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The ME in Inanna's town: flood and jubilation (8)

Nigulla Gate: The ME in Inanna's City

By on 24 April 2023

Nigulla Gate: The ME in Inanna's City

The ME in Inanna's city: high water (the anointing)

By flooding the streets of the city, the sky boat with the ME enters Inanna's city and reaches her sanctuary.

What happened so far (plot and interpretations)

The forces of wisdom on the way to Inanna's city

After Inanna slept with Gilgamesh, she sought out EnKi, the father and god of wisdom, to offer a prayer to him. Together, the two drank beer (mead), whereupon the father inebriated Inanna with all ME, powers of wisdom.

Sobered up, however, he regretted this and sent his Sukkal Isimud to retrieve the sky boat with the ME. But Inanna's Sukkal Ninshubur successfully defended the sky boat against Isimud and Enki's monsters (the Enkum).

So now the sky boat is on its way to Inanna's city.

The ME in Inanna's town in the original text. *

Initial situation

Ninshubur saved the sky boat from the ENKUM monsters for Inanna. In it are the ME, the powers of the Father's wisdom. Now it is on its way to Inanna's city.

Floods in Inanna's town

Then Ninshubur said to Inanna:
"My queen, when the Celestial Boat
sails through the Nigulla Gate of Uruk,
let high water flood the city;
let such low-lying boats sail gently through our channels."
And so it happened.
On the day the sky boat came through the gate,
flood waters inundated the streets and
flooded the alleys.
The sky boat docked at the Holy Shrine of Uruk.
The sky boat docked in front of the Shrine of Inanna.

Gilgamesh-Isimud before Enki

In Inanna's city, the sky boat was received with great festivities. Isimud reported to Enki that the boat had now docked at the white quay.
Then Enki spoke to his Sukkal:

The Queen has performed miracles at the White Quay.
Inanna has performed miracles for the sky boat."

Presentation of the ME in Inanna's city: the white and the blue quay

The sacred ME were unloaded and presented to the people one by one at the lapis lazuli wharf. In the process, other ME came out, which Enki had not given at all: the artful draping of clothes, alluring loveliness, the art of women, the perfect handling of the ME, the gift of dance, drumming, music ...
Inanna spoke:

"The place where the sky boat docked shall henceforth be called the White Quay.
The place where the Me were paraded shall henceforth be called Lapis Lazuli Quay."

Abridged version of "the ME in Inanna's town":

The sky boat with the ME has now arrived at the sanctuary of the goddess. The ME are unloaded and presented to the people. Enki now instructs his SUKKAL (avatar, servant or "son") Isimud to go and participate in the festivities.

Mesopotamian cylinder seal, ca. 3000 BC (Nigulla Gate)

Boat in front of the Nigulla Gate, cylinder seal (good 3 x 4 cm), ca. 3200-3000 BC. [1]

Historical context: Uruk, 2300 BC with Inanna as city deity

The story of Inanna was set in Uruk around 2300 BC, but was older by many centuries, if not millennia. Apparently, at that time the city of Uruk was given new splendor by declaring Inanna its city deity.

But here it is to be noted further that the Sumerian mythology was written down only 500 years later (approx. 1800 B.C.) by the Babylonian ruler Hamurabi I.. In other words, the still much older Sumerian mythology is interwoven here with likewise already older stories of the (Akkadian) origins of Babylon.

[S. From Sumer to Babylon - Backgrounds.]

Interpretations and comments:

High water for the ME in Inanna's city (the anointing).

The anointing: smooth access to the common sanctuary

Now Ninshubur, Inanna's sukkal, acts as the goddess' "advisor" and advises:
"Let high water flood the city so that low-lying boats sail gently through our channels."
This is an image of the woman's anointing giving the male member smooth access to the innermost, the common sanctuary.

[S. The Sanctuary 3-in-1 and the Path to Wholeness.]

EnKi: the anointed one and the keel of his boat

Thus already at the beginning of the Sumerian tradition the speech was of Enki's sailboat which plowed with his keel the agitated waters (see. The father dared the way into the underworld). From the stormy union of father and mother, spirit and matter, new life arose, a little tree which became Inanna's tree which Gilgamesh cut down later (see Inanna's tree in the garden of Eden - 1 and Inanna and Gilgamesh - 3).

The Nigulla Gate: the entrance across the canal to the city

So the way to the city leads through the Nigulla Gate and further through the Iturungal Canal, which is guarded by the guards of the city (see last episode: Battle and Ninshubur - Battle and Victory of Love and also Hl 5,7 in the Bible server). The channel is called Iturungal channel and symbolizes on the one hand the access to the innermost of the living reality and on the other hand also the female vagina. One can speculate about the word meanings. The Nigulla gate, the way of the goddess (NIN) from the earth, Kur/Gu(R) into the underworld, into the innermost, GAL: NinGuGal - Ningullal - Nigulla? And the Iturungal channel from the syllables ITU for dark; RUN for channel and the syllable GAL for underworld.

[S. also The Sumerian language and its development.]

The sacred city of the woman as an image for her womb

The woman's womb as a holy city or grail

Symbolically, however, the "city of the goddess" is her womb. Throughout human history , cities enthroned on hills were conquered and taken, and with them the people, that is, the human collective as the great feminine. Likewise, any man who conquers a woman became (and mythologically still becomes) her hero-king over her hidden realm and land. Thus, for example, in Parzival the conquest of the beloved woman is symbolized by the conquest of a city (cf. Parzival and Orgeluse and The woman as goddess and the man as her heroic king and The female womb as the grail.)

A prayer to the Goddess of Love for the anointing

Very pretty is the idea that the woman can ask the Goddess of Love, who has her sanctuary in the heart of every woman, for the anointing, even give her recommendation:

"Let the water flow love, give me the 'anointing' so that I can receive him!"

    The Female Womb as Grail - Water of Life (Karen Salicath Jamali)

    The sanctuary of the goddess: the heart of the woman

    The ME in Inanna's city in front of the sanctuary

    Above the city, symbol of the womb of the woman, the sanctuary of the goddess of love, the heart of the woman is enthroned.
    The sky boat with the ME, the forces of wisdom, moors in front of the sanctuary of the goddess. Thereby the ME symbolize the seeds of consciousness (of the Father). So now they have arrived in the city of the goddess (symbol of her womb) and have been unloaded in front of her sanctuary (her heart).

    Gilgamesh-Isimud before the father: green light

    The miracle of anointing as a prerequisite and sign

    The loving consciousness ("father") now sends his Sukkal (avatar) or SON (power, potency) to the city of the Goddess:
    "Go! For the Queen has performed miracles for the Celestial Boat!".

    Because the miracle of the anointing (for the boat/the keel/the son) is accomplished, the conditions for the happy union are fulfilled. Because the anointing is the manifest sign of the love of the woman (by the water of her soul overflowing and materializing in this very crystal clear and supple liquid).

    Enki himself is an anointed one. That is why his command to his son is:
    "Only when the anointing is given will I give you my blessing to enter into it! Then you can start."

    Presentation of the ME in Inanna's city in front of all the people

    The divine-spiritual gifts of consciousness to human beings

    The Holy ME are unloaded. They contain the male seeds of consciousness, the information, the "master plan" for new life, new reality. Thus they have arrived at the destination: in the heart of the living, fertile matter, the Goddess!

    Male and female!

    But other ME appear, which are not masculine, but feminine - the woman has gained even more feminine wisdom: Charm, a winning nature, arts, cleverness ...

    So now all ME are unloaded and presented in front of the people (not least so that the listeners of the story also get to know which "divine" qualities are given to them). To these belong: Priesthood, Rulership, Family, Communication, Conquest, to list only a few (for the complete list see The ME, Powers of Wisdom).

    The white and blue wharf: love and life of the woman

    The ME are unloaded at the white quay and presented at the blue quay.

    The white wharf: pure, innocent love

    White is the color of innocence and therefore of pure love. It belongs to the woman who is aware of herself and does not allow herself to be unsettled and put into deficit. The pure love of the woman means above all that she protects and preserves her own love, so that this does not die. This would be/is a disaster for both, man and woman (see The Curse and the Expulsion from Paradise).
    The pure love of the man, on the other hand, means that he gives himself with his whole life.

    The lapis lazuli wharf: blue for the soul, life and confession of the woman

    Lapis lazuli, the blue stone, gives the quay its name. Lapis lazuli has long been the basis for the color blue and often contains gold sprinkles. Blue is also the color of the woman's soul (for the element of water). The blue stone has this message for the woman:
    "As long as you are not convinced of the sincere intention of your counterpart, you will remain rock hard!".

    (On her way to the underworld, Inanna wears a lapis lazuli necklace around her neck, corresponding to the chakra of the throat, which stands for communication and confession).


    The forces of wisdom, the ME in Inanna's city:
    Until he is ready, she remains rock hard in her soul. With her feminine charms, however, she can get him on board, that is, win him over for commitment and a shared future.

    The ME in Inanna's Town as a Modern Narrative

    Anna and Nina: conversation among friends

    Ninshubur's advice: high water in Inanna's city: the anointing

    Nina is one of my best friends, a little older than me and my confidante. When I saw her again, I told her about my interlude with Gil. She laughed heartily at the glass of water I had emptied over him and said,
    - Serves him right! The young man seems rather conceited to me!

    Then she shook her head:
    - What a ruffian!, she said indignantly. - But at least you've regained your self-esteem - cool!

    Lapis lazuli

    She looked at me thoughtfully as she continued:
    - I'm proud of you! Because it's not so easy for us women. It is a matter of having one's own feelings under control ... That is really high school!

    Again she laughed and her blue eyes flashed at me:
    - I am also still practicing! When in doubt, keep the feelings hidden and be careful not to let ourselves be manipulated and put in deficit. - This much is certain: A man who does not value you does not deserve your love!

    The anointing

     After another pause she continued:
    - And a man must be able to wait until you are ready. He must not only be out for his own satisfaction ...! There must be room for tenderness. When you are ready, it shows by your vagina getting all wet. That is the anointing. Making love with a man is no problem if you are prepared and your anointing is there! - If not: then keep him at bay!

    Her blue eyes flashed at me again like a greeting from heaven. And yes, her words made sense to me, so I said:
    - Yes, you're right! Gil was obviously not the one... He was not concerned about me, but only about his own fun. He even said that with these words.

    Another ME (the wisdom of women): get the man on board!

    Nina nodded and said:
    - Young men still have to learn what love is. A man's soul is as fleeting as air. The question is, how do you manage to get him on board?! - I am convinced that you have one or the other ability to do this. You can also let your charm play!

    Goddess of the city

    Surprising twists

    The wisdom of the woman

    Shortly thereafter, Gil ran into me again in the city. When he saw me, he looked almost startled or dismayed. I smiled at him winningly and asked with a wink:

    - How are you? Have you got all the pieces back in the dry??? I hope so! I went on without waiting for an answer.

    And then ... then the events overtook each other.

    The first thing Enrico did was invite me and said he wanted to know more about the plans for my company. I scraped together everything I had and went to see him with my heart pounding. He received me warmly and asked how I - and Gil! - were doing. When I told him about our last encounters and the glass of water, he smiled contentedly and said:

    - Well done!

    The ME in Inanna's town:

    Next, he wanted to know more about my project. I showed him the plans for my own graphics company and also an outline of the estimated costs that would be incurred first. After Enrico listened carefully and asked a few questions, he said:
    - Sounds good. Give me your account number and I'll send you some support for the first steps. With that you should come a piece.

    His eyes rested warmly and fatherly on me.
    I was overwhelmed and speechless and tears welled up, because I had been wondering for some time where I was going to find the money for the first few months.
    - I can see you are tackling life well. I'm glad about that, he said and put an arm around my shoulders sympathetically.

    I paused in it for a moment, enjoying feeling that support.
    For I had never known my own father.

    The white wharf

    And when I came home - I don't believe it! - I found a bouquet of 50 big red roses in front of my door. At first I thought:
    - Enrico? No! That would be too much of a good thing .... Carefully I took out the envelope that was inside. It said, "I'm sorry for the way I behaved, please forgive me! Let me make it up to you!" - signed by Gil!

    I was totally surprised. It blew me away! Immediately I felt my heart warming up again. That bastard ... I'm already not indifferent to him ...

    Gil in front of Enrico (Godfather)

    Gilgamesh-Isimud before Enki

    The encounter with Anna, when she doused me with the water, had shaken me up more than I had expected.

    At first, I tried to forget about them by immersing myself in my work. I founded a start-up company and was now looking for financial support. For this purpose, I contacted my godfather Enrico.

    Enrico invited me to dinner right away. He's a good guy, really. We had a stimulating conversation and he was interested in my concept. But then he said he didn't have that much liquidity at the moment because he was planning to invest in another company. When I looked at him questioningly, he said:
    - Oh yes, you must know her, ... Anna, you are actually related. She has an interesting design project. In fact, it's in a similar vein to yours. Maybe you could get in touch with her?

    Whew! That was a hammer! The ground gave way under my feet ...

    - What is it?" Enrico wanted to know. Obviously he had noticed my consternation: Is there a problem???
    - Well, not directly, but ...
    - But ...? Enrico kindly encouraged me to keep talking.
    - It's just ... I mean ... I know Anna ...
    - You know her?! All the better!
    - I know her closer, ... a little too well ...
    - Hm, said Enrico: How should I understand ...?

    He leaned back to look at me with more distance. I found it difficult to withstand his gaze. He narrowed his eyes and focused on me hard:
    - You were in bed with her...!

    Overcoming the negative momentum

    That was more a statement than a question. I saw no way out and nodded. And somehow I also felt a bit relieved that I didn't have to navigate around it anymore:
    - Yes, I said and quickly added: It wasn't planned that way, we had both drunk too much ... - and she had then pretty much thrown herself at me ... that's how it seemed to me ...
    - I see, Enrico said thoughtfully: And how did it go on then? Did it go on at all?
    - At first I was just embarrassed by the story. But then I wanted to meet her again. I wanted to invite her to dinner, but she was totally miffed and made a scene ...
    - Do you have any idea why?, Enrico wanted to know.
    - She said I had disappointed her ...
    - And? Did you?
    - I think so. I'm beginning to understand ... Anna is different, she has something special. Never before has a woman triggered the feelings in me like she did ... Maybe I didn't take it seriously enough. - I just couldn't forget her. That's why I sent her red roses ...

    The queen has performed miracles

    Enrico raised his eyebrows in surprise:
    - Oh! So you're serious?

    I was silent, not knowing what to say. The conversation had taken an unexpected turn.
    He, too, was silent for a while, then he said quietly, as if lost in thought:
    - Sexuality is an expression of love ... In it there is devotion and fullness, fiery passion, pain and redemption ...

    The white and the blue quay

    Then he looked at me and said:
    - You enter a new dimension with love, Gil, which expands your existence, carries you over into the very big ... This is the power of love!

    Again he paused before saying:
    - A woman's love is strong and yet fragile. Many women have lost love for themselves and therefore have no love to give away, especially when their love has been disappointed.

     My head was buzzing with thoughts and feelings. Finally I said:
    - Anna is definitely rock hard now ... - And I don't even know if I would be willing to give up my freedom.

    The miracle of the anointing

    Enrico smiled warmly at me and said,
    - I was like you, Gil. I also had to learn to really love a woman. - It has a lot to do with waiting and patience. A man has to learn to wait until the woman is ready. She knows when it's time. This is especially true in sexuality. Here the man needs patience so that there can also be room for tenderness. Only when her vagina is moist is the right time to enter her. Then it is important to continue to hold back until her body also comes towards climax.

    The Anointed One

    He just seemed a bit lost in thought and continued softly:
    - For me, sex is only fulfilling when the woman gets her money's worth.

    Again he paused before saying:
    - When there is a protected setting and trust, you can grow together and experience highs that are otherwise not possible.

    Now he turned to me and looked me straight in the eyes, full of seriousness:
    - Gil!, he said and pierced me again with his penetrating gaze: Think carefully what you are doing: Anna is a woman for life! If you want to win her, - which you probably can, then you must not disappoint her again!

    I went home thoughtful and richly demoralized. The conversation had taken a completely different turn than I had expected. I had not even dared to talk about the financial support. Because I had the impression that it was important to Enrico that I first put things right with Anna.

    Towers of the city

    Anna cheers

    Presentation of the ME in Inanna's town:

    I contacted Gil to thank him for the flowers. We went out together again. Gil told me that he had asked Enrico for money for his start-up business, and the latter told him that he supported me! Enrico, that sly fox! I was really touched. Only I was trembling inside from the fear that Enrico might have said something to Gil about our meeting, but fortunately that didn't seem to be the issue at all. - I am so grateful to Enrico! -

    Covenant between two cities

    And now Gil is also interested in my project! I think that's cool! Maybe we can get something going together. Hopefully this isn't another lazy tour ... - Now I'm the one who almost feels a bit blindsided. - Can I really trust him? - Yes! After all, he had sent me the roses with the letter before his meeting with Enrico.

    But it really seems that way: Gil has changed. Somehow I already have the feeling that he means it.

    My strategy of staying firm and not giving myself away cheaply has obviously paid off - and made me even more attractive in his eyes ...
    Now my heart is all warm and open again and my soul is rejoicing.

    Conversation between the goddess and the father:

    - Goddess: I spoke to our daughter, and as you saw, she took my words well.

    - Father: Yes, that was very good. It gave me a chance to talk to our son. And hopefully he learned his lesson.

    - Goddess: Thank you! She was so happy about the roses. Now I can fill her heart with love again.

    - Father: Yes! Now the right order has been restored. Love is back in the boat and the forces are in balance again. Our daughter has done very well. In addition to her inner strength, she has also gained feminine charisma.

    The ME may stay in Inanna's town!

    A covenant between Uruk and Eridu

    Enki spoke to Inanna:
    "In the name of my power! In the name of my sanctuary!
    The ME you have taken,
    shall remain in the sanctuary of your city!
    The high priest shall spend the days at the holy shrine
    with singing.

    The citizens of your city shall be well.
    The children of Uruk shall be happy.
    The people of Uruk are the allies of the people of Eridu.
    The city of Uruk shall shine again in magnificence!

    Golden City ("Inanna's City")

    The ME, forces of wisdom, in the collective sense:
    They mean that man stands responsibly in life and in earthly reality and is mindful of resources. Thus, he "honors the goddess" who symbolizes the living reality.
    Furthermore, he can work for good in the power of his loving consciousness, which makes him "equal to God".


    * Original text, translation from Sumerian into English: S.N. Kramer in WOLKSTEIN, DIANE / KRAMER SAMUEL NOAH. Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer. New York 1983 (translation from English into German by the author).

    Illustrations, Art from Mesopotamia:

    [1] Boat in front of Nigulla Gate, cylinder seal, Tell Billa, Mesopotamia, late Uruk-Nasr period, ca. 3200-3000 BC, 4.3 x 3.5 cm on black diorite, Iraq Museum, IM 11953, Photographed by Corethia Qualls, from WOLKSTEIN, DIANE / KRAMER SAMUEL NOAH. Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer. New York 1983, pp. 25 and 183, including the interpretation that it is the gate to the sanctuary, the pillars with the rings possibly the sign of a male god (Dumuzi), and Inanna's loop emblems above the gate.

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