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War and Peace (God and the suffering in the world)

Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?

By on 25 May 2023

An answer to the question, "Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?" in collaboration with Chat GPT and in view of wholeness.

Alfred Nobel and Bertha von Suttner (prospectus for an exhibition in the Zurich Stadthaus 2015)

The Nobel Peace Prize, Alfred Nobel and Lake Zurich

By on 10 December 2020

Alfred Nobel's Peace Prize goes this year to the World Feed Providence of United Nations, aid to hungry peoples around the world.

Corona Christ shadow

Easter 2020 in the shadow of the Corona crisis

By on 9 April 2020

Easter this year is overshadowed by the Corona crisis. Easter is the festival of resurrection. But a resurrection always follows a death.


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