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The Morning Star and my journey through space and time

Jamalis Anna for Mary Magdalene, the woman as heroine

By on 21 November 2022

Radiant Inanna

"Radiant Inanna": the eight-pointed star in the center as the morning star contains four pointed rays for the goddess of love as the virgin and four wavy rays for the sun god as the Christ figure.

The Morning Star and my journey through space and time

On my journey through space and time, the morning star shone for me and led me on the track of eternity. It began in Sumer, over 5000 years ago.

Seven years

For seven years I was intensively occupied with all kinds of traditional contents, starting with the Sumerian traditions of Inanna, the goddess of love, over biblical and other spiritual contents, up to fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and their modern interpretations (film adaptations etc.).
Finally, I decided to make the treasures I came across publicly available on a website.

Symbols as a "time machine

The universal language of symbols proved to be a supporting bridge during this journey, because it connects times, societies and religions and reaches back to the beginnings of human culture, which lie in Mesopotamia, between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers (today's Iraq).

C.G. Jung and the Archetypes

The symbolic way of looking at things, inspired by C.G. Jung[1] and especially his explanations about the archetypes, opened a wide space and a fundamental understanding for the most different traditions for me. They all contain fundamental, universal statements, which are expressed again and again in new creative and imaginative ways in different images. But they also contain common messages that are of great importance for man, his well-being and his path. (These fundamental principles are summarized on this website under the numbers from 1 to 12 ).

Mesopotamia, 5000 years ago

Fertile crescent

Sumerian goddess of love as morning star

The Tree of the Goddess in the Garden of Eden

My journey outside of space and time led me first to Sumer, the Mesopotamia. 5000 years ago the area between the two rivers Euphrates and Tigris was a green and fertile valley, like a blooming oasis at the edge of the steppe (Sumerian edin). According to Jewish tradition, this was also the location of paradise.

[S. TheGarden of Eden, the Paradise: in Sumer!]

I had landed in the middle of a beautiful, lush garden and stood in front of a magnificentn a magnificent tree with unique fruits. And here I also met Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of love, for the first time.
It was the beginning of a story that still continues.

[S. Inanna, Sumerian Goddess of Love, Summary and Inanna - Goddess and Strong Woman and Start with Episode 1: Inanna's Tree in the Garden of Eden.]

Inanna - Goddess of Heaven and Queen of Earth 

The star of the goddess of love: Venus

Inanna's star is Venus, which rises as the morning star, passes through the sky and becomes the evening star. Venus has been considered the star of the goddess of love since time immemorial.
(The goddess of love bore different names in different cultures: in Sumer she was called Inanna, in Egypt Isis, in Babylon Ishtar, in Phoenicia Astarte, in Canaan Ashera, in Greece Aphrodite and in Rome Venus, but always her star was Venus).

From the morning star to the evening star

Just as Venus , as the morning star, rises in the east, Inanna, as the virgin and queen of the east, also began her triumphal procession through the heaven of the gods. After she had fulfilled her duties as wife and mother and her star in the evening sky was approaching the western horizon, it was time for her to make her descent into the underworld.
The Morning Star

The Morning Star and the Resurrection of Love

Inanna's journey through the underworld - resurrection on the third day

The way down to the underworld: dying

Courageously, she set out to find out what was hiding there, at the deepest bottom of her existence. To enter, she had to pass through the seven gates of the underworld. Each gate was open only so far that she had to bend down to be able to pass them, and at each gate one of her royal-divine attributes was taken from her.
Thus, at last, she stood naked and deeply bent before the mistress of the underworld,
- where love had died.

The confrontation with weakness, anger and violation of the feminine killed them.

[S. Inanna and the ruler of the underworld and The Great Feminine in the Underworld.]

Raising by the Father and Resurrection

But as a true goddess, Inanna had also provided for this case. Help came from the loving Father and God of Wisdom, who knew that the great Mother Goddess was in labor in the underworld and gave her support.
Respectfully and with warm-heartedness, he set the spark for the birth of the new, for the resurrection of love. 

Return to the top and confrontation with the god husband

Having returned upstairs, Inanna, in the power of the great mother and ruler of the underworld, now went directly into a confrontation with her god-husband, the shepherd. After some back and forth it was not spared to him at last to go also on the way into the underworld.

Who was he, the consort of the goddess of love?

Jesus: path through the underworld and resurrection

The good shepherd, 3000 years later

About 3000 years later, a carpenter and Jewish scholar claimed the title of the good shepherd. He thus entered into the destiny of the longed-for Savior as Messiah/Christ and anointed Son of the Father.
He spoke of the grain of wheat that must fall into the earth and die in order to bear fruit, a reference to the destiny that he had to fulfill according to the Father's plan.

From heaven to earth and the underworld

Thus, in the name of the Father's love, he went into the midst of living matter to sow among men the seed of the Word of the Father's love. And by taking death upon himself, he reached the innermost depths, where in dying he united with the great mother, life itself, in order to initiate the new creation of love.

[S. I am the mistress of the underworld (free text) and blood for life - the grail and the chalice of Christ].

Jesus was also raised by the Father on the third day, because true love overcomes death.

Light Cross Tree

The morning star in the hearts of people

Therefore, Jesus also called himself the morning star and taught: 

A new day will dawn when the morning star rises in the hearts of men![1]

The resurrection of love in people's hearts - this is the substance that changed my life.
And this is the substance that has the power to change the whole world!

The Way of Love: Dying and Resurrecting

The seven gates of the underworld 

The name of the goddess: from heaven to earth and to the underworld 

The name Inanna means: the goddess (Nin) who descended from heaven (AN) (NA as the inversion of AN). In this name lies the whole way from love. It leads from the pure "heavenly", spiritual realm (AN, symbolized by the Virgin), down to earth to serve others and give life (NA), and even further down or into the underworld, to the very core of matter.
The light of love is not afraid of the greatest darkness, but illuminates what is hidden, heals and brings to consciousness resources that have been locked away.

[S. Healing: What comes to light, becomes light itself and The Integration of Shadows]

7 Chakras

The Seven Gates of the Underworld and the Seven Chakras

The seven gates through which the Goddess of Love passed can be equated with the seven chakras, with her royal attributes, which she had to discard, matching each of the chakras.

[S. The Seven - Wholeness of Earthly Reality and Inanna's Descent into the Underworld and the Seven Gates].

The Heroic Way and the Resurrection to the Wholeness of the Seven

These seven, which stand for the wholeness of earthly existence, also correspond to the seven phases that man must pass through on his heroic path in order to gain the gold of eternity, his self.

[p. Dying and rising: In the here and now!]

Thus, the hero's path is also the basic pattern for all great traditions. On the one hand, it corresponds to the feminine way (because love is the feminine side of the spirit). On the other hand, it is also the way of the loving consciousness that gives itself to life ("masculine", symbolized by the FATHER and his son, the anointed one).
Because God is wholeness and unity of male and female.

God, wholeness, 3-in-1, male and female

EreshKiGal, the Goddess of the Underworld

In the Name of the Great Mother

My grandmother Anna

So love also accompanied me on my personal journey to the underworld, where I faced my own shadows and also encountered the story of my grandmother.
The light of love gave me the certainty that this did not mean the end, but a new beginning.

And just as Inanna, in the power of her grandmother, the goddess of the underworld, returned to the top and began to clean up her life, so now I too stood on new ground, which led to change.

I carry the name of my grandmother: ANNA.
I, Anna, thus also carry the name of the Goddess, the Great Mother: Inanna.
Inanna's story tells of strong, positive femininity and is a strong encouragement to overcome obstacles and shadows and thus find back to pure love.

Thus the goddess Inanna became the goddess in Anna.

"Inanna" by Jamali


[1] Links to C.G. Jung: Wikipedia article and C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich

[2] Bible, New Testament, Revelation of John, chapter 2:25-28 and 2nd Epistle of Peter, chapter 1:19.


  1. Yet, although you comment on the power of myth and symbol and live in Zurich, even acknowledging the term Archetype, you fail to mention C G Jung?

    1. Thank you, Merlin, you are right. C.G. Jung and his formulation of the archetypes have in fact inspired my work fundamentally. Although there was already a link to a separate article about archetypes and C.G. Jung (to be found above), I now completed the essay with a specific reference in it.

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