Gold trail

On the trail of eternity

The iron man

Happy ending in a fairy tale

Eisenhans and Three Kingdoms (6 and 7: Holy Wedding)

By on 20 June 2020

The king's son and daughter marry. Eisenhans appears at the wedding and also gives them his kingdom.

3Ritter - Red, White, Black

The Ironman and the Wounding (5: Trial by Fire)

By on 6 June 2020

The hero, as a knight, wants to win the three golden apples and the king's daughter and is wounded by the king's men.

The victorious knight in The Ironman

Eisenhans and the Victory over the Enemy (4: Service in Success)

By on 26 May 2020

Eisenhans and the victory over the enemy: As the country is threatened by the enemy, the king's son Eisenhans asks for help and leads to victory.

In the foreign castle

Cinder Work in a Foreign Castle (Eisenhans 3: in the Desert)

By on 20 May 2020

Ash's work in a foreign castle: the king's son has to go through the bottom, prove himself in deprivation and hardship and resist temptations.

The Gold Well (in "The Iron Man")

Eisenhans and the Gold Well in the Forest (2: Initiation)

By on 7 May 2020

Eisenhans and the well of gold: The wild man now takes the king's son out into the forest to a well that turns everything into gold.

Eisenhans - Awareness

Eisenhans and the King's Son (1: Awareness)

By on 28 April 2020

The king's son is playing with a golden ball, but now it rolls into the iron man's cage ...

Eisenhans - the wild man

The king and the wild man - the iron man (start in 7)

By on 23 April 2020

At the beginning of the fairy tale of Eisenhans, the theme is introduced. The wild man symbolises the drive that is hidden in the unconscious.

3 Gold apples in the fairy tale "Der Eisenhans" (The Iron Man)

Der Eisenhans / the wild man - whole fairy tale text

By on 24 March 2020

Der Eisenhans is a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, which describes the hero's path to wholeness through the integration of the shadows.

Eisenhans - the wild man

The Wild Man - Introduction to the Fairy Tale "Der Eisenhans" (The Iron Man)

By on 24 March 2020

The wild man in the fairy tale "Der Eisenhans" symbolises the drive. With him, the wild power of the hero is also repressed into the unconscious.


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