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Virgo - miracle working love and potential

Virgo, symbol of potential

By on 17 September 2020

Virgo, symbol of potential

Virgo and its "magic": the miracle-working power of love

Pure gentle love

The VIRGIN stands for the strong, heavenly power of gentle love. In her supernatural beauty she radiates messages such as: "Everything is possible!" and: "The sky is the Limit". Thus she draws the gaze from earthly limitations into the realm of the spirit and the divine.

A divine radiance of beauty and perfection

This heavenly radiance also clings to the young woman whose love is still intact. In identification with the VIRGIN she embodies a piece of her perfection. She awakens the dreams and desires of the young man who wants to "aim high": she is what he needs to do so! She is his "good match", his "goddess" who inspires him, his "princess" who can get him his kingdom.

This song goes with it:
"She's so high above me!"(with lyrics and translation).

The song sings about the mythological theme of the young man who comes "from nothing" and wins everything by conquering the king's daughter. She appears to him as if "from another star". He is the strong hero who has nothing to lose and can therefore put his whole existence on the line.

The Virgin and the Creation of New Reality

Virgo is so fascinating because it promises potential and fulfilment. Her love and faith are without limits. From her eyes shines what can become. In them, the hero already sees himself as the future king and father of her unborn children.

She thus embodies the promise of what can become. As a Virgo mother, she is potential and reality in one, for she holds the future in her arms with the child.

Thus it fulfils two of the three prerequisites for the creation of new reality. For love and life-giving power are united in it. Now all that is needed is the igniting spark that sets the emergence of the new in motion, the creative impulse, the male seed of "the word".

The three conditions for the emergence of new reality

These three conditions must be met for new reality to emerge:

1. pure love as the unifying element

Only love has the power to unite the two ultimate opposites male and female, spirit and matter, creating new reality. TheVirgin stands as a symbol forpure love and the feminine side of the Spirit of God (see The Holy Spirit).

2. living and reality-bearing matter (the "female" side) 

The feminine side of the creative act is life in matter.
The VIRGIN symbolises potential in a broader sense, the MOTHER on the other hand as reality the living reality. The special feature of the feminine is that it can take up seed and make living fruit grow. In other words, this means that the secret of the life of earthly existence is hidden in the feminine, in living matter (see below).

3. the creative impulse (thehe "masculine side")

As a third prerequisite besides love and living matter, the "igniting spark", namely the spiritual-creative impulse, is also needed for the emergence of new reality. This is the male side of the spirit and is representedby the ARCHETYPE of ANIMUS.

The Virgin "in Heaven" as the Ether 

The Virgin, left arm of the Father

Born "in heaven" - out of the Father's love

Virgo is born from the spiritual and unconditional love of the Father "in heaven". As his "left arm", she symbolises the power of pure, gentle love, full of trust and with a faith that can move mountains. (Illustration: Detail from "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo.)

The invisible connecting element

The word ether is translated as "pure heavenly air".
Already in ancient times people spoke of the ether and meant by it a "spiritual" element, a substance that is not perceptible, but is nevertheless everywhere and connects everything. This is a factor which is outside the boundaries of space and time and fits well with pure love as well as with the potential which is contained in the archetype of the VIRGIN.

This supernatural, unifying force associated with the Virgin has always played an important role in human thought, both in traditions and in science. These are some examples:

The virgin over 5000 years: from the goddess of air to the sea of all possibilities

The idea of this "ethereal element" attached to Virgo has taken different forms over the millennia:

The Goddess of Air in Sumer

NinLil was the Sumerian name for the virgin goddess of the air. She represented tender, delicate, vulnerable and devoted love. Her husband was EnLil, the tempestuous god of air. Their marriage was the first tragedy in the heaven of the gods. She turned NinLil into EreshKiGal, the ruler of the underworld

Greece and the quintessence of ether

Also the Greek mythology knew the "Aither" as the personified "upper heaven". Aristotle spoke of a "quintessence" as the fifth element, which can hold together the four elements, fire, water, earth and air. These thoughts went over later into the alchemy.

The miracle-working Virgin Mother in the Church: potential and reality

In Christian churches, the Virgin is often depicted as a mother with the child in her arms. This in itself is a "miracle" which contradicts human experience. For a mother who has given birth cannot still be a virgin. However, as a symbol of potential, with the child as an indication of the new reality, she is unquestionable (see below). Fittingly, the Virgin was also attributed supernatural, miracle-working and healing powers by the Church.

The ether and the diffusion of light

In the Enlightenment and 17th century physics, the "ether" as a unifying element became the mental explanation for the spread of light. This also contains strong symbolism. Thus it is indeed love(ether) that promotes awareness (spread of light). 

Albert Einstein, the ether and the proximity effect

Albert Einstein described the ether in connection with his theory of relativity [1] as indispensable for the proximity effect. Thus, as at the time of the Greeks, the element still has the property of standing outside of space and time.

The sea of all possibilities in quantum physics

The potential that quantum physics speaks of also has properties of an invisible and connecting element. It is called the "sea of all possibilities". In fact, water belongs to the feminine. Its different aggregate states also fit in with this: as a liquid life-bearing substance ("water") it serves as an image for the mother element, while as a gas ("air") it fits the VIRGIN. Thus, according to the biblical creation account, on the second day, water "in heaven" (potential) was separated from water "on earth" (reality).
(The solid form, ice and snow, symbolises the negative anima, see The Ice Dynamic).  

Virgo as potential and sea of all possibilities

Water - female

Mythological roots

Water, as mentioned, is associated with the feminine (see water - feminine). Already in the Sumerian creation account the "MOTHER" appears as a stormy flood, "sweet" and nourishing or "salty" and agitated. In the Babylonian tradition of the creation of the world by Marduk, the "Maiden of Life" (TiAmat) as the mistress of the seas has become the fearsome dragon.

Beautiful Madonna, St. Mary's Church, Gdansk

The sea of all possibilities

The sea of all possibilities as a designation for the potential fits the traits of the archetype of the VIRGIN. Like the ether, it is a theoretical construction and accordingly can neither be seen nor measured or counted. Nevertheless, "it" must be there, because otherwise certain processes cannot be explained.

The Virgin Mother: Potential and Reality in One

If the VIRGIN, as living matter that has not yet been "fertilised", stands for potential, the MOTHER, who has already given birth, stands in contrast for living reality. According to the understanding of quantum physics, all matter is alive, because it consists of quanta, which basically react to consciousness. Quanta know two states: potential and reality.

Waves and Quanta as Virgin and Mother

The following thoughts are inspired, among others, by Ulrich Warnke, who wrote a book entitled "Quantum Philosophy and Spirituality".

The Mother: Quanta as Reality 

All matter consists of quanta. They form the experienceable reality. The word matter is related to Latin mater, which means "mother". New reality can in turn grow from living matter (for example, plants from the earth)..
When quanta are not in "use", the construct says, they are in a state of potential. Quantum physicists speak of a "wave state".

Virgo: Waves as potential

The model states that quanta that are not yet or no longer in use float as "waves" in a "sea of possibilities". The quantum physicist Warnke calls these waves virtual particles consisting of probability [2].

Virtual information and potential energy

Ulrich Warnke comments on this verbatim:

These constructions "swim" in a sea of virtual energy and potential information and can "switch to reality" based on quantum physical laws. The term quantum philosophy means that consciousness is at the centre of what is happening ... [3]

Consciousness as the igniting spark forms the masculine side of the process of creation, as mentioned above.

The "Birth of the Child": vow potential to a new reality

In other words, these "waves" as potential can theoretically be anything, but factually they are not (yet) anything concrete. By analogy, the virgin with the blue eyes can theoretically have a child with every conceivable eye colour. - The decisive factor is the genes of the father.

It is the same with the waves: They take up the creative impulse of consciousness to give it real form. In the process, all other possibilities "collapse" and the "wave" becomes a quantum by "switching to reality".

The Virgin as a miracle-working vessel (Grail)

The miracle of life and the realisation of the new lies hidden in the womb of the feminine, in the innermost part of living matter.

Figuratively speaking, this is the "underworld" or the "magic cave" with its immeasurable wealth and precious treasures, as depicted, for example, in the Babylonian Gilgamesh epic and in fairy tales such as Aladdin and the Magic Lamp or Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. (S. Gilgamesh's Journey to the Sea.)

The feminine (receiving, living matter) includes the body and people as a collective. More:

The feminine includes:

  • The woman, all women: They can take up seed and give birth to new life.
  • The human body: It receives impulses of consciousness ("male") and translates them into words and deeds, into new reality.
  • The collective (group, people, the whole of humanity): It reacts to information, for example news, with moods and actions. It also takes on board the instructions of the ruler and shapes new reality according to them (carries out instructions, such as building roads).
  • The earth: It can absorb seeds and give growth. It also reacts to the most diverse impulses from the cosmos or from human behaviour, e.g. with climate warming.
  • Thewhole of creation: it is given over to transience and thus in the "underworld" (i.e. in unconsciousness, s. The Great Feminine in the Underworld).

Intact love and life-giving power

Life itself is a mystery. It is hidden, even "buried" in matter, in the feminine.
On the one hand, Virgo symbolises this life, which lies as potential in matter, but on the other hand it also symbolises love, which provides access for the creative impulse of loving consciousness. 

Pure Love ...

This intact love is "sacred" because it leads to the unification of opposites and thus to wholeness and new reality. It must therefore be protected! If it is corrupted and destroyed by power, then a negative dynamic sets in instead, which ultimately leads to death. (See Negative Couple Dynamics, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp and The 10 Plagues of Egypt).

... and a wonderworking vessel

As matter into which the "seed" is placed as an instruction of consciousness, the feminine is a "vessel" from which fullness grows (see The Womb of the Woman as the Grail).
In traditions this "vessel" takes different forms. Two examples:

  • In Parzival it is called the Grail, which is carried into the room by a virgin. When it appears, the table is laid with rich food as if by magic. But when the guardian of the Grail is "ill", the whole land goes bad.
  • In Aladdin and the magic lamp a powerful, servant spirit dwells in the lamp's vessel and grants every wish.

The traditions also deal with the issue that this vessel can "fall into the wrong hands" by someone seizing it for selfish motives. For it is valid:

Whoever possesses this vessel has "supernatural" powers!

He can create new reality according to his ideas.
For living matter ("female") is designed to implement the intention or instruction of consciousness ("male") (see
Father and Mother, Spirit and Matter).

This is the real reason why virgins are so "highly traded".

The miracle-working power of intact love can realise a man's wildest dreams and the life force he finds in the woman's womb gives him spiritual strength. However, this power only resides in the woman whose love is still (or again) intact. (If, on the other hand, she is in negativity, then she is "powerless" or likewise caught in the destructive power play of the negative couple dynamic ).

Therein may lie the real reason why it has always been supremely meaningful for men to "own" innocent and unencumbered women. The chance that love is intact with an "untouched" woman who has not yet been disappointed is greater. She will therefore be more willing to give herself. And if not, she has always been helped along with oppression and submission, according to the motto: "If you are not willing, then I need violence". (S. The commandment of the subordination of women and their oppression).

Who wins the virgin?

The question which arises for the conscious man is:
Who shall have authority over matter, who shall have the power to govern?
In other words: Who is legitimised to initiate the new in living matter through the mere "seed of his word"?

Evil or good reality?

It is, as mentioned, the impulse of consciousness that initiates the new reality (see . The creation of new reality.)

Evil Intent: Power

Egoism, lies and abuse will in the long run only produce bad reality. For they are ultimately born of lack of love and therefore cause injuries and consequent negative reactions such as pride, pain and anger, resignation or indignation and rebellion.

Good intention: Love

Good intention, on the other hand, is always connected with the life-giving power of love. Responsible creative FATHER-love gives itself completely, gives itself through its SON (phallus) as the anointed one into living matter. In doing so, he "sows" the good seed of love in the "dying" of the power (potency) and thus calls the new creation into being.

Resurrection of the dead love in the Sumerian tradition

This is already the theme in the Sumerian tradition: the resurrection by the father lets the dead goddess of love return to life again from the underworld.  

So the answer is:
Truly legitimised is the Anointed One
who comes in the name of love.

The happy ending: the wedding with the virgin

Accordingly, love has a masculine and a feminine side:

  • The male side is the hero who fights for the good with his loving consciousness. He thus represents a CHRIST figure who, through his devotion, reconnects woman and the feminine with the very own power of love. As a result, the VIRGIN stands up again as pure love. 
  • The feminine side is the power of gentle love, symbolised by the VIRGIN. She awakens the hero's soul to new life and makes him receptive to the infinite dimension of the spirit.

Holy Wedding

In fairy tales and traditions, the holy wedding seals the happy ending. It signifies the successful union of prince and princess, male and female.
In other words, it stands for the integration of the unconscious ("female", as princess or VIRGIN) into the loving consciousness ("male", as prince or CHRIST in unity with the FATHER).


[1] A. Einstein: On the Aether: Quote: "But even if these possibilities mature into real theories, we will not be able to do without the aether, i.e. the continuum endowed with physical properties, in theoretical physics; for the general theory of relativity, to whose fundamental points of view physicists will probably always adhere, excludes an unmediated action at a distance; but every theory of action at a distance presupposes continuous fields, thus also the existence of an "aether". (In: Verhandlungen der Schweizerischen naturforschenden Gesellschaft. No. 2, 1924, pp. 85-93)

[2] Ulrich Warnke, "Quantum Philosophy and Spirituality" (2011, p. 202), in Chapter 3 (Matter, Energy and Emptiness in the Human Body), p. 62.

[3] Ulrich Warnke, "Quantum Philosophy and Spirituality" (2011, p. 202), in Chapter 3, p. 65.

[4] For example, by the apostle Peter(1 Peter 3:7):


  1. A Catholic priest gave me a very interesting interpretation of virginity:
    It has nothing to do with a sexual state. It is also a state of "being unoccupied". Men can also have the virginal state of being unoccupied by XXX things. So they too can conceive.
    The reason that women usually have more access to spirituality is precisely because they are more receptive than men, whose mind is more focused on sending.
    In this sense, we can all tune into virginal receptivity to receive divine inspiration, inspiration and guidance. Just as the Virgin Mary was able to receive the child (energy) of God and let it become man (matter).

    1. Thank you very much, Christa, for this comment, which gets to the heart of the issue in such a vivid way. That is exactly how it is. Every human being is also "receiving and reality-birthing matter" with his body. Accordingly, he can implement spiritual impulses and ideas through words and deeds and thus create new material reality.

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