Gold trail

On the trail of eternity

Part II - Inanna in the underworld

Inanna in the underworld (Ereshkigal)

Inanna in the Underworld and the Ruler's Wrath (Episode 13)

By on 17 October 2023

Naked and deeply bowed, Inanna appears before the ruler of the underworld. There she encounters murderous wrath and condemnation.

Inanna's descent into the underworld

Inanna's Descent into the Underworld: The Seven Gates (Episode 12)

By on 21 August 2023

Inanna's descent into the underworld leads through seven gates, which can be associated with the seven chakras.

The ear open to the underworld

Inanna's way to the underworld: the opened ear (11)

By on 15 June 2023

Inanna's path to the underworld begins with opening her ear for. Arriving in the middle years, she has perceived something ...


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