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The prayer "Our Father" and the wholeness of the Seven

Father in heaven

By on 18 August 2020

Father in heaven

The Prayer "Our Father in Heaven", Introduction

The Wholeness of the Seven in the Prayer "Our Father

The prayer "Our Father"thematizes the whole human reality between heaven and earth, spirit and matter, father and mother. It leads from the spirit (consciousness: "Father") down to the body and matter (the life force, glory and kingdom, "Mother").

A quick guide to the hero's path (7 aspects)

Thus, the prayer contains statements about the seven aspects of earthly existence and can also be associated with the Hero's Path.

Sumer - seven gates of the underworld and the hero's path

Dying and rising

Already in the Sumerian mythology there is talk about the "Great Above" (AN), the realm of the father, and the "Great Below" (AB), the realm of the mother.
Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of love descends on her heroic path from heaven to the underworld (symbol for the unconscious) and has to pass seven gates. She dies and is resurrected on the third day by the loving father.


Overcoming seven "mountains" through faith

The challenge in life is to overcome obstacles and grow from them. Faith gives the strength to do this. This is what the Bible says (quote from Jesus):

Have faith of God! Verily I say unto you: Whoever will say to this mountain: Lift yourself up and throw yourself into the sea! and will not doubt in his heart, but will believe that what he says will be done, it will be done to him. Therefore I say to you: Whatever you pray for and ask, believe that you have received it, and it will come to you. [1]

At the bottom or on top? The Sermon on the Mount!

Thus, in the traditions, mountains are a symbol of obstacles that oppose man in the material reality (for example, also in the Gilgamesh epic or in the fairy tale Snow White). Overcoming them requires determination and perseverance, and thus spiritual strength to reach the goal.

Encounter with God on the mountain and the Sermon on the Mount

Moses climbed a mountain where he met God (Ex 19:3) and it is also said of Jesus that he also climbed a high mountain where the disciples perceived him in bright light. There he met God, Moses and Elijah(Transfiguration of Jesus, Mt 17,1).
Further, Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount contains a strong encouragement for those people who have to "get down" in this world. They are to be lifted up (see The Sermon on the Mount in the Bible Server, Mt 5:1-12.)! The suffering (cross) means at the same time the exaltation. Jesus was not afraid to go this way and thus set a strong sign (see the cross as a symbol for wholeness).

Struggle of faith or servitude under the drives?

In other words, man can take the effort and climb the mountain (from where he gets a wonderful view!). - Otherwise the way remains to him "below through", i.e. through the realm of the shadows, in which the drives and the ego rule. This is vividly illustrated in the movie The Lord of the Rings by the subterranean world of Moria. Already in the Babylonian tradition it is told about Gilgamesh that he got under the mountain on his way and had to walk 120 km through the darkness until he finally came to the light again (see The Scorpion Men and the Way Under the Mountain).

Dying and rising - the way through the shadows

Courageously, the hero consciousness goes to the underworld, to the realm of shadows and death, and overcomes them in the power of love (see The Consciousness and the Unconscious). For faith belongs to the Father and is identical with the loving consciousness. That is why the above quotation says: "Have faith of God". It can be translated with: "Have faith in God", or also: "Have divine, namely spiritual faith".


The prayer "Our Father" is the guide to this path.

Overcoming one's own death (the ego) and resurrection

Confrontation with the ego and the drives

The Hero's Path leads the human being down into the deepest shadows, the unconscious structures to the confrontation with the Egoidentity of fear and separation. This amounts to an inner dying.

Resurrection into the eternal existence of love

Through the seed of love the foundation for the new eternal existence is laid. Because the love is stronger than the death and the life goes on nevertheless! This realization is the birth of the new. Thus the Shadow integrated and hidden resources are released.
Thus the human being - in life and through life itself (the MOTHER) - is born anew into the comprehensive and eternal existence of love.

[S. Dying and rising: In the here and now!; The Ego and the Self and Life and the Snake - Ascension and Descent).

It now stands as a child of God - equal to God - with self-efficacy, authority and creative power in its own life.

[S. Kingship in life - self-efficacy and Authority over matter (the anointing).]

The Seven Colors and the Bow of God

The Rainbow and the Seven of Earthly Existence

Step by step from "above" (from the realm of the spirit) to "below" (into the realm of the body and matter), the prayer "Our Father" addresses how love can be lived in all areas of life.

The seven phases of the hero's path: from top to bottom

The individual steps can be assigned to the hero's way. It leads as mentioned from above, from the higher consciousness and awareness down to the darkest corners of existence, into the unconscious, the area of the drives and the ego. If this bottom is illuminated in the light of love, everything is light, what makes the human being in his uniqueness. 

[p. Healing: What comes to light becomes light itself.]

- and up again: wholeness achieved!

With his self, the inner divine core, man has now achieved wholeness, reconciliation, peace and eternal life.From this new ground of existence, it now goes in one train upwards, directly to the Father, home, into the infinite realm of the spirit. With this the arc is closed (see graphic illustrations in this article).

The rainbow as a symbol of salvation and wholeness

Thus, in Jewish tradition, the rainbow represents God's covenant (with Noah, after the Flood, see Gen 9:13) and is a sign of the Father's saving love and wholeness (see also The Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel; Ezek 1:28).

On its way into matter, the light of the loving consciousness(Christ) is refracted so that it shines in the entire color spectrum of life.

The Prayer "Our Father" and the Hero's Walk

Now let's look at the individual statements of the prayer:

The individual statements are commented on below and each is accompanied by instructions for concrete personal contemplation (in the fold-out text).
[For the Bible text see Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 6,9 in the Bible server].

The prayer "Our Father" - seven steps to wholeness

7 - Our Father in heaven (in spirit: trust and relationship)

Heavenly Father represents the loving consciousness.

  • The Father as an archetype stands by definition for unconditional love, to which trust ("faith") and forgiveness belong (see The Father - saving love and deep wisdom). From this grow inner peace and energy.
  • In heaven: This is the realm of the spirit, the invisible, the hidden. God works in secret, because everything begins with the spiritual impulse, the "seed of the word" or information.
7 - Wholeness: Seek God IN YOU, in secret!

A child of the Most High

By addressing Heavenly Father directly, you turn with confidence to that superior, comprehensive existence and enter into relationship.
Relationship and love go together. The Father dwells within you. He has given a "transmitter" into you, through which you can contact him at any time: your innermost, divine core, your Self.

You are loved, a child of the Most High. Everything that belongs to him also belongs to you. He wants you to share in it. He knows what you need, better than you yourself. However, you may come to him at any time with all your wishes and dreams. Formulate them and give them into the hands of the superior consciousness, into the hands of God. This will not remain unanswered! - The answer may not come as you expect, but you will certainly receive what you need to reach your good, high goal.

  • My father! I am coming to you. Here I am.
    What do I need? What do I desire?
    What spiritual idea, what plans should manifest or materialize in my life? You know what I need and give it to me. Thank you.

1 - "Hallowed" be your name (The "name" for the goal: wholeness)

"Wholeness" is the goal. "Salvation" means "healthy" or "whole", in the sense of intact. The goal for man is wholeness or, in other words, integrity. He who is whole is "like God." He is reconciled with himself and everything through love. Before his inner eye he sees the goal and thus literally wears the "name of God" on his forehead (s. The third eye and the treasure of the king).

1. confession: His name over your life - wholeness, unity

Profess love, which brings about unity and leads you to wholeness. Act in this sense and thus in His name, seeking peace, unity and salvation for yourself and others.

  • Who, what and what circumstances do I want to put under "his name"? What still needs to become whole? Where do I wish for more unity? 

2 - Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. 

God's reign come and may his will be done ...

  • first "in heaven", namely in the inner, hidden, thinking, intention or intent.
  • This is followed by the realization "on earth", that is, in the lived and material reality.

What has been recognized as "good" is also to be implemented through words and deeds. The recognition is followed by the confession in word and deed, in order to contribute to the goal, namely wholeness and health of everything and in everything. 

2. your (spiritual) faith must show itself (materialize) - in words and deeds

Once you have made your inner decision, it is important to materialize it in the outer circumstances of your life.

  • Where do I have to correct my own will - in comparison with the will of God? Where do I lack confidence that what I desire will happen? Why? - If it corresponds to the superior will, the will of God, it will be granted to me.

3 - Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. 

The point here is to endure lack and not to shift one's own deficit onto others by holding them accountable or blackmailing them. The question here is: Does the trust that what is needed is given (from above) bear even in difficulties and deprivations(desert)?
lover leaves his counterpart free, because he understands the inability of the other, because he knows that he himself is also defective. He therefore prefers to be thrown back on himself and thus takes responsibility for himself. 

3. endure lack and learn to endure yourself and others

Give us today our daily bread ...

We always get what we need, but not always what we want. Sometimes we also need correction.

  • What do I need today? What do I need right now? Wisdom? Trust? Patience? Strength? How grateful I am that I can ask for everything.

... and forgive us our trespasses ...

We make ourselves guilty again and again - and we remain guilty, to ourselves, to God and also to others. Because we cannot always give what others need or what they are entitled to. For our inability there is forgiveness and always a new beginning.

  • Where have I failed (again)? Which burden do I want to give up because it is too heavy for me? Where do I need forgiveness and a new chance and where do I need to forgive myself?

... just as we forgive our debtors.

Likewise, others also become guilty of us by hurting us, neglecting us, or misunderstanding us.

  • Who or what can and must I let go of so that my hands are free and open again to receive from God? - Where am I perhaps even disappointed by God? I want to acknowledge that I do not understand everything and yet trust again.

4 - And lead us not into temptation ... (to take the profit for the ego).

When profit and success occur, the temptation of pride and arrogance inevitably comes. The test here is not to take the resources gained for one's own ego, but to use them in the interest of the other person and thus serve (see Overcoming in Temptations and The Temptations of Jesus).

Remain humble and do not abuse your power.

In lack, we are tempted to take life force, love and other resources from others as soon as we can (because we have a position of power). To this end, we act unlovingly or strategically in our own interests, or throw good intentions overboard.

  • Where do I have to be careful not to let myself be carried away by negative thoughts, words or deeds, or to "help myself" to others because of my position of power?

5 - ... but deliver us from evil (help where we are helpless).

The "evil" is within the human being himself. It is the ego, which takes possession of him as a dark ruler in the shadows - via unconscious drives and deeply hidden emotions and behavior patterns.
When man recognizes what is inside him, he also recognizes that he needs "redemption" (see also The Ego and the Self). This confrontation with the unconscious dispositions, which are against the loving consciousness, is man'strial by fire. But in the power of love, the resources (bound in negativity) are "redeemed" from the shadow and are available anew in a positive way. [S. The integration of the shadows and Healing: What comes to light, becomes light itself.]

5. there is help for the things that exceed your assets.

There are things we do not understand and causes we do not know. There are circumstances in which we feel completely powerless and for which we have no solution. Here we may ask that these do not have a negative impact on our lives, but that (HE) SOLUTIONS arise for us in them - via our asking and understanding.

  • Where do I simply feel powerless, overwhelmed, helpless, resigned, as if fighting windmills? Where do I see no solution? Where do I need supernatural intervention, a miracle? - I am grateful that I can ask for this and be heard. 

6 - For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory ... (the living matter, "Mother").

The Promised Land of the King-Father

This last part of the prayer, from here on, called the "doxology", was added later. But it fits well as a conclusion and rounds off the whole. Its initial absence is also fitting, since the Great Feminine, life itself, is in the underworld and thus outside the consciousness of man. As the unconscious, it represents precisely that realm which must be won so that kingship (of God) in life and authority over matter can be attained.

The great feminine is living beauty and real glory. It grants creative access to the true lover (the FATHER and his anointed) by receiving the seed of the Word and transforming it into new, living reality ("child", "son").

The spirit with its creative will, which belongs to the consciousness, sets in the living matter (as potential, symbolized by the virgin) the impulse (seed) for the new, the "child" (of God) to be born.

[S. Male and Female and the Creation of New Reality.]

6. to rule in matter with the loving consciousness and to shape it ...

The creation of new reality

The kingdom does not belong to you, your ego, but to the loving Father - Consciousness, to whom nothing is impossible! By overcoming the urges in his power, you are one with Christ and the Father (s. Male wholeness, God 3-in-1, Father - Son - Spirit.), equal to him. Trust in the power of love - also in your life.

  • Where is it in my hands and responsibility to shape the circumstances? Where should I start? I am grateful for the many opportunities that are given to me in my life and I want to use them.

7 - In eternity (back home, "ascension" to the "true" Father and the eternal existence of the Spirit).

The person who has brought love into all areas of life has gained his identity for eternity. He has integrated his unconscious, his body and his urges into his consciousness and is thus whole. Masculine (conscious) and feminine (unconscious) have merged into unity in him. Thus he is one, reconciled and thus like "God". He is father and mother, love and creative power.

[S. God, wholeness, 3-in-1, male and female.]

Even if the body passes away, the soul remains.

The person who is whole has gained his eternal soul. Because the soul is immaterial, spiritual and therefore imperishable. It has access to the realm of the spirit ("heaven"), to the comprehensive consciousness, symbolized by the Father. 

  • Where there is no separation, there is no death. If I have overcome the ego, then I have also found the Father in me. So I am connected in my being with everything that is.
    For this I give thanks.
The prayer "Our Father

Annette writes:

Beloved Father!
Consciously I place myself in your light and see myself as part of the great, the whole and the good - as part of you.

Sanctified - Wholeness is your name - and that is also what is to be above my life: Your name, Your purpose, Your intention for my life: I am whole - in you!

May your kingdom, the wholeness, shine in my life and determine everything - HERE and NOW!

I take responsibility for all my thoughts and actions by consciously living them to the best of my knowledge and conscience and matching them with your good will.

You always give me what I need. So also today. Therefore, I want to trust that everything I encounter today comes from your hand. I want to accept my lessons and learn from them.

In doing so, I am also allowed to make mistakes. Just as you forgive me, I also want to forgive myself and others again and again, so that I can get up and move on freely.

Help me to be attentive and not be distracted from my goal by wrong actions, words or thoughts.

Furthermore, I trust that you will save me from anything that completely overwhelms me.

You let me participate in your kingdom, that overwhelms me. So I will enter the inheritance that you have provided for me, which will last forever.

In you I am strong, self-effective and rich!

Thank you for the beauty of life - in everything.


[1] Bible, New Testament, Gospel according to Mark, chapter 11, 22-24, so also in Matthew, chapter 21, 21 (Elberfelder translation): note the number of the Bible verse: 21 and again 21 = 3 x 7 and twice! (Three as a symbol for wholeness/God; seven as a symbol for the wholeness of earthly existence).

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