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The ME, the sacred forces of wisdom in Sumer

Piles-in-the-snow for the ME

By on 21 January 2023

Daybreak of Consciousness

The ME, forces of wisdom in Sumer

The ME stand for the orders of heaven and earth and thus for superordinate laws and principles that underlie creation. They belong to the consciousness and are ultimately what distinguishes man from the animal.

The Sumerian tradition describes that the father and god of the earth is also the god of wisdom. He is thus the owner of the ME, powers of wisdom.

(Text source and drawings of the cuneiform script from: WOLKSTEIN, DIANE / KRAMER SAMUEL NOAH. Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer. New York 1983, pp. 16 - 18.)

Awareness: the enumeration of the ME

In the Sumerian tradition, the ME are enumerated several times, which in itself may have contributed to the listener's awareness.

The ME include a wide variety of abilities, starting with priestly gifts to royal attributes (power and conquest), to spiritual gifts (truth, underworld, bread of life) to art skills (crafts) and social gifts (family, listening, stirring up quarrels, appeasement). Also typically "male" and typically "female" gifts, further positive and negative abilities like the open ear or the deceptive speech belong to the forces of wisdom. And last but not least, heroism and erotic skills can be found among them.

Inanna, the goddess of love and the ME

The Sumerian tradition of Inanna, the goddess of love, tells that the father in the intoxication gave all ME to the young goddess of love. By wise behavior Inanna succeeds in bringing the ME to her city, and also the father and god of wisdom appears himself to the celebrations where the ME are presented.

[S. Inanna and the powers of the Father's wisdom and Inanna and the Holy Hight.]

The Me and Human Consciousness

What is not surprising is that also negative characteristics belong to the ME. For example, strategy to the disadvantage of the opponent can also be considered as an achievement of the consciousness (for example, stirring up a quarrel).

Consciousness and cognition

This may also be the problem with knowledge, which has been eliminated from the system as a way of salvation (see From 13 to 10, to the tree of life), in that the serpent was already cursed in paradise. The reason probably lies in the fact that cognition can be abused as a means of power, especially of the weakness of the opponent (see The Fall of Man Report of the Bible and the Mystery of the Serpent).
Therefore, in connection with the divine consciousness, one has to speak of the loving consciousness.

[S. Human consciousness and the meta-level.]

So now below is the list of the 80 ME

80 ME in 14 groups

1. priesthood

The ME (Sumer) Gr. 1

High Priesthood
Eternal Crown
Royal Throne

2. kingship

The ME(Sumer), Gr. 2

Staff and hoop
The exalted throne
Shepherd service

3. dignity of the priestess

The ME (Sumer), Gr. 3

Virgin Priesthood
Divine Queen Priesthood
Priesthood of Spells
Food Sacrifice
Drink Sacrifice

4. the way through the underworld (descent and ascent)

The ME (Sumer), Gr. 4

Descent into the Underworld
Rise from the Underworld
The Kurgarra (KurGalla)

5. equipment and jewelry to fight

The ME (Sumer), Gr. 5

Dagger and Sword
Black Armor
Colorful Armor
Loose Hair
Braided Hair

6. the art of conquest

The ME (Sumer), Gr. 6

Art of Loving
Kissing the Phallus
Art of Prostitution
Art of"Acceleration"

7. the art of communication

Upright Speech
Slanderous Speech
Embellished Speech
Cult of Prostitution
Cult of Holy Tavern

8. the design of rituals and ceremonies

The ME (Sumer), size 8

The sacred shrine
Heavenly priesthood
Sounding musical instruments

9. the art of ruling

The ME (Sumer), Gr. 9

Looting of cities
Mourning ceremonies
Celebrations of joy

10. flexibility and agility 

The ME (Sumer), Gr. 10

Insurgent Country

11. the art of craftsmanship 

The ME (Sumer), Gr. 6

Reed weaving

12. the art of giving space and active attention

The ME (Sumer), Gr. 7

The receptive ear
Power of attention
Purification rituals
Writing (fountain pen)
Piling up coals

13. the complexity of family life

The ME (Sumer), size 8

Rebuke (?)
Lighting fire
Extinguishing fire
The tired arm
The gathered family

14. social skills and assertiveness

The ME (Sumer), Gr. 14

Stirring up controversy

14 groups of 4, 5 or more ME

The 80 ME are divided into fourteen groups of 4, 5, 6, or 7 or more ME each.
It is possible to speculate on the number of ME in each group.

  • 4: The number of human wholeness, of experiential earthly reality: matter, 4 elements between heaven and earth, male and female.
  • 5: The number of power: A human mind alone drives the four elements (individual abilities).
  • 6: The number of man as man and as woman: love and relationship: fruits of union, oneness.
  • 7: Creation in harmony: perfect expression of personality, masculine and feminine; unity, wholeness, fullness, center and the heroic path. 
  • 8: Creativity: re-creation (craft).
  • 9: The number of the goddess and the fulfilled life. 3×3 as a symbol for lived love in all areas of life (body, soul and spirit) in all phases of life (youth, adulthood, mature age), s. Concrete: empathy, active attention and rituals.
80 ME, groups

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