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The Holy Grail is my guarded secret ... (free text)

The Grail - a chalice as a symbol for the female womb

By on 13 April 2022

The Grail - a chalice as a symbol for the female womb

The Grail is my well-kept secret

The Grail and the Chalice of Christ

The following text is a free narrative which associates the womb of the great feminine as the grail with the chalice of Christ's passion.

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I am the guardian of the Grail.

At this point I share my secret with anyone who may hear it.
Mine is the land. Mine is also fertility.

But my beloved hems and haws. 

The time is ripe, long overripe. The land lies fallow, the earth is torn, the watercourses have dried up. Everything thirsts for redemption.

Parzival, the seeker, my king cannot find his way to me.
He is confused ... desperately wants to belong to the knights ... 

But what kind of guys are they? They hunt through the ages, beating and murdering. 

Robber baron

Under the pretext of advancing Christianity and morality, they kill anyone who does not submit to them. They invade the country, raze it to the ground and impose their harsh laws on the population. The people have to bleed and pay high taxes. They also rape women and destroy virgins through the "ius primae noctis", which is supposed to give the oppressive ruler the right to rape any newly married virgin. They cannot do anything worse to a woman. You destroy her body, her sacred abdomen (her soul) and her love (her spirit).

I am the guardian of the Grail. The Grail, the woman's womb, is sacred. Whoever destroys it will receive the bill sooner or later, in the name of the great Mother, mistress of life and death and deity of destiny.

The earth burns

The land lies fallow.
Foreign hordes sweep over it and burn the consecrated land,
blinded by greed.

They have understood nothing, they have not understood the Grail. It is the secret of life. 

The Holy Grail: Abundance to Abundance

Everything came into being from this vessel.
It is the womb of the great Mother, the Mother of Life, in it is life, yes, life in abundance.

The Grail is sacred because in it are wholeness, healing and eternal life.

This is the long-hidden secret: the female womb is sacred, because through the union of male and female, new life arises in it, which grows to fullness to abundance. 

Christ and the Anti-Christ

Men who rape women invade without the anointing being there - the anointing of the Goddess! They invade and rob the house, they steal and murder. 

But Christ understood the mystery of life. 

He did not come to rob, but to lay down his life. For he is the obedient Son of the Father and the beloved Son of the Mother. He has consecrated his life to her by immersion in water, at baptism. And she confirmed him by sending down her bird, the dove, to him.

The Anointed One

Christ is the true Anointed One! He gave himself to life, he drank from her cup. Thus he united himself in suffering with her and also with the suffering of all creation, which is in the underworld and in unconsciousness.

Everyone who lives devotion acts in his spirit, in harmony with the loving Father. 

Blood for life

Who can understand why HE had to pay with his blood? - Only those who have eyes for suffering. In dying he identified himself with the suffering creation and the people whose love died because of murder, manslaughter and rape, and shed his blood for exploitation and abuse. Blood for blood, life for life[3].

The seed of love

Thus, dying of power, he entered into the darkness of the world, into the hidden place, and sowed therein the seed of the Word of the Father's love. And so unity and wholeness were restored and all separation was abolished.
Now he is the bridge that connects everything: Light and dark, spirit and matter, conscious and unconscious, male and female.

The masculine is the word of faith. The feminine receives this as seed and gives it living form and growth.

Every human being has both:
People can sow life-giving seeds through words of love and encouragement. They can also receive and grow the seed of the Word within themselves and bear fruit from it - with their bodies, with words and deeds of love.

Wholeness - male and female

Wholeness is both: masculine and feminine! Only therein lies fullness. If one part is missing, the whole land lies fallow. If one part is missing, the world goes to hell. Hell, that is life in negativity, in unconsciousness, in illness and death.

Powerlessness as a path

The way to life is through powerlessness and surrender. Those in power have not understood this. They cannot bear powerlessness. That is why they had to kill Christ in his powerlessness, and that is why they have to murder love again and again, because they felt threatened by it and fear its overpowering strength.

It took Parzival, the seeker, a long time. He was under the spell of power for a long time. It took him a long time to learn love and mercy, long years of wanderings and humiliations.
But he is coming. He comes with his love and his compassion. He comes to take his land and make it blossom again.

I am the guardian of the Grail. I am the life. Behold, my King is coming.
The Grail - the Water of Life - or the Blood of Christ ...
She has become one.

They are one.




Hilma af Klint (1908), Evolution No. 3 for the Grail

Notes and evidence

The woman's womb as a vessel or grail

The woman's womb or the woman as a whole was called a "vessel" in ancient times, e.g. in the New Testament of the Bible, 1st Letter of Peter, chapter 3, verse 7

The dove - the bird of the goddess of love

At Jesus' baptism, a dove descended on him (Bible, New Testament, Gospel according to Luke, chapter 3,22; Elberfelder translation). The dove has been considered the bird of the goddess of love for thousands of years. (S. Keel, Othmar (2010). God feminine. A hidden side of the biblical God; 2nd, slightly modified edition. Munich: Gütersloher Verlagshaus, p. 110 ff.)
The dove is also a symbol for the spirit and thus for the third aspect of the male God, who has integrated his female side, love.

The suffering of Jesus as a chalice:

  • In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus prays:
    "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me! Yet not as I will, but as you will." (Bible, New Testament, Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 26,39; Elberfelder translation).
  • And he says to his disciples:
    "You do not know what you are asking. Can you drink the cup that I will drink? (Bible, New Testament, Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 20,22; Elberfelder Übersetzung).
  • "Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you." (Bible, New Testament, Gospel according to Luke, chapter 22,20; Elberfelder translation).

    The meaning of the Grail

    Thoughts by Göttner-Abendroth, 233 ff

    Like the cornucopia [Greek mythology] or the inexhaustible cauldron [which gives inspiration, Germanic mythology], the abundance of nourishment that makes the earth grow springs forth from the Grail. Thus it is a symbol of the motherly womb of the earth, which nourishes all her children [... and figuratively also] of the spiritual light and wisdom of the goddess. [...The presentation of the chalice] is the initiation act for the new king and the immediate invitation to the holy wedding. [...] The Grail is symbolic of the Goddess herself [...with her womb] from which all beings return to life through rebirth.

    (Göttner-Abendroth, Heide (2011). The Goddess and Her Heros. The Matriarchal Religions in Myths, Fairy Tales, Poetry. Stuttgart: W. Kohlhammer, p 235 f.)


    1. The Holy Grail is in the Galamus Antonios, the Rennes le Chateau puzzle says it, the Da Vinci's code confirms it....

      1. Dear Sandra
        Thank you for this comment. Truth always manifests on three levels, the earthly-physical (this includes your comment), the soul (immaterial, in the realm of relationships and life issues) and the spiritual-divine (of consciousness and creative impulses). However, one does not exclude the other. The Grail as an image for the woman's womb, which as a "vessel" contains life-giving and miracle-working power, concerns the soul-spiritual level.

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