passed on to the next generation for this reason: if the parents are stuck in a negative power couple dynamic, the temptation is great for them to take from the children what they are not getting from their partner. So the mother can draw masculine energy from the son and occupy his heart, while the father exchanges soul secrets with his daughter and "nibbles" a bit on her feminine essence. In this way, the children also fall into lack too early, in that they do not get love but have to give it.

[S. Abuse - The Stolen Life.]

The reality of power and oppression as taboo

The oppression and exploitation of people and especially of women was a social taboo for a long time, which was not spoken about. Whoever had the power could take what they wanted. In this way, injustice continues to have an effect for generations and remains like a great curse on humanity as the so-called original sin.

[S. Dark Secrets as a Curse.]

The legitimisation of obvious injustice

In addition, the spirit of power became socially legitimised and increasingly celebrated in the world. This first began with the Babylonian Gilgamesh epic, through which the older traditions were reinterpreted. The epic degenerated into a glorification of violence and oppression, with the tyrant devaluing even the goddess of love as a whore and ruthlessly advancing into heaven.

Abuse as a normal state in the world

These developments led to the fact that it is simply "normal" in this world that the stronger takes life force from the weaker, and also that no one wants to be seen as a weakling. This fact seduces to power (because those who love have and show weakness).
Women also learn early, already in their tender youthfulness, to stage their intoxicating charisma and thus live their feminine power.

[The Poisoned Apple - Abuse as a Collective Reality.]

Negative body programmes: Genes and imprints

Inherited negativity is anchored in the human body through genes, early childhood imprints and adopted behavior patterns. However, these can be overcome in life through human consciousness. By recognizing his problematic tendencies and reaction patterns and consciously tackling them, man can free himself from their power. In this way, he takes instead the freedom of the mind and attains self-efficacy or, in other words, kingship in his own life.

[S. Self-efficacy - directing life positively.]

The message of the traditions and original sin

Get out here and now!

With their tales of kings and gods, the traditions want to point out to people their possibilities for shaping their lives. Their aim is that man awakens to consciousness and rises from his lethargy to live his given life to the full.

Only dead fish swim with the current

It is always a challenge to swim against the tide, but:

"Only dead fish swim with the current." (Berthold Brecht).

However, people are usually only prepared to change the direction they have taken and turn back when the pressure of suffering is too great. On the other hand, as long as he still profits from power, it will be very difficult for him.

Redemption and the path to freedom, to the "Promised Land

Thus the theme of power and abuse has been present in the traditions since the very beginning, as has redemption from it and the path to freedom. For the goal of the great legacies of the wisdom of this world is to steer life and the coexistence of people in a positive direction.

[S. Abuse and Redemption in Human Traditions.]

Kingship and Reign of God

So, when they talk about gods or kings, this is on the one hand an appeal to the higher consciousness of the individual, on the other hand the messages always have the collective aspect of the whole mankind in mind.

Overcoming on the Hero's Path

Thus the traditions all describe in some form or other the hero's path, in which it is a matter of finding one's self, one's true, divine core. By living love instead of power in all areas of life, man returns to unity and wholeness, which carry him over into eternal life.

However, those who perceive divine rule with their loving consciousness will already experience self-efficacy in this world, in other words kingship in life.

And finally, this exhortation once again:

It is the woman's task to stop at the great original sin.

For she has all the power in her youthful beauty. It is her responsibility not to give herself too cheaply, lest she go into the red. Rather, she does well to preserve her pure and intact love for the one who proves worthy of it.

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