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The Father - saving love and deep wisdom

By on 23 March 2022

Sagrada Familia under construction (2008)

The father as master builder - photos in this article of the construction work on the church "Sagrada Familia" (Holy Family) in Barcelona (2008)

The Father - saving love and deep wisdom

The loving Father "in heaven": spiritual power

The Father is creative, spiritual power, which moves matter and initiates new reality from potential. This power works in the hidden, "in the sky". From this inner spiritual realm impulses go out to the living matter ("mother"). It is love alone which connects the two creative elemental forces.

Loving Consciousness and Creativity

As archetype and god of wisdom, the father in heaven symbolizes the loving consciousness (while the female side represents matter (lat. mater = mother) and life itself.

[S. Father and Mother - Spirit and Matter; The Conscious and the Unconscious and Masculine and Feminine, the Two Primal Forces of Creation].

The pure love of the father: the daughter

Wholeness and unity through integration of the female parts

The archetype of the father is by definition light and love. Because through the relationship with his children he has integrated his own shadow (fear, weakness...). And through the relationship with his beloved daughter (represented by the archetype of Virgo) he has integrated pure and unconditional love, the feminine side of the spirit.

[S. God, wholeness, 3-in-1, male and female.]

So also the great artist Michelangelo in his painting The Creation of Adam painted Eve as daughter and virgin in heaven in the left arm of the father (left for the female-passive side): 

The Virgin, left arm of the Father

The redeeming power of the Father: the Son

Devotion of the son (power, potency) out of love

The Father enters the living matter through his Son, penetrates to the innermost to sow in it the seed of love which initiates the new creation of love. For the SON (as archetype) symbolizes the power and of the Father (and therefore also the phallus, because in him is the potency to beget a son, the child, which stands for the new reality of love).

[S. Male Wholeness 3-in-1, Father - Son - Spirit.]


The creation of Adam, the whole picture by Michelangelo: The son as the extended right arm of the father (right for the male active side). 

Man as the Child of the Father

Kingship (of God) in life

Man becomes man through consciousness - created from the Father, "like God", namely creative and self-effective.

Live consciously

Divine dominion in one's own life

Consciousness includes the ability to go to a mental level (meta-level) as if outside oneself, reflecting on oneself and the circumstances. From the insights gained, behavior can be planned and one's reality can be shaped. This is the meaning of the kingship (of God) in life (s. The human consciousness).

Saving Father Love in 5000 Years of Traditions

Sumer Resurrection of the Goddess of Love by the Father on the 3rd day.

The Father, an Anointed One

In the Sumerian tradition, the Father and God of Wisdom has his sanctuary at the deep waters inside the earth. The earth symbolizes the female body, the water inside the earth the anointing (see The Four Elements). Therefore, the Father is an anointed one, in that he has access to the innermost, to the source of life, in order to sow his seed of love in it.

Because the water grounds belong to the ABZU, to the Great Below. This is the domain of the Great Mother and a symbol of the unconscious (cf. The Great Feminine, Life Itself, in the Underworld).. The Father ABBA himself has ascended in the power of love from the ABZU into the realm of the spirit (ANZU).

Rescue the love that died

In her distress, Inanna, the goddess of love, who has died and is trapped in the underworld, also seeks help from the father and god of wisdom. He shares in her grief and rescues her from the underworld by raising her from the dead on the third day.

[S. The Sumerian tradition of Inanna, the goddess of love (summary); Inanna's path to the father and resurrection by the father and The morning star and my journey through space and time.]

Judaism: 3 days of darkness, the salvation of the firstborn and Jonah.

The Passover Lamb for the Firstborn Son

These three days in the realm of the dead correspond to the ninth plague of Egypt (three days of darkness), after which the "first love" (symbolized by the firstborn) dies (the 10th and last plague). The ten plagues correspond to ten destructive factors of negative dynamics, which are averted through meekness and forgiveness (symbolized by the lamb).

[S. The ten plagues of Egypt and The double negative dynamic.]

The calling of the prophet Jonah

Likewise, Jonah spent three days in the underworld, symbolized by the belly of the whale. C.G. Jung refers to the "night journey", which occurs in many mythologies, as an underworld experience. This represents the last phase of the Hero's Paththe trial by fire

Christianity: Resurrection of Jesus by the Father on the 3rd day

Devotion as a sign of the Father's love

About 3000 years later it is reported of a Jewish rabbi with the name Jehoshua ("Jesus"), who prayed again and again to the father and said of himself that he lived father love. He called the father ABBA (Aramaic for "Pappa"; see also above on the Sumerian tradition).
According to tradition, Jesus was also raised from the dead (like the Sumerian goddess of love) after being killed on the third day by the Father. He left his followers a prayer that begins with "OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN".

[S. The prayer "Our Father.]

Modern examples of the teaching of fatherly love

Father (2; Sagrada Familia)

A free text to the father

Relationship in freedom


With my creative power I have begun a good work, which I will certainly complete. I have many children and it is important to me that they grow up in freedom and learn to deal with their gifts and talents. This means that they are also allowed to make mistakes. 

Again and again I worry about my children. I often wish they would come to me, especially when they have problems. I would love to give them advice and help them. But I can't do more than offer them the relationship.

I also have two very different sons.

The rebellious son

The one son has left me. He is driven by stormy masculinity. He has claimed his share of the inheritance - his own life - from me and is going his own way with it. What am I to do? I have to let him go. I must let him have his experiences. I watch with concern as he squanders his resources, consuming everything he can, stimulants as well as women. He seeks power and takes without scruples. He cares nothing for love, nor for his counterpart: He treats women like commodities and ignores their feelings.

Instead, he obtains power over people and things by force. His motto is: "I want everything and I want it now!". In his immature, quick-tempered masculinity, he is in the grip of the spirit of the power of the air ...

Not that I don't understand it ... I was young once myself. But I know all the more: young men must learn to restrain their life force. We must all learn to love truly.

The obedient son

The other son is a joy to me. He asks me and follows my advice. He has copied many things from me and thus learned from me. He does what I say because he trusts me. I rejoice in his devotion and respect, not only toward me, but toward everyone he meets. He is the younger son, the son of my wisdom. His way is love, therefore he is an anointed one. He is gentle. But even if some think that he is weak, I know that in him there is true overcoming power that does not fear death.

Standards and traditions to protect against injuries

Gaining wisdom is a process that takes time. - And unfortunately, young people often cannot and do not want to wait that long. Therefore, commandments and norms were given to protect them from violations.
Thus, on the one hand, the young man was put in a binding relationship in which he can learn devotion. On the other hand, this truth remains: The young woman is a true goddess of love (only) when she does not want to rule and be adored, but gives away her divine life out of love.
Thus, both must learn to restrain their desire: He must get his physical desire under control and she must get her emotions under control.

Father (2; Sagrada Familia)

Love in danger

Because unfortunately ... It's the way of the world: love is in danger.
My daughters are confronted far too early with the magical power of their charisma. But by letting their charms play out, it's hard to avoid getting hurt. This is because in response to their seductive appeal, they do not receive the love they long for at the bottom of their hearts, but arouse desire.
This is the reason why the pure love I have placed in the heart of each of my daughters is in danger.
Some call this the "curse" or "original sin," - the problem that is as old as humankind itself.

The birth of the ego, the identity of power

And... oh yes, the tiresome topic of power! - When did everything begin? - Once long ago, with the birth of mankind and every day, with the birth of a new man, I'm afraid.

Because at birth, man is pushed out of paradise, so to speak. Before, everything he needed was there, because in the body of the mother he had constant warmth, security, food, closeness, safety. But with the birth the new life is pressed through a narrow channel and experiences for the first time fear of death up to the first panic breath as well as pain, cold, lack, abandonment!
This is the birth of the small I - from fear, distrust and negativity. If the human being persists in this, then he wants power to have control and to be able to take.

Forgotten dreams

It pains me again and again to see my children turning away from me and forgetting me, even trying to extinguish the true spark I have given into their hearts... If only they would understand that I am happy to give them what they need, what they deserve and even more: what they desire and what they dare not even dream of.
If only they would trust me!

But sometimes my children just get mixed up. Then they do what is harmful to them.

The truth is the reason

They must first learn to overcome their fear, their ego, that is, their little self. Only in this way can they grow beyond their limitations and find their big I, the Self. The way there means to turn away from power and to look fearlessly into the eye of their own truth. Certainly I do not leave them alone in this! I have always been there and have come along with everything. Nothing is hidden from me and no matter what happens, I love my children and will always love them.

They think they can hide from me and also from themselves. But they can't. Because the truth is the foundation on which to build. If they know themselves seen and yet loved, then their trust can also grow, which is a fruit of love.

Life in the Unconscious and the Light in the Darkness

Through power, abuse and exploitation, much darkness has come into the world ...

But the light shines even in the darkest darkness. It lights a light in it, the belief that there is a better, eternal truth as well as the hope that everything makes sense.

It is love that bears, endures and thus transforms everything. It does not fear the darkness, does not fear death, but is stronger than death and overcomes it.
It also fills the deepest lack first and lets the new grow on the ruins of the old.

I, the Father, have begun a good work and will not rest until it is completed.
As I live forever.

Sagrada Familia, ceiling

Annette writes:

The Father knows us - down to the deepest bottom - nothing can be hidden - nothing can be covered up - there is no mask.


And this very thing is reflected in our relationships.

So we are called - even to follow the path - the trace of eternity ...

This path means healing.

To be the loving father himself -
and to recognize the divine self in everyone,

To love even the adversary yet,
the rebel, the lost one,
the one with the hardened heart -

to love ourselves.

Because only this love moves - moves us to contemplation.

Live and love as great - as you can - grow daily in this task - face the tests that this brings!

In this way we will realize that we are the gift of love, which is so great - that this love unites - that this love overcomes everything.

So we are all overcomers - in the name of the Father - whom HE gave US.

We continue with:

The prayer "Our Father
The name of God    

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