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Twelve: Paradisiacal Wholeness

12 gold plates

By on 25 September 2020

Twelve: The original, paradisiacal wholeness

What is it about the number twelve?

The number twelve always appears where wholeness is represented.

  • The year has 12 months.
  • There are 12 hours in the day and also in the night.
  • There are 12 golden plates in the fairytale Sleeping Beauty.
  • 12 covered silver bowls with food appear in the fairy tale Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.
  • 12 tribes together form the people of Israel
  • 12 disciples of Jesus accompanied their teacher day and night.

The twelve symbolises the original, paradisiacal wholeness.

12 = 4 x 3

FOUR is the number of the human being, THREE is the divine number.
Twelve means that each of the four aspects of being human is supported threefold and thus divine wholeness is achieved.

12 gold plates

The inner family and the twelve trees in paradise or twelve golden plates like in the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty

12 Aspects of Wholeness as a Garden of Paradise

The two in the middle of paradise: the tree of knowledge and the tree of life


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