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On the trail of eternity

The Ego and the Self

The Ego - the Identity of Separation and Negativity

By on 19 October 2020

The ego is phobic and without confidence. It lives in and from negativity and creates more negativity for the individual and the environment.

Detail, altar no. 3, Hilma af Klint

The Self - the divine core of the human being

By on 30 May 2020

The self is the identity of love, the inner hero, God in man. Man gains his Self by overcoming his ego.

Temptations appeal to the drive.

Overcoming temptations - the drive and the power

By on 24 May 2020

Temptations suggest a lack and thus appeal to human drives. They are overcome through abstinence and trust.

An urn grave in the green for the ego

From Ego to Self - from (Self-)Power to Love

By on 28 April 2020

The ego corresponds to the negative identity, namely the small I and the identity of separation. The self corresponds to the positive identity, the big I and the identity of love.


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