Gold trail

On the trail of eternity

Female Wholeness 3-in-1

A heart for the goddess of love

I am the goddess of love and the mother of many children

By on 29 September 2022

"I am the Goddess of Love". A free text with thoughts of the great mother about existence as a whole and the welfare of her children.

"Holy Wedding", Elisabeth Baldenweg (2022)

The Great Feminine, Life Itself, in the Underworld 

By on 21 February 2022

The great mother, life itself, is in the underworld, in the realm of shadows and death. But life cannot die ...

Volcano for creative elemental force (Oliver Spalt, Wikipedia)

Volcanoes, Mount Doom and the Great Mother

By on 9 June 2021

Volcanoes, fiery eruptions from the bowels of the earth, have always been interpreted as the wrath of God, especially the Mother Goddess.

The Way of the Woman (Hilma af Klint)

The path of woman and love down into matter

By on 5 November 2020

The path of the woman and the feminine begins "above", in the realm of the spirit and leads out of love to devotion to matter, even into death.

Virgo, symbol of potential

Virgo - miracle working love and potential

By on 17 September 2020

Virgo symbolises pure love and potential. This represents two prerequisites for the emergence of new reality.

White - Red - Black, Kay Nielsen, 3 Sisters

Feminine Wholeness 3-in-1: Potential, Reality and Destiny

By on 1 September 2020

Female wholeness corresponds to the three phases of a woman's life, symbolised by the three colours of the "goddess": white, red and black.

Body - Soul - Spirit of Man and Woman

The woman, 3-in-1 (body, soul, spirit) and her life force

By on 9 July 2020

The woman who gives herself gives herself away completely, with body, soul and spirit. For her soul, the seat of life, is in her abdomen (!).

The Female Womb as Grail - Water of Life (Karen Salicath Jamali)

The female womb as a grail or miracle vessel

By on 14 May 2020

The female womb as grail, magic well or magic lamp is a vessel that contains life itself and thus works miracles.


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