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Secrets in families and collectives as a curse

Root dragon

By on 24 March 2020

Root dragon

An old dead rootstock looks like a dragon. Likewise, dark secrets can take the ghostly form of a curse.

Dark secrets as a curse

Dark secrets or traumatic experiences hidden in the unconscious can have a curse-like effect - even over several generations. 

Negative secrets and magic from the unconscious

Physical effects

What is hidden in the unconscious works with negative energy from the shadows and this via the body. Thus, a person may experience physical effects for which, however, there is no obvious cause. There is often a secret behind it. 

Force majeure?

Secrets hidden in the unconscious often unfold their power through rigid beliefs or dogmas, diffuse fears or rigid taboos.Inaddition, the incomprehensibleis perceivedas something "higher" (or "deeper"). And precisely because it is hidden, there is no escape from it. Secrets can thus act like a curse.

Rigid beliefs and principles

Even illogical and destructive beliefs that appear immovable as convictions often spring from a dark secret. And the more abstruse they are, the more tenaciously they are defended.

Dark fascination

Paradoxically, it is often precisely the tabooed and painful that exerts a strong attraction again and again through its dark power.

Secrets - hidden cause, manifest effect

Body knowledge and emotions

A hidden cause, which is not accessible to consciousness, is nevertheless there. Because it is stored in the body as reality, and the body cannot lie. It is reality and creates new reality. This then usually manifests itself in incomprehensible reactions and actions.

Rationalisations and exaggerations

To make matters worse, the mind produces flimsy justifications especially where no meaningful explanation is given. To compensate for the lack of justification, however, these are underlined with all the stronger emotions.

[S. Strong Emotions and the Unconscious (Shadow Activity).]

If there is a lack of logic, then the hidden often receives additional authority and is proclaimed as a "higher truth" that must not be questioned.

Awareness: from darkness to light

One can get on the track of such secrets by mindfully noticing one's own body feelings. In the light of awareness, inner beliefs can then be replaced by positive instructions for the body.

In this way, understanding and control gain more space in life. This then also leads to a change in behaviour, from which in turn new positive experiences arise.

Dark secrets in the family

Effect of the secrets over generations

There are difficult topics that are not talked about, especially in the family circle, such as trauma or a crime. Perhaps the first generation still knows about it, but keeps quiet about it. In the next generation or at the latest in the one after that, however, the secret sinks completely into the unconscious. But it still shows its effect because it has not yet been healed.

Emotional blockages and body knowledge

The more a reality is suppressed or tabooed, the stronger it works with negative energy from the shadows. It manifests itself, for example, through emotional tension or negative bodily feelings. It is understandable that the shadow can have its strong effect precisely where those affected do not have the slightest idea what is actually going on and what they have to fight against in the first place. They only feel "it", indeed they are "inwardly certain" that "it" is true. But they have no possibility to call "it" by its name, let alone to work through "it". Because in all of this there is a silent consensus: "You don't talk about that!". Or "That's not proper!" And: "Certain things must not be questioned!

Collective secrets as a curse

Secrets that affect an entire collective lead one step deeper into the unconscious and usually persist even more stubbornly. In this way, tolerating or legitimising injustice traumatises the masses. Their revolt against it then becomes the breeding ground on which even more injustice and oppression arise.

Examples of trauma with collective impact:

  • Abuse that is tolerated within the framework of a faith community or even assumed as a ritual for belonging to a group.
  • Criminal activities such as dishonest or unethical use of resources or people.
  • Having to watch and remain silent: when you can do nothing without risking your life. This leads to traumatisation through powerlessness (for example, dealing with the Jews in the Second World War).

In order for people and whole collective systems to become healthy, it is important that such "secrets" come to light and are worked through.

The Secrets of the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh 

The oppressor as hero

Sargon of Akkad (Source: Wikipedia)

The first "collective secret" is found in the Babylonian Gilgamesh epic. Its texts have been written over several centuries, partly mutilated and overwritten again. Especially the more recent texts glorify King Gilgamesh as a despotic ruler, rapist and oppressor. Yes, he even gains "divinity" by not shying away from heaven itself.

A New World Order ...

Thus, the Gilgamesh epic, as the first human heroic saga to be recorded in writing, created a new world order: the glorification of violence and oppression.

Decoding the secrets through the message of the symbols

In the Gilgamesh epic, however, there is also deep truth and wisdom. For the symbols of the heroic story stand in stark contrast to literal statements of the more recent versions. The images describe the painful path of the oppressor to the good king. After the latter has recognised his failure and mourns it, he is given a new chance.

[S. Introduction to the Gilgamesh Epic].

Liberation: Secrets at the Light of Consciousness

The curse: bondage under the dynamics of power

The bondage and bondage of human beings and their path to freedom are the themes of the great human traditions - from the beginning to the present day (cf. The expulsion from paradise as a collective drama). Thus the dynamic of power that runs through the whole history of mankind is also the deeper meaning of the Original sin.

The path to freedom: Awareness-raising

It takes courage to confront the shadow. Those who succeed in questioning their own behaviour and, if necessary, changing it, can have positive experiences and break the power of secrets. In addition, they will experience that the feared consequences do not occur or are by far not as bad as expected.

Freedom and eternal life

This in turn leads to a positive feedback loop: to more self-efficacy, satisfaction and joy in life. Thus, in the power of loving consciousness, the human being can free himself from unconscious attachments and gain his own identity, his self, for eternity.

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