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The two trees in paradise

The two trees in paradise and the forbidden fruit

By on 22 July 2021

The two trees in Paradise, which stood in the middle of the garden, were called the "Tree of Knowledge" and the "Tree of Life". What do they mean?

Anima, man's inner woman (from video clip for Robbie Williams' song "Angels")

Man's anima: his inner woman and soul

By on 16 April 2021

The anima of the man represents his as an inner woman. She is linked to his soul and shapes his relationships.

The Anima and the Realm of Dreams

The Anima - Motivation and Inspiration, Whore or Saint

By on 14 January 2021

The anima as the female spirit represents the drive in the soul. With her strong charisma she gives inspiration and motivation.

White - Red - Black, Kay Nielsen, 3 Sisters

Feminine Wholeness 3-in-1: Potential, Reality and Destiny

By on 1 September 2020

Female wholeness corresponds to the three phases of a woman's life, symbolised by the three colours of the "goddess": white, red and black.

John Bauer: Lena and the Knight (the goddess and her hero)

The woman as goddess and the man as her hero king

By on 6 June 2020

The two are a typical archetypal couple. She has love and life to give away. He courageously risks his life for her and wins everything with her.

Mrs Holle

From Frau Holle to Hell and the Goddess of the Underworld

By on 23 April 2020

The diligent, faithful stepdaughter is richly rewarded by Frau Holle, namely showered with gold.

King and queen with branch (stele of Ur-Nammu)

Inanna, Sumerian goddess of love (summary)

By on 16 April 2020

Inanna is the Sumerian goddess of love. The tradition tells of her path to wholeness from heaven down to the underworld.


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