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Numbers and symbols from 1 to 12


By on 1 April 2020

Symbols of wholeness, arranged by numbers

Numbers and symbols in human lore

In human traditions, symbols of wholeness appear in the most diverse contexts, which, however, always refer to the same basic principles due to the meaning of the numbers. Thus the three stands for divine wholeness, the seven for human-earthly wholeness and the twelve for the original intact or paradisiacal wholeness. In addition, the graphic representation of the number symbols opens up still further dimensions.

[S. Symbols of wholeness.]

Numbers and their symbolic contents from 1 to 12 - Overview

Under the numbers from 1 to 12 on this website you will find the background articles on topics which underlie or explain the interpretations of the traditions.

Here is an overview of the fundamental themes that can be assigned to the numbers 1 to 12.

(For an overview blue marked titles click.)

"Unity and wholeness are on the highest level of the objective scale of values, for their symbols can no longer be distinguished from the image of God." (Quote from C.G. Jung)

Life takes place somewhere on the axis between two opposites, between spirit - matter; female - male; light - shadow; conscious - unconscious; life - death....


What is triple-supported is stable and immovable. A chair on three legs is more stable than a chair on four legs. The triad is therefore also a symbol of wholeness. 

Squaring the circle

Four cardinal points, four seasons, four rivers in paradise, four carbon compounds, four elements, the four of the human family (father - mother - daughter - son).

Pentagram for the Dynamics of the Five

Five factors lead to an energetically charged dynamic: a spirit that moves the four elements. Five "trees of life" point the way back to paradise.

6: The number of man as man and woman (2 x 3)

The hexagram is created by superimposing the male and female triangle. With its six corners it symbolises the unity of male and female.

Seven symbolises creation in balance and the wholeness of earthly existence.

8: 2 x 4 - The new creation of love

The eight symbolises the new creation of love after the first creation (of the seven) is fulfilled. The Morning Star (Venus), the star of the Goddess of Love, is represented with eight rays.

9: 3 x 3 - Integrity in all areas of life

9 - triple trinity

In each of the three phases of life (youth, adulthood, mature age) love is to be brought to bear, in three ways, in the realm of the body, the soul and the spirit.

10: The redeemed creation in its wholeness

10 Sephiroth

The 10 Sephiroth ("digits") are a powerful symbol of the wholeness of the redeemed creation.

11: Cognition

The small wholeness (1) and the great identity (10). Cognition has been misused as a means of power and is therefore no longer part of the wholeness.


12 gold plates

The four of the family (father, mother, daughter, son) each supported three times result in 12 factors of wholeness. In fairy tales and myths, the number 12 is a symbol of wholeness (e.g. the twelve golden plates in Sleeping Beauty).


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