Gold trail

On the trail of eternity


Inanna in the underworld (Ereshkigal)

Inanna in the Underworld and the Ruler's Wrath (Episode 13)

By on 17 October 2023

Naked and deeply bowed, Inanna appears before the ruler of the underworld. There she encounters murderous wrath and condemnation.

Inanna's descent into the underworld

Inanna's Descent into the Underworld: The Seven Gates (Episode 12)

By on 21 August 2023

Inanna's descent into the underworld leads through seven gates, which can be associated with the seven chakras.

The ear open to the underworld

Inanna's way to the underworld: the opened ear (11)

By on 15 June 2023

Inanna's path to the underworld begins with opening her ear for. Arriving in the middle years, she has perceived something ...

Holy wedding of Inanna with the shepherd

Holy Wedding of Inanna - Unity and Fullness (10)

By on 21 May 2023

Having finally won her lover, the sacred wedding of Inanna, the goddess of love, and her hero king now takes place.

Inanna and Dumuzi (after a clay plate, Mesopotamia, ca. 1800 B.C.)

Inanna and the shepherd, the choice of the goddess (9) 

By on 16 May 2023

When it is time to marry, Inanna's choice falls on the shepherd. Because she has already slept with him and he is also emotionally involved.

Nigulla Gate: The ME in Inanna's City

The ME in Inanna's town: flood and jubilation (8)

By on 24 April 2023

By flooding the streets of the city, the sky boat with the ME enters Inanna's city and reaches her sanctuary.

NINSHUBUR (Victory over the ENKUM)

Ninshubur - struggle for love and couple dynamics (7)

By on 11 March 2023

Ninshubur, Inanna's Sukkal, successfully fights and defeats the ENKUM creatures that accompany Isimud.

Gargoyle in Strassbourg for Inanna and the Enkum

Inanna and the Enkum Creatures: Disillusionment (6)

By on 3 February 2023

Inanna and the Enkum Creatures: Sobered EnKi unleashes his monsters to help Isimud retrieve the sky boat with the ME.

Piles-in-the-snow for the ME

The ME, the sacred forces of wisdom in Sumer

By on 21 January 2023

The ME are the Sumerian forces of wisdom. They include heroism, craftsmanship, warfare and the art of loving.

Inanna and the powers of the Father's wisdom (5)

By on 18 January 2023

Inanna and the father drink beer together. In the intoxication the father loads the ME, forces of the wisdom into the sky boat of the young goddess.


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