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Snow White

6 Snow White - the Prince and the Happy Ending

By on 30 October 2020

The prince wanted to take Snow White to his castle in a glass coffin. Then she woke up. Soon after, a wedding was celebrated.

Snow White in a Glass Coffin

5 Snow White - the Poisoned Apple (Trial by Fire)

By on 21 October 2020

Snow White took a bite of the poisoned apple and fell down as if dead. This time the dwarfs could not wake her up.

Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs

4. Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs (service)

By on 15 October 2020

Snow White with the seven dwarfs: Behind the seven mountains she experiences security, support, comfort and appreciation.

Snow White and the Terrors of the Forest

3. snow white in the dark forest (desert)

By on 1 October 2020

Snow White runs frightened through the forest and comes to a little house. She eats from seven little plates, drinks from seven little cups ...

The poisoned apple

The Poisoned Apple - Abuse as a Collective Reality

By on 5 July 2020

The poisoned apple symbolises poisoned love and abuse as a collective reality in the world and thus ultimately the great original sin.

2. Snow White and the Huntsman (Initiation)

By on 23 June 2020

The huntsman goes into the forest with Snow White. He has been ordered by the stepmother to kill the king's daughter.

The mirror in Snow White

1. Snow White and the Stepmother (Awareness)

By on 20 June 2020

After Snow White's mother dies, her father marries another woman. The stepmother is proud, vain and domineering.

Three colours, white - red - black

7 Snow White and Wholeness (White - Red - Black)

By on 13 June 2020

The first part of the fairy tale "Snow White" introduces the theme: Wholeness (White, Red, Black) and a fruitful life the goal.


Snow White (Introduction) - over seven mountains to wholeness

By on 13 June 2020

The fairy tale "Snow White", is about the path to wholeness (white, red, black) over "seven mountains", symbol of earthly reality.

Fairy tales and myths as shadow theatre (Snow White)

Snow White - abridged version of the fairy tale

By on 12 June 2020

Snow White overcomes seven mountains, the evil witch and her powerlessness on her way to pure love. This is how she wins the prince.


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