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Evolution No 13 by Hilma af Klint: negative couple dynamics

Negative Couple Dynamics 2 (Hilma af Klint, Evolution No. 13)

By on 18 November 2021

Negative Couple Dynamics 2 (Hilma af Klint, Evolution No. 13)

Evolution No 13 by Hilma af Klint: negative couple dynamics

Hilma af Klint's painting, Evolution No 13 (1908), depicts the negative couple dynamic as a result of the curse and as the work of the serpent.

The Work of the Serpent in Evolution No 12 and 13

Gender roles reversed in Evolution No 12

In Evolution No 12, Hilma af Klint depicts the installation of the negative dynamic through the reversal of the roles of man and woman. While he behaves strategically-passively and strictly ("female"), she is driven into activity ("male") by insecurity and must court his favour.

Negative couple dynamics in Evolution No 13

In Evolution No 13, the full-blown negative dynamic is presented in its entirety. This includes that the man dominates through mental-spiritual domination (lion), while the woman turns to the unconscious (black water) to draw energy and power from it.

The Curse 1 (Hilma af Klint, Evolution No. 12)

Evolution No 12 

Negative Couple Dynamics 2 (Hilma af Klint, Evolution No. 13)

Evolution No 13

Image description and interpretation of Evolution No 13 

The colors in Evolution No 13 and their meaning

The symbolic meaning of the colors helps to interpret the painting (see The Four Elements, Meaning and Mystery).

  • White and black for spirit and matter (and the unconscious)
  • Blue for the female soul(WATER, passive, purifying and life-giving).
  • Red for the male body (FIRE, active)
  • Yellow for the male soul
  • (Brown-green for the female body. This color does not appear in the picture, because the female body has been consumed and thus "died").
  • Gold (ocher) for dominion in matter 

A mixture of the colors red and blue with white results in these central colors in the picture:

  • Light blue (from blue and white): The female spirit, the inner woman of the man, negative anima as a snake or whore.
  • Pink (from red and white): The masculine spirit, the inner man of the woman, negative animus as pain body.

The symbols in Evolution No 13

Black: the snake and the unconscious

The snake: reality in a stranglehold 

The snake as a symbol for the ego and the identity of the power entwines the whole reality (symbolized by the circle in the center) and holds it in the stranglehold. Baring its poisonous fangs, it looks from the side of the man (lion) to the woman. From her maw, half open to the woman, the two colors of the soul (female blue and male yellow) shine.

The black bar at the bottom: the life in the unconsciousness 

The reptile is enthroned above the unconscious and has emerged from it: It has emerged through the black bar, "water", just as all life has emerged from the unconscious (matter). This means that in earthly reality, life is hidden in matter or, in other words. "buried" (and thus lies outside the consciousness of man).

The secret of life in the womb of the woman (light blue on black)

This mystery of life is represented by the light blue-white round structure with wings, which resembles a uterus with fallopian tubes, next to it the curved shape like ovaries for male or female offspring (red - blue; where the red, active color is on the side of the woman, the blue, passive on the side of the man, sign of negative couple dynamics).

Evolution No 13 - the animal

The lion: (passive-concealed) dominance of the man

Subtle oppression of women

On a golden background for "divine" dominion", Evolution No 13 has an animal painted that resembles a lion with a human face. It dominates by its physical strength, but passively and strategically concealed, indicated by the light blue spiral. Feminine-passive in the sense that it is refined spiritual domination (claiming "divine" legitimacy), instigated by the negative anima of the man as SNAKE.

Specifically, devaluation of the woman and blaming (scapegoat mechanism).

Specifically, subtle male dominance takes place in this way:

1. the woman is thrown off balance by subtle unkindnesses, by being called and treated as a WHORE and by being infuriated by deliberate devaluation.

2. driven into negativity (from pain, rage), she puts herself in the wrong (becomes abusive), whereupon the man can comfortably put the blame on her for the disaster (in the relationship and (in the world!). (S. The great feminine in the underworld and The negative couple dynamics FIRE.)

It boils down to the fact that the man without soul (TIER) literally lives at the expense of the woman, by seizing with her body also her life (her soul) and also her love (see The woman 3-in-1, body/soul/spirit). This is black magic (s. Aladdin and the magic lamp).

The woman on the shady side

Evolution No 13 - the woman on the dark side

The woman on light blue in Evolution No 13 draws with a vessel from the black water ("water of death", also symbol of the unconscious).

Life in and from the unconscious ("non-life", death)

Because the consequence of the oppression of the woman is that she is left only with the "shadow side" of the relationship and existence. This is equivalent to a "non-life" and means a life of negativity, in which anger, pain and suffering (negative emotions) become the only source of energy. Thus, the woman/feminine draws in negativity from the unconscious. For she herself is, after all, banished to the underworld, the realm of shadows and death. (This is already a theme in the first traditions, see The Great Feminine, Life Itself, in the Underworld).

From powerlessness to strength and power from the unconscious (magic)

If the raped princess was once powerless and will-less (like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, see on Evolution No 12 by Hilma af Klint), she wakes up at some point and does not want to put up with it anymore. As "evil queen" or "evil stepmother" she now seeks in a next step for her part power (on light blue ground for the anima) and dominion (the golden spiral).
This means in the language of myths and fairy tales that she becomes the "13th fairy"(Maleficent), the ruler of the underworld or the "queen of the night". Because now she is (due to her experiences) for her part able to manipulate people specifically via their unconscious imprints and needs (this is her "magic").

Negative Couple Dynamics 2 (Hilma af Klint, Evolution No. 13)

The circle in the center: Spiritual domination through power

The Seven (4 elements, 3 spiritual aspects)

Pink light blue for Animus and Anima

The circle in the center symbolizes the wholeness in the relationship as a unity of male and female and with the four elements also the earthly existence. Thereby the elements are arranged in harmony as in fig. right. But Evolution No 13 represents the structure of power, which destroys the harmony, accordingly the elements find no space, rather the inside is occupied by the two spirits Anima (light blue) and Animus (pink) in their negative form.

Thus, the pain body of the woman (animus, pink) with negativity, which is in the stranglehold of cunning (the SNAKE) and desire (for the WHORE), which belong to the negative negative anima of the man (light blue), rules in the innermost.

The small shapes in the inner circle and their colours

The head of the snake and the red heart

The poisonous head of the snake hangs over half a heart in red (fire) and is responsible for love being in the blood-red color of fiery suffering (see. The negative animus as devil or body of pain).

Light blue-yellow in heart: soul-spiritual power of man over anima

The colors light blue and yellow in the two ovals under the heart indicate that the man's soul (instead of loving the woman) is united with the anima (light blue), that is, he is attached to to his inner ideal image of the woman as a WHORE.

Dark blue bottom left: the female soul in unconsciousness

Dark blue for the female soul is shown at the bottom in the area of the body (bottom center left): She is close to the unconscious).

Orange-red-black bottom right: the male shoot and the animus

The color orange is created from the synthesis of yellow (male soul) and red (male body). It is on the male soul (right, also at the bottom of the circle), in the area of the body. Next to it painted two "eggs", red and black for the Animus and the unconscious. In it can be seen a suggestion of the assertion of the bodily instinct with the help of the negative animus (by means of suppression).

Right side: semicircle in blue-gold for male dominion

The semicircle on the male right side symbolizes passive-subtle (blue) domination (gold) of the man.

Left side: Black square for unconsciousness and non-life

On the female side there is a black square, which represents that the whole existence of the woman is reduced to physicality, matter and unconsciousness. 

The consequence: a vicious circle

The double negative dynamics of escalating violence

Death of the relationship

With this distribution of roles of man and woman, the conditions are now given for an escalating vicious circle of violence, from which the relationship will break if the power is not overcome in the power of love.

The double negative dynamics FIRE - 10 plagues of bondage

It is the double negative dynamic FIRE, driven by Anima and Animus (which is also symbolized by the 10 plagues of Egypt). Hilma af Klint painted it in the next painting of the series:

Evolution No 14

Hilma af Klint - Evolution No 14

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