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The art of Hilma af Klint in this homepage (overview)

Hilma af Klint (Source: Wikipedia)

By on 12 February 2021

Hilma af Klint (Source: Wikipedia)

The art of Hilma af Klint - a powerful encounter

On a rainy summer day, we had arrived at the simple, stylish building. Speechless, we stood in front of Hilma af Klint's powerful paintings. "She paints what you write ...!" This was my husband's remark...[read full article]

(Click on the thumbnails for information and thoughts on the pictures).

The Art of Hilma af Klint on GOLDSPUR

Images used and their interpretations

Hilma af Klint, altar no. 1
Hilma af Klint, altar no. 3
Hilma af Klint, Evolution No. 4
Hilma av Klint, Svan no. 13 (1915)
Hilma af Klint (1908), Evolution No. 3
Killing the Dragon of Hilma af Klint (Dove No. 8)
Parcifal, Gr.1 No. 3, Hilma af Klint
Hilma af Klint (6/VIII; 1913) for Fire and Ice
Hilma af Klint 1915, Swan No. 17

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