Gold trail

On the trail of eternity

Light and shadow

Healing in the light of loving consciousness

Healing: What comes to light becomes light itself

By on 15 March 2021

Healing happens by perceiving problematic behaviour patterns and inner drivers in the light of loving consciousness.

From shadow to light

How do I integrate my shadows concretely?

By on 7 April 2020

How do I integrate my shadow concretely? A seven-step guide to the path of love, truth and reconciliation.

Projection of the shadow

The projection of one's own shadow onto others

By on 24 March 2020

What one does not know or like about oneself, one perceives in others. This is a projection of one's own shadow.

The way to the underworld

The integration of the shadow - the path through the underworld

By on 24 March 2020

A true hero is one who does not fear death and sets out on the path through the underworld out of love. This is how he integrates his shadows.

The shadow

The Shadow - Resources in the Realm of the Dead

By on 24 March 2020

The shadow of the human being hides unresolved conflicts and locked away qualities that the human being does not know or does not like.

The escaped prisoner

The escaped prisoner - the integration of the shadow

By on 24 March 2020

A free narrative to illustrate the integration of the shadow, especially the male parts.


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