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Parler a mon père, song and video clip by Céline Dion

By on 13 December 2022

Parler à mon Père - 7

The soul is a crystal and the Godhead its light:
The body in which you live is the frame for both.
Angelus Silesius

Parler a mon Père - Céline Dion song and video clip

The longing for the loving father in Parlér à mon Père

Unconditional love

With "Parler à mon Père" Céline Dion has created a song and video clip which expresses the longing of man and especially of the daughter for her father. For it is the pure, unconditional love of the father that reconnects the daughter with her own miracle-working love. Thus the goddess of love(VIRGIN) rises again in her, so that she can become a miracle-working source of life.
The resurrection of love through the Father

The love that died

If woman has given too much (in the hope of receiving) and has gone empty, it may be that her love and trust have died. If she has given everything, her body, her life (blood) and her love (heart's blood), and has gone empty and "bled dry" (cf. The Woman, 3-in-1), then it is time for her to take upon herself the path to the underworld and face her "spiritual" death. [S. The Great Feminine in the Underworld and Ereshkigal: "I am the mistress of the underworld"].

With the awareness of the sad truth, weakness is integrated. Thus, salvation is also there. Through the encounter with the love of the Father, which is unconditional and overcomes death, the love of the woman stands up again (s. The integration of the animus).

Awareness: Resurrection by the Father

The resurrection of the dead love by the Father is already mentioned in the Sumerian tradition a central theme (see Inanna's way to the father). When the goddess of love has been killed in the underworld, he wakes her up again on the third day in the so that she gets up and returns to earth. [S. Inanna's resurrection by the father.]
The same event in the same powerful images is reported 3000 years later of Jesus Christ, the long awaited Savior. [S. Blood for Life - the Grail and the Chalice of Christ.]

So now on to the Father and the resurrection of long forgotten dreams in this wonderful song with video clip (click):

"Parler à von Père" by Céline Dion

Céline Dion as the goddess of love

Translation of Parlér à mon Père and remarks 

Coming home

Lyrics, verse 1

Je voudrais oublier le temps
Pour un soupir, pour un instant
Une parenthèse après la course
Et partir où mon cœur me pousse
Je voudrais retrouver mes traces
Où est ma vie, où est ma place?
Et garder l'or de mon passé
Au chaud dans mon jardin secret


I want to forget the time
For the sigh of a moment
To pause in the middle of a run
And follow my heart
Find my tracks again:
Where is my life, where is my place?
The gold of my past
In my secret garden...


Outside of space and time - a sigh that follows the breath, the life. - Time for conversion, reflection, awareness. To trace the divine spark in the heart, to find vocation and destiny. In this way, the gold of the past that lies hidden within becomes the explosive power for the new, the eternal.

Crossing the ocean

Refrain 1

Je voudrais passer l'océan
Croiser le vol d'un goéland
Penser à tout ce que j'ai vu
Ou bien aller vers l'inconnu
Je voudrais décrocher la lune
Je voudrais même sauver la Terre
Mais avant tout
Je voudrais parler à mon père


I want to cross the ocean,
Cross the flight of a seagull,
Think of everything I've seen,
as well as go into the unknown.
I want to clear the moon
and even save the earth.
But above all, I want to
tomy father.

Flying over the sea, symbol of the collective unconscious in the power of the Spirit, the Father, and grasping everything.
To place the living matter, the great MOTHER and her symbols, the MOON or the EARTH, in the light of the One who has called forth all things...
To speak with the Father.

The scent of dreams

Verse 2

Je voudrais choisir un bateau
Pas le plus grand ni le plus beau
Je le remplirai des images
Et des parfums de mes voyages
Je voudrais freiner pour m'asseoir
Trouver au creux de ma mémoire
Les voix de ceux qui m'ont appris
Qu'il n'y a pas de rêve interdit


I want to choose a boat,
Not the biggest, not the most beautiful,
To fill it with images,
To reveal the scents of my travels.
To pause, to sit down,
To find in the depths of my memory
The voices of those who emptied me that there are no forbidden dreams.

A boat that carries over the water, like the loving consciousness over the unconscious -
An ark.
Saving the good, powerful memories over into the new existence. Pausing, reflecting, tracing to find in the past dreams the basis for the new, the fulfillment of life.

The colors of the heart

Refrain 2

Je voudrais trouver les couleurs
Du tableaux que j'ai dans le cœur
De ce décor aux lignes pures
Où je vous vois et me rassure
Je voudrais décrocher la lune
Je voudrais même sauver la Terre
Mais avant tout
Je voudrais parler à mon père


I want to live the colors of the images of my heart,
See those clear lines that give me security.
I want to clear the moon
And even save the earth.
But above all, I want to
To my father.

The power of the heart is the light of the eyes.
"One sees well only with the heart" (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).

Verse 1

Je voudrais oublier le temps ...

Refrain 3

Je voudrais partir avec toi
Je voudrais rêver avec toi
Toujours chercher l'inaccessible
Toujours espérer l'impossible.
Je voudrais décrocher la lune ...


I want to forget the time ...

Translation refrain 3

I want to travel with you,
Want to dream with you,
Always looking for the unattainable,
Hoping for the impossible.
I want to clear the moon ...

Breaking the boundaries of space and time.
Dreams come true and the impossible becomes possible -
In the Face of the Father.

Parler à mon Père-3

The symbols in Parler à mon Père

Weighty archetypes

Wholeness through unity of male and female

Céline Dion drew inspiration from powerful archetypes for this song and the design of the video clip:

Father's sailboat and the way to the underworld

The father ventured into the underworld

In the Sumerian tradition, the father sails on the sea and lets himself be swallowed up by the waves. A dramatic encounter with the mother, a meeting of the elemental forces of creation, from which life itself emerges.

[S. Sumerian Tradition, Prologue II: The Father Dared to Go to the Underworld.]

Across the Sea to Father and King Gilgamesh


Man crosses or traverses the sea and thereby reaches the Father. - Just as once King Gilgamesh crossed the waters of death to reach Noah-Utnapishti. This great-great-father and ancestor of the hero had survived the great flood and had been raised to the status of the gods. It was to him that Gilgamesh wished to ask the secret of eternal life. [S. The Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh (summary): The man, who survived the great flood.]

The Earth, the Moon and the Traumatized Feminine

The waiting of the earth, the whole creation for redemption

The earth as living matter is the symbol for the great, reality giving birth to MOTHER. Further the EARTH as element symbolizes also the body of the woman (s. The four elements). Already the first traditions thematize what is today more topical than ever: The feminine has been subjugated, abused and exploited and therefore needs redemption. This is given by the loving father.

[S. The Great Feminine in the Underworld and "I am the mistress of the underworld".]

The moon, black - white, as a female symbol

The moon has long been considered a feminine symbol. This satellite of the earth may have been knocked out of the planet by a cosmic catastrophe. There is no life on it, and it is either in light (white) or completely in shadow (black). As an image, this fits traumatized and destroyed femininity. In the grip of power (instead of love) she lives therefore either white magic (power through seduction and delusion) or black magic (power through oppression and violence). [S. I am Lilith, the dark virgin.]

Accordingly also the inner female image of the man is often black and white, namely either that of the WHORE or the HOLY (s. also to the picture Swan No. 17 by Hilma af Klint).

The good news is:

It is the unconditional and forgiving love of the Father, which is the light that illuminates every darkness. Thus it brings healing, awakens life from rigor mortis and sets the seed for the new and eternal creation in light.

Parler à mon Père-5

Annette writes:

The longing for the father

Deep longing characterizes mankind - for such a long time now.
The longing to finally return home - to the Kingdom, the Promised Land.
To the Father. To God.

This longing leads us to search in the outside - we look for him, the Father God in relationships, partnerships, in children that come into being....

We search and search and forget ... that HE, God, is very close to us.
He is in us.
God has always opened his gates for us.

He invites us to turn back and to enter into HIM.
Through the gate - which is not the gate of the world, we have to go.
Only each one can go this way for himself. No one else.

God is there - but the action, the conversion, he leaves to US.
So He is there, even if we think, it can not get worse.
He IS, is there, full of patience, full of love, full of joy about EVERYONE who reflects, remembers ...

Yes - we are connected - with him - the Father - eternally in light love, in BEING.

In the juxtaposition we look for the translator.
The translator who brings us to the other shore. To God.

The journey - a journey into the inside - deep into the innermost of ourselves ...
To find HIM there - God - in all the light and love HE has for us as Father,
to find.

For this we leave behind us, the memory, the colors, the images...and much more.

Then the search ends.
And we know God is me, God is you - God is us.

Thus the child, wrapped in swaddling clothes - the boat - is the messenger of God.
Consecrated night - Consecrated time

COME - and follow the star.

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