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2. Snow White and the Huntsman (Initiation)

By on 23 June 2020

Snow White and the Huntsman

The huntsman went into the forest with Snow White.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the huntsman go into the forest together. He has been ordered by the stepmother to kill the king's daughter.

The Hunter and Innocence

Brief summary of content and archetypes

Short synopsis from the fairy tale:

The hunter went into the forest with the girl. But he took pity on her and let her go. Instead, he brought the queen the heart and the lungs of a young boar.
The poor child ran full of fear through the great forest.

Symbols and Archetypes:
  • Forest: The collective unconscious in the realm of the body
  • Compassion: The hunter has integrity (innocent)
  • Heart and lungs: destroyed love and mental bondage

    Liliana's story - still fabulous

    Johan, the hunter

    The little house in the forest

    At the next opportunity, Liliane put on her trousers and doublet again and ran to the stable. She saddled Diamant, her black horse, and suddenly the hunter was standing in front of her.

    - Johan!" she said delightedly. But he scowled.
    - What about you?" she wanted to know. When he didn't answer, she said: "Are you coming for a ride?
    Silently he fetched his white horse. They rode together into the forest. On the way they did not speak a word. Suddenly they were standing in front of a little house.
    - Oh look, how cute!! - What kind of house is that!!! Liliana exclaimed joyfully.
    - That's the hunting lodge, said the hunter tonelessly. He dismounted from his horse. Liliana swung herself out of the saddle, stood in front of him and looked at him anxiously. She put her hand on his arm and asked:
    - Johan! - What's wrong??
    The hunter remained silent.
    - Come on, show me the hut!, Liliana called and added enthusiastically: The little windows with the chequered curtains... How cute!

    An offer

    They went inside. Wordlessly, Johan sat down on the bench by the table. Liliana looked around:
    - I like it here!, she said enchanted: You could really make yourself comfortable here!!!
    Spontaneously she sat down next to him and said:
    - I don't want to stay in the castle any longer. Mother is so mean to me! And I don't want to prance around in tight clothes that don't let me breathe and braid my hair and drape it for hours every day...! - Mother hurts me when she combs my hair, I hate it! I never want to be like her! I want to be free!!!
    With that, she stretched her arms in the air - and lowered them the next moment - around the hunter's neck. Passionately she said:
    - Can't I stay here - together with you???"
    She leaned her head against his shoulder.
    His voice sounded rough as he replied :
    - You don't know what you are saying!

    He acts responsibly

    Then he gave himself a jolt and stood up abruptly, saying:
    - I have to go now!
    Liliana was startled and said desperately:
    - Did I say something wrong?
    - No!, said the hunter: Come! We have to go back to the castle. There I will pack my things. I have to leave! I can't stay in the castle any longer!
    Liliana was even more frightened:
    - Is it... because of me???
    - Because of your mother...!, he said grimly.
    They rode back without a word. Liliana was confused and had the vague feeling that she had misbehaved. At the stable they dismounted. He took the reins of her horse and said:
    - I'll take Diamant with me right away...!


    Then he hesitated for a moment. Gently, he put his hand on her chin and pushed it up so that his eyes looked into hers:
    - Take care of yourself, little one!, he said urgently.
    She shook her head, uncomprehending. Then she lifted her hands behind her neck and unhooked her dove chain from her neck. She held it out to him. He stared at it:
    - What is this???, he said, startled.
    - Take it! I want to give it to you. I got it from father. I am sad that you are leaving. Keep it! Please!!! - And don't forget me!
    Tears stood in her eyes as she pressed the dove firmly into his palm and closed his hand around it.
    He smiled warmly at her and assured:
    - I will not forget you.
    Then he tore his gaze away from her, took the two horses and went to the stable.

    Heart and lungs

    Liliana ran up to her room, locked the door and threw herself on the bed, sobbing.
    The hunter had packed his things and loaded his horse when the queen appeared.
    - Well?, she said. How was it???
    Wordlessly and without looking at her, he put the spurs to his horse and rode away.

    With satisfaction, the queen found that Liliana was destroyed and left her alone in her room.

    Comments on this interpretation: The innocence of the hunter

    The hunter takes pity and lets the girl go.

    He has a heart, unlike the evil queen.

    The fairy tale clearly states: it is the "wicked stepmother" who is to blame, not the huntsman. Put in a broader context, this means: It is just the way of this world (s. The stepmother and the collective dimension of abuse). The men are not to blame for everything, but they are - like the women - the part of the reality of seduction and violence in which the world is caught.
    Those who overcome power and inner distress in the power of loving consciousness can free themselves from destructive patterns and achieve wholeness and Kingship in life. This is also what the fairy tale Snow White is about.

    Liliana's story - the first sexual intercourse

    The hunter...

    One day, when Uncle Bruce was visiting, Father and Alexandra had to leave unexpectedly.

    ... does not take responsibility, but acts unconsciously.

    Bruce said, "I'll stay here and look after Lilly!". He blinked at me. I was not happy about it at all. As soon as the parents left, he took me by the hand as if he wanted to show me something great. But then he pulled me close to him and began to undress me, while at the same time tampering with his trousers. Eventually I managed to free myself from his tentacles and run away. I couldn't talk to anyone about it.

    Heart and lungs

    Soon I had my first relationship and we became intimate. This was not because I loved him, but because I just wanted to belong and be as cool as the others.

    Snow White's hero's journey over seven mountains, overview:

    Snow White's Hero's Path over 7 Mountains

    The second phase of the Hero's Path: Initiation

    The hunter

    The Heart of the Freshman ... Did "it" happen or not?

    The huntsman kills a young one of the wild sow instead of the Snow White. This image can be understood in this way: "If the mother was already 'filthy', then the daughter will not fare any better". (see Secrets and the Curse). Enstprechende circumstances are also already the starting point of the oldest human tradition, the Sumerian mythology. In this the tree of the young goddess of the love was felled because it was occupied by dark beings of the power.

    Conclusion: It has happened - and far too soon.

    It happened far too soon, before the young woman's heart and love had also found security and acceptance and before she had taken her body for herself.

    But what the fairy tale wants to say to the child who is eagerly listening to the story is this:

    Hold on to love! Believe in it, no matter what happens (and bad things can happen)! There is true love and it will meet you!

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