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Georg at the finish: The black giant and the virgin (6 and 7)

George, the Black Giant and the Virgin

By on 29. March 2021

George and the Black Giant

George, the Black Giant and the Virgin
(Dying and Rising)

Many years have passed. George has grown old, his cheeks are furrowed, his hair is grey. Finally, one evening, he sees the golden castle in the rosy clouds. He is about to follow the silver path and find the maiden, when a black giant rises up in front of him with a huge fist and blocks his way.

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The Dragonslayer and the Maiden (introduction)

George and the Black Giant: Death (6)

The castle appears

Many long years followed. Knight George's cheeks became furrowed, his hair turned grey, he had lived through many hardships and hard battles. But he had never stopped longing for Rosenburg.

And then, one evening, he saw the golden castle in the rosy clouds. With loose reins, he let his horse sprint ahead. The shimmering silver path leading up through the clouds to the castle already appeared before him.

The black giant

There a giant with flaming eyes and a huge fist, big enough to crush horse and rider, rose up before him. But the hero was not afraid, but steered his horse straight towards the giant. The horse reared up on its hind legs and put its ears back in a belligerent manner. The moment the hero reached for his sword, the giant disappeared.

Now he rode straight to the castle.

George and the Virgin in the Castle: Resurrection to Life (7)

George and the Virgin

The virgin with the starry eyes was waiting for him:
- You have overcome all obstacles - and found me!
The hero heaved a deep sigh and answered:
- But why did it take so long? Now I am old and grey...

Wholeness and eternal life

She smiled and held out a silver mirror to him. And behold: He was young and beautiful again.
Hand in hand they went into the castle.

Ritter Georg - The Black Giant and the Maiden


The underlined words

  • He never stopped looking after the castle: He kept his high ideals.
  • The golden castle in the clouds - (royal) rule in the realm of the spirit: In traditions, the air repeatedly symbolises the realm of the spirit. The hero has Wholeness and kingship in life. Now a princely future awaits him in another existence. The goal is within reach.
  • The silver shimmering path - silver, the metal of the feminine (cool like the moon): the integration of the feminine parts is the path to wholeness.
  • Theblack giant with the fiery eyes - Death (more see below): He is the final challenge.
  • The hero is not afraid, but takes up the sword: he has already overcome death once, the dragon (his ego).
  • The horse carries through: His passion for what is good and right and the fact that he gave his life to save others.
  • The giant has disappeared: He who has overcome his own death, his ego (his identity of separation), need not fear physical death (see Dying in Life and Living in Dying - from the First Death to the Second Resurrection).
  • The virgin with the starry eyes: she stands for the positive Anima of the hero, for the power of pure miracle-working love.
  • Eternal youth in the silver mirror: Life itself is the feminine side of God. With this the hero has achieved wholeness in eternity (s. God, wholeness, 3-in-1, masculine and feminine.).

Further thoughts:

George and the Black Giant: Dying

Black - the colour of matter and death

Matter decays, and death is the outermost expression of this.
Georg goes through it undaunted and overcomes the last enemy by holding on to his ideals. The white horse, overcoming power in the name of love, carries him through.

One's own death as the ego and the inner macho

The silver path that leads through the clouds to the castle and the maiden is already shining. But then the black giant stands in the hero's way. This symbolises his own ego, which wants to rise up again to separate him from wholeness. With a threatening gesture, the negative macho masculinity says: "Not one step further, you coward, you wimp! What's with the sentimentalism now?"

Negative masculinity glorifies violence and despises the feminine. The macho condemns any kind of weakness - even in himself - and has no access to love and warm-heartedness.

Overcoming death

The Horse and the Sword: Overcoming Power

The black giant disappears the moment the man remembers his true passion and literally puts his spurs to it. Thus he shows a determined attitude that says: "Onward, let us fly, into the vast space of the spirit! I do not fear death! I seek true life and true love. Over these, death has no power!"

The hero passes through with ease because he has already overcome his ego in the trial by fire. After he "died" inwardly at that time, he experienced: "There is a life and a love that is greater than I am! That is why he is now full of confidence (see Dying and Resurrection - in life itself!).

This inner, spiritual determination is enough (the sword) and the giant has already disappeared. Now nothing stands in the way of the hero's longed-for goal.

The path to wholeness

George and the Virgin: Wholeness and Eternal Life

The hero has now attained wholeness. In addition to his strong, positive, warm-hearted masculinity, he has also integrated the miracle-working power of the feminine, his positive Anima integrated. This is pure love, symbolised by the virgin (see also The Holy Wedding).

The three colours red, white, black for wholeness

Wholeness is symbolised by the three colours red, white and black. George has gained the red coat and the white horse and has also overcome the black giant (see The Way of the Man, Red - White - Black and Male Wholeness, God, Father - Son - Spirit).

  • Red: He used his youthful strength to save others. He saved a desperate woman from the dragon serpent and his father from the burning house (sword and cloak).
  • White: His passion for good has carried him over the abyss of his own ego (the white horse). He has forgiven and repaid evil with good.
  • Black: Throughout his life he struggled to overcome his ego. He who has gone through an inner dying and risen to love need not fear death.

The hero has achieved wholeness and successfully completed his hero's journey.
For an overview, see this illustration (on the left, wholeness; on the right, the hero's path):

The Completion of the Hero's Path
The Nine for Wholeness, 9 = 3 x 3

George, the black giant and the virgin (the story told differently)

George and the Black Giant (Dying)

After the grief of Debbie's death, I slowly started to get used to being alone. There was a lot to do, many places where I could be involved. This helped me to leave the past behind and move on.

The castle appears

Then one day I received a message. It was from Camilla, the girl I had adored at school. I couldn't believe it! My heart immediately beat faster.

Camilla let me know she was in the country and asked if we could meet. I happily agreed.

We had arranged to meet in a restaurant.
Although I hadn't seen her for decades, I recognised her immediately. Certainly, she had grown so many years older. But she still had that strong charisma. Yes, I even felt that her radiance had increased.

She told me that she had been living nearby again for several years. She had returned after her husband left her for his much younger co-worker.

The black giant

I smiled in understanding.
Then I told her about Debbie and ended by telling her about her illness and her departure. Camilla listened long and patiently. At last she said:

- Yes, I know.
When I looked at her in amazement, she said:
- I had tracked you down before and then followed your life a bit. She smiled broadly at me.
- Oh ... really? Now I was really surprised.
- Yes. But when I found out you were married, something inside me said it wasn't time to make contact yet.
With raised eyebrows, I looked questioningly at Camilla.
- Something inside me told me she needed you now, needed you completely, she said.

She paused, then continued:
- For a long time I carried the matter in my heart ... and I understood ... that ...
She did not speak further, but her gaze wandered into the distance.

I waited a while and finally asked:
- That what ... ????
It seemed as if my question brought her attention back to me.
She looked me straight in the face and her eyes shone like stars. Very softly she said:
- It was ... it was like this: It was clear: First you had to save her ... You had to save Debbie. That's how it was. I know it.

George and the Virgin: Resurrection

George and the Virgin in the Castle

There was warmth and love in her expression and her eyes shone even brighter than before. 

I swallowed. Tears filled my eyes and my chest quivered as I thought of Debbie.

Camilla remained silent, continued to look at me attentively and nodded. She smiled warmly and put her hand on mine.
- Yes ..., she said thoughtfully and confirmingly. Then she fell silent again.
After a while she added softly:
- Now I am here ... - And I am looking forward to the years ahead.

Wholeness and outlook on eternal life

I had learned to be happy alone. Nevertheless, the years I was still able to spend with Camilla are a special gift for me.
Now I feel: the time is approaching.
I look back on a rich life and am grateful for everything I was allowed to experience. I am especially grateful for those people who shared a part of my journey with me: for Debbie - and that I now know she is in good hands ... - and also for Camilla.

We have grown old together. I feel that my physical strength is diminishing.
But our love renews itself every day and becomes stronger and stronger, it seems to me.
When it is time, I will, we will cross over into the other dimension.
I am not afraid.
I rejoice.

The interpretations that have led to this modern story:

The black giant, symbolising death, appears as the hero is once again challenged to confront his weakness and injury. It becomes visible in the wound that life has inflicted on him. As a true hero, he does not repress and overplay this, but can stand by his feelings, which belong to his feminine side, his anima.

This is symbolised by Virgo and includes the ability to love and show emotion. George thus proves to be a worthy and equal partner for Camilla, who is a loving, mature and spiritual woman.

It becomes part of the "kingdom" he has acquired in his earthly life. It includes everything he has gained in the spirit of love and will carry him over into eternity.

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